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  1. Hello to all! Much like everyone else around here, I'm looking for a few roleplay partner buddies! I've been stuck in a bit of a rut as of late and am hoping starting up a few new roleplays will give me the exercise I need to kick my ass in gear!

    I have many different interests, plots, likes and wants, so I figured I would post a few here and see if anyone was interested! I prefer to play females, however I will double - you play a male for me, I play a male for you. All plots are up for negotiation, especially in terms of doubling and what-not. For my epic craves, I'd be willing to attempt one of your cravings as well if you help solve mine~ ;D I'll bold the role I would like to take~ Also, I'd like to have posts of at least a few paragraphs a piece if at all possible~ <3
    • Final Fantasy X - I'm thinking a Prequel-style during Braska's pilgrimage. Auron/OC, please~ I have a few plots, but my most craved is listed below. I am really, really interested in doing this. I've been DYING to do a prequel foreeevverrr.
      • Braska, Jecht and Auron have just arrived in Luca after visiting little Yuna in Besaid, all for the sheer purpose of the blitzball tournament that Jecht insisted on attending. As a less-than favorite summoner (married to an Al Bhed, a dishonored warrior monk and drunk as his guardians, you know, the usual), they were not surprised to find no crowd greeting them on the docks. However as they stepped off, a young woman caught their attention and requested that she become one of Braska's guardians. They learn she is a member of a traveling minstrel clan whose greatest pride is the stories they tell through songs. She is searching for her inspiration and has decided to enlist as one of his guardians. After much arguing (particularly on a certain guardian's part), they agree and she joins their party. Adventures ensue and they discover that she has a lot more in common with them than they might have originally thought.

    • Zoids - preferably with OCs and set after the Guardian Force era of Chaotic Century. I might be willing to negotiate this during the Guardian Force era, in which case I would prefer an Irvine/OC pairing. Just be aware the plot was written for OCs.
      • After decades of peace, Planet Zi has erupted into war yet again. The General in charge of the Guylos Empire military has brought forth a plan to end the rekindled war between themselves and the Helic Republic in the grandest of ways: recreate and take control of the Deathsaurer in a scale manageable to their military personnel. After much deliberation and a serious military loss, the leader agreed and the military’s researchers and scientists set to work to build this monstrosity. Once plans were drawn up and confirmed, they set out to create the Zoid on a small scale before building the real deal.

        Now enter the Red Death of the Guylos Empire: a lieutenant colonel feared by those on the receiving end of the blades of her
        Black Slash Liger. The Republic prided itself in its secret weapon and brought her to the battlefield to massacre the enemy. She was considered a heartless, soulless and mindless killer: the perfect weapon and pilot. The General in charge of her battalion was also the overseer of the project to recreate the Deathsaurer. She was meant to take control of the powerful Zoid in its final form. However the Red Death was also to participate in several lab tests...which was where she met the head scientist. He was friendly - talked to her even when she said nothing back. Eventually, she did start talking back. He managed to get her to open up and even return more to the personality she had as an adolescent and early teen. Slowly but surely, she became friendly - willing to speak to others and hold conversations. It had been three months since she had last been on the battlefield and she was a completely different woman. Even the other soldiers were beginning to whisper and talk about what this meant for themselves and the battlefield.

        …and then the small-scale Deathsaurer was completed.

        Everything was going well until they lost control. The Zoid demolished the lab and killed everyone present, including the head scientist. When the news reached her, she stopped. Thoughts snapped together in her head and by that night, she disappeared. Gone from the Empire entirely. The Empire was absolutely frantic in its search for her, but turned up nothing.

        She laid low for two full the Helic Republic. She had befriended a scientist and archaeologist who helped her transfer the core of her Slash Liger into another Zoid that he had unearthed and had been unable to bring to life. There were rumors that the Empire's Red Death had died. No one was suspicious of the unusual
        Hayate Liger and its friendly, red-headed pilot. She worked odd jobs and left people oblivious to her former identity.

