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  1. Searching once again-- this time for fandoms. Please note that my searches are pretty specific; while I am open to some suggestions on characters, please don't be offended if I'm not interested.

    I do not have plots as I prefer to discuss with my partner. I'm very open to ideas here. c:

    Now for the list! (Characters I am interested in playing are bolded in colour. If neither are bolded, I'll write for either one.)

    List (open)

    Metal Gear Solid
    - Hal x Dave

    Mass Effect
    Garrus x Tali

    Harry Potter
    Remus x Sirius (Marauder Era)
    - Albus x Gellert (Young Edition)

    Good Omens
    - Aziraphale x Crowley

    American Gods
    - Ibis
    - Suggestions?

    DC Comics (Pre N52)
    - Tim x Connor :heart:
    - Tim x Damian (When he's older.)
    - Clark x Bruce (Leaning Clark, but I could go either way.)

    About Me:
    • Long-time RPer and writer
    • 20-something male who will only write with other adults
    • 2-5 paragraph standard, possibly more
    • 2-3 posts a week, give or take depending on my workload
    • Writes in third person and expects partner to do the same
    • Adaptable and will try to match partner's posting
    • Open-minded and chatty; also a little bit weird
    • Plays male characters; sucks at writing women and doesn't wish to subject others to it
    • Is a busy adult and expects partners to understand absences
      • That said, I will notify you if I will not be on for a few days. If something comes up, I will always do my best to let you know ahead of time, and I ask that you please do the same. I won't be upset, life always comes first. c:

    What I am interested in:
    • Mindful writing/grammar! I will probably ask for a sample!
      • THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. Call me an asshole, but I cannot write with someone who doesn't have a firm grasp on the English language. I need my partners to use proper grammar and punctuation or I will drop the RP like a wingless rock.
        • This doesn't mean I never make mistakes, because I do. I'm just asking that you know the difference between affect/effect and understand that sentence fragments are bad and need to go away from this planet.
          • Seriously. If you don't write at an adept+ level, I'm not the partner for you. I'm also bad at telling people I don't like their writing, and if this happens I'm likely to make up a reason for needing to drop. Either way, I will tell you I'm dropping and will proceed to drop. Please do not hound me about this. If I tell you I'm dropping, I'm dropping. (Like a wingless rock.)
            • To amend what probably sounds really dickish, I'm not going to drop for not liking your word choice or something silly like that; if your style is weird for me I'll talk to you about it. I'll only drop when I know it's just not going to work. (if u post liek dis aftertelling me u write at an advanced level)
    • M/M or F/M
      • I'm into the slow burn at first, maybe something awkward, maybe some fantastic sexual tension; there also needs to be some chemistry.
    • More plot than smut
    • Friendly partners
      • I like to chat between posts
    • Partners who are willing to plot with me and help develop a story!
      • Please don't be so passive I have to make all the decisions. You probably won't like the outcome.
    What I am not interested in:
    • Poor writing skills/grammar
    • Partners who are easily offended
      • I'm snarky and say non-PC things sometimes.
    • OP characters and/or God-moding
      • Please do not assume control of my character. If you do, please prepare for some silly shit.
    • Anime physics
    • "Yaoi" characters
      • I'm fine with MxM. I'm not fine with designated character roles. If a character is more submissive or more dominant, that is totally okay. HOWEVER, there are not weird labels and rules that need fulfilling. Let a character develop-- don't just assign them a role.
    • Bathroom-related sexual escapades
    • M-preg
      • Or pregnancy in general, sorry.

    If you have any questions or are interested, please send me a PM! Thanks for reading. c:

    Oh, and if you'd like to see a sample of my writing, please feel free to ask me!

    You do not have to be a perfect writer for me to RP with you! I don't want this to be intimidating-- I don't bite, I promise! My writing is far from perfect-- I make mistakes and sometimes write really silly stuff!

    Please don't be afraid to PM me! :D Look at all these exclamation marks!!!
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