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  1. Hello~ This is Proxy, and I am looking for a few partners who would like to roleplay certain Fandoms with me /\(=w=)/\

    I will list a few Fandoms that I would love to try out with OCs, though if you'd like to play a Canon character, that is up to you~! Also, you can decide to make it Hetero, Yuri, or Yaoi~ I enjoy all of them ^^

    + Steven Universe .:OPEN:.
    + Black Butler .:CLOSED:.
    + Seiko No Qwaser .:OPEN:.
    + D. Gray Man .:OPEN:.
    + Homestuck .:OPEN:.
    + Soul Eater .:CLOSED:.
    + Creepypasta .:CLOSED:.

    + Kuroko no Basuke .:OPEN:.
    + Total Drama Island .:OPEN:.

    These are some of the few options you can choose to rp with me~ You can choose multiple, and decide whether you want to use OCs or Canon character ^^ I can work around plenty of ideas. Also, they don't have to have a large plot if you don't want them to, so go nuts~!​
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  2. I'm interested in a soul eater rp...
  3. Awesome~ just send me a PM with the details on what you want to do character wise ^^ (oc/canon) and any other things you may want to add in c:
  4. I'm interested in a creepypasta rp.
  5. Alright~ Just send me a pm on what exactly you want to do in the rp c:
  6. I would be interested in the soul eater Rp or the Black Butler Rp. I would want to do canon characters. I do not care about the pairing for any of them.
  7. Mkay~ Just send me a PM on which Black Butler Canon character you will be playing ^^ Would it be okay for me to be an OC ?
  8. I'm interested in homestuck... }:)
  9. Awesomeness~

    Just send me a pm~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.