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  1. IC

    So, what is Fandombound?

    Originally a Tumblr phenomenon, Fandombound is about the personification of different fandoms. Any TV show, movie, video game, etc with a noteworthy following has a fandom entity that represents it. These Fandom characters look something like this or this, as they embody their fans as well as the general spirit of the show/game/whatever in question.

    This RP is a sandbox — but it's a sandbox with tons of things to do, as it’s very easy to bring in antagonists from any series and build a side-plot around that, or even just create some very interesting scenes out of merely having characters meet each other. :P Trust me, if you’re reading this now, then there are currently plenty of things happening in the IC, and I’m confident that more things will pretty much always be popping up.

    All Fandoms welcome!


    *Noteworthy Locations and General Summary are the only two tabs that are not a required read for anyone looking to join the RP. All others are necessary for understanding how this world works.

    About the Fandoms (open)
    First and foremost, the Fandoms are fans. They represent huge groups of fans, actually, but they still act like fans. Which means they still follow their respective series, and do things like this. They also presumably own plenty of merchandise for their respective series, which can lead to amusing imaginings.

    Also, many of them resemble their respective main character(s), but that is primarily just because that’s something that stereotypical fans would do. For example, the Sherlock Fandom doesn’t actually have the brain of Sherlock Holmes, but he would still closely analyze his surroundings and attempt to make deductions because he is trying to imitate Sherlock Holmes. Similarly, many Fandoms reflect the general spirit of their respective story. For example, My Little Pony would probably be full of love and friendship to share, because that’s the nature of his show. Or maybe MLP would often be trying to share said love and friendship with others because that's what stereotypical bronies are like. There are lots of options for crafting a Fandom’s personality based on these things, so feel free to get creative with it. (Same goes for a Fandom’s appearance. While “fanon” designs exist for more mainstream fandoms, you can create your own design if you’d like.)

    Although they are fans at the core, though, the Fandom characters are a bit more than ordinary fans, as they inherit abilities and the like from their respective shows. For example, it makes sense that Harry Potter would be a wizard, or that Pokemon would be a Pokemon trainer. Similarly, it makes sense that they would also be in possession of signature weapons or accessories. For example, Doctor Who would have a TARDIS and sonic screwdriver, and Legend of Zelda would have the Master Sword and an ocarina. It’s your choice how much of a Fandom’s design you want to be “real” or not, though. For example, Homestuck could have actual troll horns and gray skin, or he could have fake horns and body paint. Same principle goes for any weapons or accessories they might have.

    Each Fandom character is the same age as its respective series. For example Homestuck would’ve been “born” in April of 2009, making him five years old. However, each Fandom is basically ageless, and most of them take on the form of teenagers or adults — and stay that way for essentially their whole lives (unless they’re a long-lived Fandom who would likely change over time to match the changes in the series, like Doctor Who would’ve). Also they really aren’t “born” so much as they just come into existence along with the start of their series.

    That said, the Fandoms do depend on the existence of their fanbases in order to survive. If the fanbase for a series vanishes, that Fandom would die. This is called “death by obscurity”, and it is special as it is the most universal and permanent way that a fandom can die. While fandoms, in general, can also be killed by most ordinary means (basically any plausible cause of death other than simply aging), many of them can still be protected from these forms of death either by the magical abilities of themselves or other fandoms, or by their own canon’s rules surrounding death. Additionally, there are many fandoms that would consider themselves undead or immortal because of their canon’s rules. What makes death by obscurity special is that none of these exceptions apply to it. A fandom that is dead/dying of obscurity cannot be protected or revived through any of these sort of means.

    It is worth clarifying, however, that “obscurity” does not equal “cancellation” (or similar circumstances). If a series is cancelled or reaches its ending, but still has fans, then that fandom would still be alive and well. Obscurity does not occur until a fandom’s fanbase no longer exists.

    About the World (open)
    This RP is sort of set in the real world. Sort of. The real world is still a thing that exists, after all, since every Fandom has their reason for existence ground in the real world. As such, the Fandoms can visit the real world whenever they like, though it makes sense to say that their true identities and powers should be kept hidden. When they don’t want to keep hidden, the Fandoms go to a realm called the Fandomverse, home to a town called Fandom Square.

