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  1. Hello all!! Garou is here to search for some new, dedicated partners! All of my requests today will be for fandoms, as indicated by the title. Although I simply adore AU's! I am searching for either male or female partners. I'm interested in M/F, M/M, or F/F. When I do M/F pairings, I like to play the female role, but am absolutely willing to double! Lavender means if you request that certain fandom, I will love you forever!

    Almost all of the fandoms are anime, manga or video games! Love triangles/polygamy relationships are acceptable for very fandom.
    I will pair almost any canon with an OC, so anything with an OC is up for grabs.

    Fire Emblem: If
    OC x Flannel
    OC x Zero
    OC x Marx
    Camilla x OC
    Zero x OC
    Marx x Flannel

    Leon x M!Kamui x Takumi
    Ryouma x Either Kamui x Marx

    Zero x either Kamui x jOKER
    [Modern day AU is definitely acceptable for this fandom!]

    Persona 4
    OC x Yosuke
    OC x Adachi
    OC x Sho
    Adachi x Sho
    Yosuke x Adachi
    Yu x Sho
    Rise x OC

    Naoto x Yosuke

    Tokyo Ghoul
    Uta x OC
    Kaneki x Ayato Kirishima

    Ayato x OC
    Kaneki x Uta
    Kaneki x Tsukiyama

    Tsukiyama x Kaneki x Uta

    OC x Kuroo
    OC x Oikawa
    Kenma x Kuroo
    OC x Bokuto
    Kiyoko x Yachi

    Diabolik Lovers
    OC x Shu
    Laito x OC x Ayato
    Ruki x OC

    Pandora Hearts
    Oz x Gilbert
    Alice x Gilbert
    Gilbert x Alice x Oz
    Xerxes x Sharon

    Xerxes x OC

    N x OC
    Silver x Gold
    Silver x Crystal x Gold
    Steven Stone x ORAS protagonist

    Heart no Kuno no Alice
    OC x ANYONE really
    Vivaldi x Alice


    18+ Only!!
    No one or two-liners!
    Be willing to double!
    Threads or PMs acceptable!
    Be prepared for mature content!

  2. Can you play Rise for me from P4? I'll gladly play anyone you want.
  3. @Severusx
    I'd be delighted to! O:

    If you're familiar with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, could you play Sho?

    If not, would you be willing to play Naoto?
  4. I can play Naoto! I haven't played arena yet, sadly.
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