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  1. Hello and salutations to anyone and everyone passing by to see what I've got in mind. Hopefully, and this is for both of us, you'll find something here, as short of a list as it is, that's to your liking.
    First, because that's how everyone else does it, a little bit about myself. I'm a writer, or would like to be. I work at wal-mart, part time, and only because of convenience. Pray, I'll be out of there soon. Since fate doesn't usually work out in my favor, or just has a thing against people who spend a lot of their time with a chair whose cushions were slowly, agonizingly slowly, being pressed to resemble bum, forever, I'm working on a few side things. I'm going to school(Philosophy), and working a novel that I hope to get published. I've done a few others before, but they never went anywhere, because I'm terrible at sitting down to edit, and trust me, they need their editing like a baby needs an ass wipe. T.T I've taken a recent interest in stocks too, and even have a small portfolio going. :)

    There's probably a long list of things I should tell you about how I rp, and what should be expected to rp with me, but other than a severely irregular schedule, and I preference for us playing original characters, I can't think of anything. No fears though, I'm almost always able to reply at least every other day, and on a lot of occasions I can do more than that. ^.^

    On to what you've come here for, unless you just like reading introductions, which is cool too. To each, his own.

    Multiverse idea(not sure if this would be better one on one or in group so I'll just put it here and move it to a group if enough people think that would work better)
    I love cross over ideas, and I think I have the perfect idea do to one that won't feel like random colors thrown onto a canvas(though technically that's what it is.) See, your character and mine, were normal people living in this world. That's right, we're here, existing as normal individuals, going through the motions of everyday life. Then, one day, we discover, together or apart, we can jump, and when we do, we end up in another role that was previously only thought to exist in fiction be it the star wars universe, the world of the Dresden files, the pokemon planet, or whatever have you. By "Whatever have you" I mean, whatever have you. There's no reason we couldn't end up in the past of our own world, or an alternate universe from any fandom preferred. Nothing is off limits. We could go to a dimension were characters from yuyu hakusho, bleach, and digimon all exist like its the most natural thing in the world. The only limit, and yes I'm aware of how quickly I turned into a hypocrite with this, will be our characters won't be able to jump for a while, because I'd like for us to have the chance to play around in the worlds and not just skip out when things seem too hard.

    Abilities, we all love them and everyone wants them! Personally, I'd prefer if our characters started developing something after they make their first jump so they'll be able to defend themselves in whatever new world they find themselves in. I'd just rather it not be anything overly strong so there's room to expand. Growth is one of the main things I want to focus on, this rp, because I think it'll be so cool if our characters took on more and more traits, abilities, and items from the different worlds they visited..

    Dresden Files
    Anyone read that book, Storm front? Well, I have an idea that's based on that book. Remember The threeEye drug? What if some people, a very small few who took it, not only temporarily gained the wizard site, but also the ability to use magic on their own? Not only would these individuals find themselves with more power than they thought possible, but they'd also have to deal with the difficulties associated with being one such as the white council and its laws.

    Pokemon X Digimon X Sao
    We're nerds, and proud of it. So, when Nintendo introduces its new, state of the art, virtual reality 3Ds console, we jump at the chance, and buy the latest pokemon game. Alls well, and amazing for a while, and then, there's a glitch. Poof. We're stuck in the pokemon world, and not only have to deal with the regular pokemon game, but deal with some new virus that's twisting a lot of the wild pokemon so their nighmarish versions of themselves.

    I've got a few ideas for how the pokemon our characters get will be different, but I'll explain later.

    Fandoms I'd be Particularly interested in doing:
    The Dresden files
    Fairy Tail
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Star Wars
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  2. New plot ideas!!!
  3. I like your Pokemon X Digimon X Sao idea. :D
  4. Pokémon Digimon SAO loves it!
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