    As the title suggests, much of the roleplay will be set in Fandom Square. It’s the main part of the Fandomverse, a pocket dimension where all the Fandoms live. In the Fandomverse, each Fandom has a home that serves as a little slice of their own universe, and these homes are all either a part of or surrounding Fandom Square, where all the Fandoms come together. What that home is like depends on the Fandom. For example, Frozen probably lives in an ice castle, Ib would live in a creepy art museum, and for Sherlock, the address 221B Baker Street is probably an address that exists. Each little piece of the Fandomverse would feel like a piece of each Fandom’s respective canon, and as such, would contain creatures and other elements from that series. For example, Super Mario’s home would probably look and feel like a level out of a Mario game.

    Fandoms with larger, more spread-out or more rural homes tend to live on the outskirts of Fandom Square, whereas those with smaller or more city-like homes live more on the crowded inner city. Either way, the Fandomverse and Fandom Square is a place where each Fandom can go to be themselves, and also to meet other Fandoms.

    Traveling from the Fandomverse to the real world (and vice versa) is easy for fandoms who have access to some sort of technology or magic from their series that allows them to travel from one dimension to the next. For example, Doctor Who uses his TARDIS to travel between the two. Fandoms who don't have any such abilities/technology of their own, typically don't have too difficult of a time finding those who do. They probably have their own version of Uber for this sort of thing, idk.

    Fandomena (open)
    “Fandomenon” (plural: “fandomena”) describes anything that exists in the Fandomverse (or, more rarely, the real world) that exists because of a fandom’s existence, but is not a fandom itself. The term comes from the words “fandom” and “phenomenon”, and therefore refers to any phenomenon that exists because of a fandom. This includes: locations in the Fandomverse that clearly originate from a particular fandom (such as most fandoms’ homes), any items, artifacts, or weapons that originate from a fandom, as well as any flora or fauna, including fully sentient and even sapient beings, that originate from a fandom and exist in the Fandomverse or elsewhere.

    The word “fandomena”, although it technically refers to all types, is used most often to describe fandomena of this latter category — living beings. It is important to note that even fully sapient fandomena are not aware of their status as fandomena (unlike fandoms, who are aware of their existence as fandoms). Living fandomena have no real understanding of the existence of fandoms or that they are based on works of fiction. They interpret the world around them as the world of their canon, no matter how obvious it might be that they are not in said world. A good comparison to this concept from a movie that I would hope everyone has seen is Toy Story — where Buzz is convinced that he is not a toy despite being surrounded by evidence to the contrary. Fandomena are the same way — simply interpreting all their surroundings as something that would make sense to them and being unable to see past their delusion. Generally speaking, a sapient fandomena breaking free of this and gaining the same level of self-awareness as a fandom would be a rare and potentially very dangerous event. There are exceptions to this, however, as there are a lot of potential fandomena that just sort of… make sense as being a bit more aware. Doctor Who’s TARDIS is a good example, as it’s usually a passive entity that rarely acts on its own, but it has more than enough reason to be knowledgeable about all sorts of things going on in time and space. Going off this same logic, there are a lot of more dangerous characters that you could also argue have good reason to be self-aware from the start if it fits with their role in their respective canons — like Flowey from Undertale, or any character with a similar shtick. Still, though, the point remains that, by default, living fandomena are generally not self-aware.

    Fandomena don’t always seem to come into existence in any clear way. They often just sort of… appear, starting from the moment of that fandom’s “birth”, and continuously throughout that fandom’s life. When a fandom succumbs to death by obscurity, all of that fandom’s fandomena start to gradually disappear from existence shortly thereafter. If a fandom dies due to other circumstances, fandomena stick around up until the point where obscurity would have occurred, and then fade away similarly.

    Fandomena generally appear in the Fandomverse, and are most strongly present in and around that fandom’s home (as well as, most likely, constituting said home). Fandomena can also appear in the real world, but this is a much rarer occurrence, and most often occurs when a fandom spends a lot of time in the real world — since, just as trouble tends to follow every protagonist, Fandomena tend to follow every fandom. Fandomena in the real world, therefore, most often take on the form of creatures and monsters as opposed to any other type. It is generally seen as the fandoms’ responsibility to keep fandomena in the real world under control. Whether this means that all fandoms collectively have a responsibility to deal with all fandomena in the real world or that each individual fandom is personally responsible for dealing with their own respective fandomena would depend on one’s worldview.