        ...until a certain pilot recognized her. He was a sort of mercenary and managed to recognize her almost immediately…much to her dismay. He wanted a battle - and she refused until he'd finally pushed one-too many buttons. He was an impressive pilot and she was actually starting to have fun when a mass of lower level Zoids surrounded them and a new communication was established between them. After years of them searching, her former General informed her that they had almost completed the full-scale Deathsaurer and they wanted her back to pilot it. Naturally, she wasn't planning on going back, but did have every intention of making his life a living hell to prevent him from succeeding. After taking out the small Zoids, the two retreated back to the nearest village for the evening.

        Naturally, she had to explain the story to him in full detail, and while she didn’t want this on anyone else, in the back of her mind, she knew she was probably going to need a bit of help to make this job easier. To her surprise, he agreed, with his own reasons he didn’t share and she didn’t ask for.

    • [x][x] Global Rallycross and Tanner Foust - yesss, my favorite driver for many reasons! But nonetheless, I have a plot for this I would like to have a little fun with. Tanner Foust/OC. This could also be done with OCs, however and I would probably be just as happy. xD
      • Another season of Global Rallycross begins, and all the drivers are in for a surprise: an all black Fiesta with minimal sponsor liveries is set up before any of them get there. Sitting propped under a tent near the new, unfamiliar trailer is a driver already garbed in fire suit and helmet, a reflecting visor making it impossible to see the driver's face. He doesn't talk when any of them approach, though does shake hands and nods or shakes his head to answer questions. The other drivers are all curious - no where is the driver's name given, just some code name most of them snicker at...the snickering stopped, though, when this mysterious driver ended up placing on the podium. At the Texas Motorspeedway event, Tanner arrived particularly early on the day of qualifying...and found a young woman heading directly towards the new driver's trailer. Intrigued, he eventually intercepts her and, after some pause, learns that she is the driver's sister. They talk for a while until duty called him away. It wouldn't be the last time they met, however.
        As it turns out, she was not the driver's sister, but actually the driver. Having just been sponsored, they didn't want the fans and drivers alike to discount her immediately based on her gender, so they developed this not-so-elaborate plan to hide her identity until the SEMA event. But what happens as she and Tanner - and some of the other drivers - become friends and perhaps more...? Can a friendship - or any relationship for that matter - last when a secret like this comes out in the open?

    • [x][x] Formula D and Tanner Foust -Yes, I have more for this...and these, again, I would probably be just as happy with OCs. It would just take some more refiguring. Tanner Foust/OC
      • Although Tanner retired from Formula D, he still likes to try to catch an event here and there. At the first round in Long Beach, he was catching up with Rhys Millen, who informed him of the new driver that had appeared on their radar: a young woman who had just gotten her Formula D license and moved out to California. Now sponsored, she had shown incredible promise, qualifying fifth in her first-ever run with the big boys. As though she knew they were talking about her, she had approached to ask Rhys a question, offered to leave, but had the Kiwi quickly introduce her to the former Scion Racing driver. They talked briefly, before one of her techs informed her that her spotter had come down with food-poisoning. She frowned but shrugged it off, willing to go without...until Tanner offered to do it for the event. She declined at first, not wanting to impose, but he insisted. With a clean-run and podium finish, she thanked him profusely and he invited her out to a GRC event...and so their friendship began. As hard as she tries, though, she can't help but be attracted to him.

      • It's 2007, and Formula D is experiencing its first run with a brother-sister team of driver and head tech/spotter. The female driver was already catching slack from a few of the drivers, although had ended up befriending Rhys Millen prior to a driver's meeting. Befriending Rhys had her quickly introduced to Tanner Foust and the three hit it off quickly. Her brother, however, was wary of his sister's involvement with them, particularly of the unmarried Tanner, who he'd caught his sister flirting with more than once. She's more-than aware of the issue dating a fellow driver could bring up and brushes off his concerns while continuing to hang out with and get to know the two. A few events had her realizing, though, how drawn to Tanner she was. She tried to fight it, knowing her brother would throw an absolute fit and not wanting to jeopardize either of their driving careers...but what if he reciprocated her interest...?

