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  1. Not sure how the standards work on this site but I do have an average post in my preferences bit.

    Harry Potter

    Fandom list:

    * = plot

    Harry Potter*
    The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings
    Mass Effect
    Pirates of the Caribbeans *
    Assassins Creed *
    Frozen * (Frozen-esque plot)
    Elder Scrolls CRAVING
    Walking Dead
    Death Note
    Star Wars
    Game Of Thrones
    Kick Ass
    Marvel universe AVENGERS

    Agents of SHIELD
    The Last of Us
    Resident Evil
    Hunger Games *
    30 Days Of Night *
    Repo! The Genetic Opera
    Quentin Tarantino
    King Arthur
    Make It or Break It

  2. Always in the mood to try an Elder Scrolls story. And there are plenty others you have I'd not mind delving into.

    My posts might not always be 9 paragraphs like your preference, but I aim to please.
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  3. *raises hand slowly* I'm not into fandom RPs, but if you're open for a non-fandom, perhaps we could work out a plot? :3
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  4. I'm currently working on a Rp reply, could you both message me?
  5. I'm definitely interested in an Assassins Creed style rp! Hit me up if you're still looking for partners.
  6. *waves* I would love to rp with you XD

    Marvel universe AVENGERS
    Agents of SHIELD
  7. I've got a reply to post so it would be awesome if you could message me
  8. I'd love to do Game of Thrones!
  9. Hmm, I always loved a good fandom RP on my old site, if ya ever open, just let me know, here is a list of fandoms that interest me...

    Walking Dead
    Hunger Games
    Resident Evil
    Assassin's Creed
    Game of Thrones
  10. Messages sent
  11. I'd be interested in doing a Harry Potter roleplay with you.
  12. Im currently at work so if you get chance, can you message me?
  13. Me want Assassin's Creed rp with you @Red Tape
  14. I'm up for harry potter game of thrones hungergames and eragon
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Not open for further replies.