    Worldbuilding Expansion Pack (open)
    The City: Unsurprisingly, activity in the Fandomverse is centered around Fandom Square, the city where most fandoms live. It is arranged like you would expect a city to be — with an urban center surrounded by suburban areas. Of course, the city has a tendency to seem rather disorganized, what with each fandom having a home that tends to look radically different from that of their neighbors, all packed together in a motley mess. The only sense of organization comes from the fact that fandoms with smaller homes tend to live closer together in the urban and suburban areas, while fandoms with larger, more spread-out areas of land live on the city’s outskirts — but even that isn’t too consistent.

    But, Fandom Square isn’t just made up of the pieces of each fandom’s universes that they call their homes. There are other areas that can exist because of a fandom but isn’t part of their home (or connected to it), and there can be locations that crop up as a result of multiple fandoms’ influences (such as those listed in the ‘Noteworthy Locations’ section). Regardless, most of the structures in Fandom Square were never actually built by anyone. Much like the fandoms themselves, they tend to just sort of… appear. Such is the nature of the Fandomverse.

    Goods and Services: Most jobs needed to keep a city running are provided by whatever fandoms would be most appropriate to fulfill said jobs. For example, Night Vale runs a radio news station and Trigun owns a power plant, etc. In this way, the natures of each fandom and the things that they’re known for provide the residents of Fandom Square with access to most things that they would need. Goods that can’t be produced in the Fandomverse are imported from the human world and re-sold in Fandom Square. This most notably refers to video games and other electronics, much to the comfort of fandoms who wouldn’t want to venture outside the Fandomverse to hunt these things down for themselves. And as you can imagine, stores in the Fandomverse tend to accept a rather diverse variety of currencies.

    Fandom Council: As one can imagine, Fandom Square doesn’t have much in the way of a heavily structured government, but it does have a small committee of fandoms, known as the Fandom Council, which acts as a basic form of local government. It consists of representatives from a variety of genres and mediums, and mostly consists of older, more well-known, and more level-headed fandoms. Their responsibilities primarily include basic city management, census-taking, and doing everything in their power to prevent the sorts of emergencies that one would expect from a place like Fandom Square. It isn’t an easy job.

    Beyond the City: The Fandomverse as a whole is rather small, and doesn’t have too much of interest to offer beyond Fandom Square. The land in the Fandomverse seems to act primarily as a generic blank slate, ready to be made into something more interesting by whatever fandoms might crop up nearby. To the North of the city is a mountain range. To the West and Northwest, forests. And in the Southeast lies a shoreline, beyond which there would appear to be a vast ocean, dotted with small islands that presumably all originate from some fandom’s canon.

    Fandom Square doesn’t really have clear borders (as you’ll find that geographical borders become rather pointless when there’s no neighboring entity to share that border with), and so, the “outskirts” of the city reach far enough out to include just about every noteworthy feature surrounding it. In fact, it’s debatable what even counts as being “in” the city once you travel far enough out. If you travel even further out — far beyond where any fandoms live — you’ll find that the land will become increasingly featureless as you go on. The mountains will flatten, the forests will thin out, and everything just starts to look very plain and empty. If traveling out at sea, you’ll eventually reach a point where there are no new islands — or any land masses — to be spotted; only ocean as far as the eye can see. Once you’ve traveled this far, you might as well turn back. The only thing left out there is the Edge.

    The Edge: “The Edge” refers to the boundaries of the Fandomverse. The borders that make up the Edge are difficult to precisely map out and are rather out-of-the-way, so they’d be nearly impossible to accidentally run into, but, anyone really trying to test the Fandomverse’s limits will eventually find them. The Fandomverse is merely a pocket dimension, not a complete universe, and was never meant to be explored too far in any direction. Therefore, if you were to wander too far out to the edges of the known Fandomverse, be it by land or by sea, you would eventually reach a strange invisible force holding you back. It is not a solid, invisible wall, though. Rather, its strength increases in intensity the farther out you try to go. You’ll know that the Edge is near when it starts to become difficult to walk forward — as if a strong wind is pushing on you, or as if some gravity-like force is pulling you backwards. In front of you, the land seems to stretch on just as you would expect, but, it’s rather flat and empty, without any noteworthy discernible features. And, although more land does seem to exist out there, it just isn’t possible to reach. The further out you manage to travel, the force’s magnitude increases exponentially until it becomes impossible to move a single inch forward. Trying to throw a projectile at it would result in the projectile either slowing down/stopping in its tracks (in terms of its horizontal distance, anyway), or being thrown back at you, depending on the force it was thrown with and how far out into the Edge you are. Energy-based attacks would behave similarly, but would likely fall apart thanks to the Edge. Magic and advanced technology won't allow you to advance further, either, as any form of teleportation also becomes increasingly more difficult the further you try to move out, effectively becoming impossible beyond a certain point.

