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  1. Hello there, Iwaku! My name is Sam. This is my first thread for this site, so it may be sparse and not all too well put together like others you may see! But, it is my hope that it doesn't worsen the chance to give me a try!

    That all being said, i come looking for friends and partners both! Preferably, someone i can call those two at the same time. I get along so much better and feel ten times more inspired with someone i can chat with about whatever! I also would preferably want to RP and chat off-site, through Discord. Mostly because i find it hard to keep track of PMs when im a huge gamer and im always doing something!

    A little bit about me will probably be something you'd wanna read; Im from Canada, but i live in Florida now. Yes, i hate heat. *pout* I don't speak any languages besides English, but i loooove french and latin! Im a huge consumer of stories (from books, history, movies, etc) and have been since i was very young, as a single kid with really not much of a circle of friends growing up. Now a days all my friends are from all over the world and i play games with them! But, i don't write with my group of friends, so which is why i always look for people i can! I've been writing for quite a long time, ever since i first got my hands on a computer! This doesn't mean im wonderful at it, but i certainly don't slack in giving my partner something fun! Also, im super friendly. c:

    Now onto the fun stuff!

    1. What Genders do i Play?
      Only really Females, but i've been looking into playing feminine guys!
    2. Do i want Romance and/or Smut?
      Negative on the Smut, but i really love Romance! Specially the sappy kinds, fixing broken souls, etc. <3 This isn't to say im not comfortable writing out sex scenes or darker themes though! Just im mostly looking for story here! Not something that will have that event between characters happen left and right.
    3. What genders do i want to play across?
      I really prefer Females!
    4. What Genres am i looking for?
      All sorts! Lately i've been craving Fandoms out the wazoo! But this doesn't mean im kept to only Fandoms. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Modern, Medieval; You name it!
    5. Speaking of Fandoms...
      What ones do i like? Well, thats a hard question! Lately i've been thinking of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Witcher, World of Warcraft, and Marvel! I have OCs for some already thought out, and others not so much; But! Don't let that deter you from telling me what Fandoms you like! I want to make a long-term universe building Marvel AU, so if you're interested in that lemme know! Keep in mind i don't watch any anime.~
    6. Whats up with Faceclaims?
      I use real people for my faceclaims, mostly actresses! I use them alongside descriptions in my posts, to really give an accurate picture of what i imagine my character looking like! Now i don't mind you using a drawn reference, specially if its non-anime style, but don't expect me to! <3
    Did i mention i like Discord?
    Cause i really do! Its what i use mainly for RPing and just talking to people! Send me a PM to give your interest, but please be open to using it! I can't promise if we write in PMs i won't forget about it!

    I appreciate you stopping by to read my thread, and i do look forward to meeting you all! For any of the fandoms you see here, just inquiry if you're interested! For anything else, yes i love other ideas for stories~! Give me a shot!
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