Fandoms and Original Ideas. (Open)

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  1. Looking for a few select characters from some fandoms/series.
    I'll also play some of the canons, so don't worry!

    But before I list the characters, please read my requirements for a partner:

    1- Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as 3rd person.

    2- Be active. Please only sign up if you can reply more than once a day.

    3- Be honest and communicate. I don't have any problems if you want to quit the role play, or if you need some time off because you're busy.
    I just really appreciate if you tell me!

    4- 2 paragraphs minimum please!

    Alright, so here are the pairings.
    (Note * means I've got a plot. Bold is the character I'd like to play, but I'm also willing to play as the character if we double, and italic is the paring I'd like to do most.)
    (Also, if the anime/series is mostly action, please don't expect that. I'm not good at action scenes, so these will be focused on every day life, drama, and romance mostly. Sorry!)

    Attack on Titan:


    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

    Lord of the Rings:

    Harry Potter:
    Luna/Oc ( f x f )


    Nobu/OcTakumi/OcNana O/Oc(f x f)

    The Hobbit:

    Percy Jackson:

    Cirque Du Freak:

    Just in general, you know, the basic idea of it.

    Also, some original things:
    pregnant Teen
    Cheating bf/gf
    Backstabbing bffs
    Gay/Lesbian love
    Era romance
    Arranged Marriage

    I'm also interested in hearing any ideas anyone might have.
    However, I don't and will never role play: Twilight, Homestuck, Doctor Who, 1Direction, or JB!
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  2. @Severusx
    I'm interested if you're still up for a PRP ^-^
  3. Which one are you interested in? :3
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