    Additionally, it works in all three dimensions, effectively making space travel impossible as it would prevent any fandom from rising far enough above the ground to make it into space (well, Fandomverse space, anyway. Sci-fi fandoms have plenty of real-world space to play around with). Thinking of the Edge as a sphere wouldn't really be accurate, though -- as it's not as if the (sky's) Edge would sink to lower and lower altitudes the further you tried to travel out (as would otherwise be noticeable for flying fandoms). Instead, approaching the (land's) Edge while keeping your altitude consistent would mean only ever feeling the push of the land's Edge. So, in this way, it acts more similarly to a cube. However, trying to approach the corners of this "cube" would mean feeling the force from both the land's Edge and the sky's Edge, which, in total, would not only feel more powerful than either force on its own, but would also push you diagonally down -- thus making it seem as if the Edge were more curved like a sphere. Either way, a cylinder would be the most accurate 3D shape to compare it to overall, as the Edge, from a bird's eye view, would be circular in shape as opposed to square or rectangular. It's also important to note, though, that the Edge isn't made up of solid boundaries as much as a series of gradients.

    The Edge raises the question of what exactly exists beyond the boundaries of the Fandomverse, if anything at all. It's thought of as being the edge of the pocket dimension that is the Fandomverse, but, that would suggest that nothing exists beyond it -- which can't be true, right? Safely away from the Edge, physics generally seem to work as they should, which would suggest that whatever planet they’re on (if it’s fair to call it a “planet”) would be nearly identical to Earth. And, sure enough, there’s definitely a life-giving sun in the sky, and a night/day cycle identical to Earth’s, so… surely the Fandomverse can’t simply end at the Edge, right…? No one can really say for sure. While many fandoms are eager to attempt to explain all of this using whatever rules of the universe their canon provides, most are willing to just chalk all this up to ~Fandomverse magic~ and call it a day. It’s really the best answer anyone has.

    Noteworthy Locations* (open)
    *It should be noted that the list of noteworthy locations is special in that it is designed to be constantly updated, and anyone can make a suggestion! If you think you have an idea for a special location — be it entirely based on a single fandom, not based on anything specific at all, or somewhere in-between — PM me and we’ll see if we can make it work!(To clarify, you are not limited to fandoms that you personally own, and it's ok to have multiple locations from one fandom! Don't be afraid to submit any cool idea you might possibly have!)

    Baker Street
    A residential street in the somewhat more urban area of Fandom Square. While most residential areas in Fandom Square contain homes that are wildly different from each other in appearance, Baker Street stands out in that it is primarily Victorian-themed, with a few exceptions, and all of the Holmes you’ll find here have quite a bit in common. Baker Street is home to a large family of fandoms all originating from an infamous common ancestor who’s over a hundred years old — and the tricky thing about these fandoms is that, despite the fact that they all live in separate abodes, they all share the exact same street address. The very phrase “221B Baker Street” is every mail carrier’s worst nightmare. Still, if you’re looking for a detective, hopefully you can find someone living here who’s not only bored enough to take your case but also competent enough to solve it.

    The Cemetery
    Where deceased fandoms are laid to rest. Given the nature of the Fandomverse, though, this area has unfortunately (albeit predictably) become infested with a variety of fandom-based monsters. And, given the sorts of tropes associated with a graveyard, these monsters tend to be of the dark and undead variety — ghosts, ghouls, demons, and what-have-you. While a variety of magic is often used to keep these specters at bay, they’ve become an increasingly-present annoyance in this place of mourning. What’s most troubling is the fact that these monsters can be native to any fandom, living or dead. Ordinarily, when a fandom dies from Obscurity, all fandomena connected to them will shortly thereafter cease to exist. If a fandom dies of other circumstances, their fandomena will stick around until the point where that fandom would have died from Obscurity, and then fade away similarly. The cemetery seems to be the only place in the Fandomverse where these rules do not apply, and all fandom-based monsters can continue to exist indefinitely.