    • Other Pairings, only. No really thought out plots.
      • Police Officer/Female Street Racer (Slight plot idea)
      • Male model/Female Photographer
      • Naruto: Kakashi Hatake/OC (I do have a slight plot idea for this one)
      • Full Metal Alchemist: Roy Mustang/OC

    • Kidnapper or Assassin/Princess
      • A kingdom has been steadily falling from its time of prosperity. Unrest is blossoming amongst the the king's people, and the vast wall and gate that separated the castle from its people remains closed at all times. The king's only surviving daughter is forced to remain within the castle walls, and the few days she does get to take a walk through the garden, she is usually heavily surpervised. The princess was used to taking walks through the market and getting out on her own at least every so often. She hadn't even been able to ride her horse in ages! Suffering from cabin fever, her spirits only drop further when her father announces that it has been arranged that she is to be married off to a neighboring king...and added to his harem. Furious, she storms from her father's presence, and then outside...where she comes across a member of a rebel group assigned to kidnap her. Needless to say, in her rage, she doesn't fight in the slightest - in fact, she insists he get her out of that cage. Things go from there... [Not sure how I feel about their meeting, but that can be changed of course lol]
    Alright! I think that's a good start! That's what I've got mostly off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's more in there somewhere! Hee hee~ Post here or message me if you'd be interested in starting a roleplay with me~ I don't bite! :D As I said before, ALL plots are up for negotiation!
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  2. The assassin/princess idea interests me! I'd be fine playing the assassin, too, and I can play multiple characters if you want.
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  3. Great! : D Multiple characters is your call! If you want, we could start with the main two and see where it takes us if we want to flesh out more! Unless you have ideas for other characters at this point! I'm open to all kinds of things! :3 And I was thinking maybe instead of her kind of "storming out" it could be more of an interception. Like the carriage/convoy/caravan thing she's being taken to the other king in is attacked and so on. I'm open to any ideas you might have as well! : D
  4. That sounds good. As of now, I have roughly 2 or 3 characters in mind, but as necessity dictates I might add more to the story. Starting out though, I'd probably just use 2. I was thinking one could be a male mercenary/assassin while the other could be a female merc who is above the male in rank. Or even a companion of one of your characters. Would you want character sheets for my characters?
  5. I think I like your style, already! ; D Most people I've come across tend to be a little turned off by the idea of having multiple characters, but I am definitely game! I've got a few I can easily add as well. I had originally pondered using them as just sort of side characters before, but if you'd really like to incorporate more I am more than happy to do so! I also have the idea for one of the princess's guards or something similar to go after her once words reaches them that the convoy has been taken. Or maybe he was traveling with them and the princess convinces the mercs to spare them both or something? Would you want to incorporate more pairings as well with your other characters? The possibilities are endless, as far as I'm concerned! ; D

    Character sheets are optional! If you'd prefer them, I'd be perfectly happy to whip up a few as well!
  6. I don't like using character sheets, so I'm more than happy not making them ^^

    I really like having multiple characters because it adds the possibility for a ton of new subplots and such. Your idea sounds good, do you want to make the thread or are there more things about the plot that I should know?
  7. Alright, I'm perfectly fine with that as well~

    I totally agree with you! And usually it's quite fun to have a couple of different viewpoints to take care of! Um, not that I can think of at the moment! Would you prefer the guard-guy chase after them or be in the convoy thing with her? Other than that, I can go ahead and start the thread with my intro post! :3
  8. Being in the convoy with her is fine by me ^^ I'm eager to see your intro :D
  9. Whoo! 8D Alright, I'll send you the link to the thread once I'm done! I hope you'll like it~ 8D