    Disney Castle
    A magnificent castle that houses most of the iconic Disney fandoms, especially those whose movies have a spot in the prestigious “Disney Princess” lineup. Most main-series Disney titles, even if they don’t live inside the castle itself, usually live close-by. Acquired properties, on the other hand, often prefer to keep their distance. Although the castle has always given off a grand, fairy tale-esque vibe, it has no doubt grown larger and larger over time to match the ever-increasing size of the Disney family. Most non-Disney fandoms will agree it’s honestly rather menacing at this point. Depending on where you’re standing, it almost appears to blot out the sun. The fandoms that live within are often thought of as a scheming family of faux-royalty bent on expanding their reach as far as possible across Fandom Square, sometimes branded as the “Cult of Mouse”. Most Disney fandoms, however, resent these stereotypes. After all, it’s not as if they personally are responsible for the intimidating actions of a massive mega-corporation. They just want to revel in the greatness of their respective animated classics. Is that really so diabolical?

    The Dog Park
    An average-sized dog park located in one of the more suburban areas of Fandom Square. The Fandom Council would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park. Fandoms are not allowed in the Dog Park. It is possible that you will see hooded figures in the Dog Park. Do not approach them. Do not approach the Dog Park.

    According to urban legend, the Dog Park exists to contain all of the most horrifying and uncontrollable monsters, artifacts, and incorporeal entities — originating from various fandoms — that would otherwise have the potential to wreak havoc across the Fandomverse or even beyond. If this is true, it stands to reason that trespassing on the Dog Park (or otherwise tampering with the electrified fence and other security measures) could mean certain death (or perhaps an even worse fate), not only for yourself but also for everyone and everything you hold dear. But, who’s to say that any of this is true when no one should even be thinking about the Dog Park, much less the hypothetical consequences of even daring to approach it.

    The Everfree Forest
    In its canon, the Everfree Forest was notorious as a place where nature ran untamed without the intervention of magic-using equines. Here, its existence is similar. In addition to its usual fare of dragons and timberwolves, as well as other magical plant and animal life, it is now also home to a variety of non-native flora and fauna introduced by other fandoms. Such non-indigenous species include plant life such as pirahna plants, apricorn trees, echo flowers, nightlock berries, bomb flowers, and so forth. The forest is also home to an assortment of forest-dwelling animal life of a similar caliber. Aside from the presence of said invasive species (which, let’s be honest, is rather inevitable in a place like the Fandomverse), the forest is still ruled by nature and remains rather untouched by human(oid) hands. It resides just beyond the outskirts of Fandom Square.

    Jake's Island, AKA Hellmurder Island
    A crescent-shaped volcanic island with an abandoned frog temple in the center of the surrounding sea. Its most noteworthy feature is its animal life, as the island is home to a variety of creatures called lusii. Each species of lusus is widely different in appearance. A few examples of lusii present on the island include: giant centaurs, crab monsters, flying whales, bull fairies, tentacle monsters, and a dragon. The only physical trait these lusii have in common is that their fur, scales, whatever they may have is always a ghostly white color, and most of them are incredibly powerful and dangerous animals, hence where the island's second name comes from. The dragon living on the island (it is unknown whether it is truly a single dragon or perhaps several that live there) is particularly noteworthy for its fiery red eyes, and the power that comes with them. The dragon is capable of causing items to overheat to the point of combustion just by staring at them, and can inflict blindness onto individuals merely by making eye contact with them. This blindness cases the victim’s eyes to turn a solid red color. It is only curable by magic healing, and is otherwise permanent.

    As for the island’s plant life: if you were to visit the island, you might think that it is wildly overrun with pumpkin plants, but you would be wrong. There are no pumpkins. There never were, nor will there ever be any pumpkins in this roleplay. But seriously though, there really are pumpkins growing everywhere. They appear to be out-competing a lot of other plant populations on the island, actually.

    The Safari Zone
    A park originally intended as a special preserve for rare wild Pokemon, but today it is much more than that. As the park updated its Pokemon collection every few years to match each new generation of games, it gained a fair number of non-Pokemon creatures every year, as well — particularly from similar monster-collecting RPG’s that the Pokemon series inspired. If a game makes you think “this is like Pokemon”, then some of its rare monsters are bound to live here. Per usual, though, battling is not allowed. Staying true to the Safari Zone experience, you’ll have to make do with rocks and bait. Happy hunting!

    General Summary (open)
    [Last updated: 1/10/18.]

    The following is a summary of all the major events that have occurred since the start of the RP. This is not quite a replacement for a specialized summary, though, as it will never be completely up-to-date on the most recent developments, nor does it tell you much about what each group of characters is currently doing — which is the most important thing for new members to know in order to jump into the RP. So, if you are new, be sure to get a specialized summary from be before jumping in. Still, if you are new to the RP, then this is an excellent place to start, as it details the major events that I will likely only briefly touch on in a specialized summary.

    The “Trickster Arc”

    One of the first major events to happen in this RP that affected things across-the-board was the Trickster Arc. This isn’t entirely chronological (as you will soon find out), but I’m going to start by explaining the Trickster Arc first, since just about every major plot point that has happened since can be connected back to it. It also requires more background knowledge than any of the other “arcs”, which I’ll get into here:

    Background on Tricksters
    The Trickster arc revolves around the concept of “Trickster Mode” from Homestuck. Whether or not you’re familiar with Homestuck, you should know that, due to the limited information in the series itself about how it actually works, I had to come up with a lot of concrete information, myself, just so that it could actually function in an RP like this.

    The tl;dr version of what Trickster Mode is (particularly how it works in this RP) is that it’s a magic-based affliction that spreads like an (incredibly contagious) infectious disease and manifests itself as an intense, manic high. Those who become afflicted with Trickster Mode not only gain the same manic high as mentioned, but they also change in appearance to become garishly colorful, and they also start wearing a “Trickster sweet” (some sort of candy or other sugary food, most likely related to their character in some way) on their head. And lastly, they gain the ability to fly. Trickster Mode is also incredibly contagious, and is spread essentially by contact (so much as the slightest touch will do), and the transformation into a Trickster is practically instantaneous. As for how to reverse it? Well, it’s essentially an exaggerated sugar high — Tricksters will eventually crash and run out of energy, thus changing them back, or they can be changed back if they are forced asleep or made unconscious. However, when a character comes out of Trickster mode, they’ll feel rather drained of energy, and they’ll wake up with a nasty post-Trickster hangover.

    What Happened:

    The Trickster arc officially started when Homestuck got in a fight with Kill la Kill (now a drop out), and the Trickster Juju (the magical artifact that starts the spread of Trickster Mode) was accidentally released. Kill la Kill acquired the juju and became the first Trickster. The spread of Trickster Mode caught the attention of much of the City — the Night Vale fandom reported on it in his radio news broadcast, though he mistakenly said that Trickster Mode is “deadly”, which it is not, thus exaggerating the severity of the threat and making it be seen as somewhat akin to a zombie apocalypse…

    Attack on Titan (also now a drop-out) became a Trickster Titan at one point. Also, there were several super-powered fights against Trickster Kill la Kill. Overall, there was a decent amount of general destruction happening throughout the city.

    Due to the Trickster arc as well as the dinosaur shenanigans (more on that later), Final Fantasy’s airship crashed somewhere in the city — though Final Fantasy himself survived.

    Despite being the central conflict of everything for quite a while, the Trickster arc sort of just fizzled apart as opposed to going out with any sort of grand finale (more on that under “dinosaur shenanigans”). But, an important thing to remember is, both Kill la Kill and Homestuck became dropouts before it was over. This means that the Trickster Juju was never confirmed as having been recovered. It could still be anywhere… ready to be potentially uncovered at any time. ;P

    "Dinosaur Shenanigans":

    About halfway through the Trickster arc, some of Jurassic World’s dinos got out, and both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World (aided by JW’s team of raptors) had to go out and get them all under control again. This contributed to the overall chaos of things.

    While attempting to regain control over the dinos, JW and JP were aided by the 12-foot-tall, four-armed Triguniverse, a fusion between Trigun and Steven Universe who wanted to keep the other fandoms safe from the dinosaur and Trickster threats — and she did fairly well at this, for a while. Triguniverse then tried to take on Indominus Rex — JW’s dangerous and highly intelligent hybrid dinosaur. Triguniverse was outmatched and was defeated, causing her to split apart into Trigun and Steven Universe — and causing SU to revert back into her gemstone form (meaning, she’s essentially a rock for the time being).

    Also, yes, the dinosaurs did contribute to Final Fantasy’s airship crashing. There was a triceratops — it was complicated.

    I-Rex, weakened due to the fight against Triguniverse and the tranquilizers that Jurassic Park shot at her, was eventually defeated by Deadpool. This all happened during a period of me, the GM, trying to clean up a lot of loose plot threads and unfinished arcs — and so, due to the dropping out of a lot of key players and the fact that there were technically no longer any active characters who were still Tricksters, the Trickster arc was also declared officially over with at the same time as the dinosaur nonsense, even though it never did reach a proper conclusion. But, there was still plenty of aftermath to deal with. And, as stated, the Trickster Juju was never found, and could theoretically be recovered to start a new Trickster outbreak sometime down the road.

    Daleks and Cybermen:

    Background on Daleks/Cybermen
    Daleks and Cybermen are the two most iconic villains of the Doctor Who series (though they are otherwise unrelated to each other and usually don’t fight as allies). The Daleks are hate-filled creatures that live in metal suits and want nothing more than to EXTERMINATE everything that isn’t them. The Cybermen are cyborgs — though they are seemingly completely robotic on the surface and have little organic material remaining. They are emotionless creatures that aim to take other human(oids) and transform them into more of their own kind — “upgrading” them and turning them into Cybermen.

    What Happened:

    This arc actually started before the Trickster Arc, when Doctor Who, Sherlock, and some other allies investigated a WWII museum in the human world as they had reason to believe that there were Daleks present — and there were! Along with some Cybermen, even. Unfortunately, however, they weren’t able to get to the bottom of everything right then and there, as they soon learned about the Trickster arc, causing them to return to the Fandomverse to deal with a present threat to their own kind (which meant that this arc was put on hold for quite a while).

    When they returned (along with a slightly different team of allies), the place was littered with human corpses. Doctor Who, enraged by what he saw, felt nothing for the hive-minded Daleks and Cybermen and wanted only to destroy all of them before they could do any further damage. Then, however, Sherlock faked his own death when a Cyberman appeared around a corner and attacked him. While it didn’t take long for everyone to figure out that Sherlock was still alive, the Doctor was still badly shaken by the event, putting him in a rather dazed and foggy mental state for a while. While he has more-or-less recovered since then, his mind still isn’t quite working at its best.

    While the group was fighting off the Dalek threat, they eventually encountered a Dalek accompanied by a group of Cybermen -- revealing that the two of them are working together, which is a rather unusual set of circumstances.

    It has also been revealed (not yet to the characters, but to the viewers at home) not only that the Daleks and Cybermen are working together (which would otherwise be very rare), but also that they are all aware of the existence of fandoms and aware of their own status as fandomena — which definitely makes for a very rare and dangerous situation.

    The group is also aware that someone, somehow, must've hijacked the TARDIS, as they heard it take off, but Doctor Who has no idea who's flying it.

    Doctor Who attempted to interrogate the Daleks — to find out why they were working with the Cybermen — and the Daleks, unsurprisingly, were more interested in shooting at him than answering his questions. A Dalek laser hit him in the arm, leaving him injured. The group tried to retreat — with Sherlock being separated from the group and captured by Cybermen during the shuffle — but without the TARDIS, it seemed they had no hope for survival. The Daleks were closing in, ready to deliver the final blow to the already-weakened Doctor, and then…

    Well, before I can explain what happened next, we must first discuss parallel universes.

    In one universe — a universe that this RP does not take place in — the Daleks succeeded at landing the final hit, killing Doctor Who. And the rest of the fandom team fell apart without his leadership. The Daleks and Cybermen were then able to continue their conquest of Earth as well as the Fandomverse. One of the few survivors from Doctor Who’s party was Fire Emblem, who then found a way to go back in time to prevent this awful future.

    Returning to the present, and to our own universe…

    A ~mysterious stranger~ (secretly Fire Emblem from an alternate future), rescues Doctor Who at the last second, and leads the rest of the party to a safe hiding spot. He’s wearing a mask, so that his past self doesn’t recognize him.

    While in hiding, the Doctor notices that alternate-future FE has a sonic screwdriver, and comes to the incorrect conclusion that alt-FE is actually one of the Doctor’s future regenerations, which alt-FE plays along with.

    Sherlock is later found by the group, but only after he had been partially converted into a Cyberman.

    Some phone calls and shenanigans later, Doctor Who was eventually able to regain possession of his TARDIS — which was then quickly summoned back to the Fandomverse, taking the Doctor and his party (including Sherlock) with them. So, back on Earth, the Dalek and Cybermen threat lives on. Worse yet, the TARDIS’s dimension-hopping may have even allowed the invasion to spread to the Fandomverse…


    Dealing with the post-Trickster aftermath, A Dark Room and Mass Effect both investigated the remains of Final Fantasy’s crashed airship. It was then that Exdeath rose out of the remains of the ship, apparently freed from whatever crystal he was previously sealed in (oh, and there were also some goblins which were released, and then went on to harass a different group…). ADR and ME tried to fight Exdeath, but it was futile. Exdeath then used his void powers to create a massive crater where the airship once was, and then disappeared.

    He then reappeared on the edge of town, where, dismayed by the “destruction” of his previous base, he began to create a new one — taking chunks out of nearby buildings and using them to construct a new tower. Inside Exdeath’s tower is a sort of dungeon, complete with boss fights, treasures, and everything else that a dungeon would have. It is currently being cleared by Sonic, Pokemon, and Minecraft.

    The goblins that were released soon ran into Trigun, who, along with a group of other fandoms, was trying to figure out what to do with SU's gem and how to change SU back into her usual form. One of the goblins then stole SU's gem and ran off with it. The group eventually caught up with that goblin, only just in time to see that its arms had been chopped off by Exdeath, who took the gem for himself and teleported away just before any of the fandoms could act.

    Exdeath then used SU's gem as a "crystal shard", equipping it to his armor.

    Gem Monsters:

    This arc began with Scooby Doo going for a walk and having a pleasant chat with a talking flower, who introduced himself as Flowey. If you are familiar with the formula that nearly all Scooby Doo episode plots follow, then it miiiight be obvious that this mysterious talking flower probably has soooomething to do with whatever evil plot is currently unfolding. Just throwing that out there.

    Scooby and Flowey were then attacked by two monsters, and Flowey quickly disappeared underground. Scooby was rescued by Hamilton (much to his disappointment), and then Teen Wolf and Avengers entered the scene. When the monsters were defeated, their bodies disappeared, with the exception of a gemstone that each of them left behind.

    Elsewhere, The Lunar Chronicles met a lion, and that lion then led her to the Beatles, who was high as a kite and piloting the remains of a Dalek shell. Then, the trio was attacked by a bird monster. With the help of Teen Titans, the monster was defeated — only for it to transform into many smaller bird monsters. As these smaller birds were defeated, one by one, it seemed that each of them also left behind a tiny gem shard as its body disappeared.

    In all the chaos, The Lunar Chronicles managed to fall down a hole (with the Beatles, Lion, and TT following soon after). At the bottom of that hole was Undertale (and Dear Evan Hansen, who had fallen for unrelated reasons just a moment before). TLC and her group told Undertale about the bird creatures. Undertale decided that the birds — and Lion — all looked familiar, and were, if memory serves, part of Steven Universe lore. Undertale decided that the next thing they should do is contact Steven Universe about these bird monsters, although none of them knew the fandom personally.

    Undertale asked Lion if he could bring them to SU. In response, Lion opened up a portal and carried them all… to Scooby Doo, Teen Wolf, Avengers, and Hamilton, who had just defeated the last of the scattered bird monsters.

    CS Skeleton (open)
    (You could search your Fandom’s name followed by "Fandombound" or “Fandomstuck” on Google Images and probably get something, or just make up your own design.)
    Abilities and Equipment:
    (Any powers or talents your Fandom has, along with any weapons, technology or magical artifacts.)
    Home: (Tell us a bit about what their piece of the Fandomverse is like.)
    Quirks: (Weird little things that your Fandom does.)

    EDIT: For everyone's convenience, here's a link to a Tumblr Fandomstuck archive ("Fandomstuck" being the more common name for the fandom-personifying Tumblr trend that this RP is based on). If you have a fandom in mind but aren't quite sure what to do with the character, you can try running a search for that fandom and look over some Tumblr posts to maybe find some inspiration. It's also probably a good place to look if you need an image for your CS.

    I will not look at your CS until you confirm that you have read these rules as well as the tabs above.

    What is/isn’t an acceptable fandom to play as?

    • First and foremost, it should be noted: this RP is not about playing canon characters. This RP is not about playing OC’s from the universe of your chosen series. If you do not understand what a fandom character is supposed to be, then please go back and read the rest of this post.
    • Please choose a fandom that you’re at least somewhat familiar with. You don’t have to be an expert, but please don’t choose a show that you’ve never seen or a game that you’ve never played.
    • Fandoms for crossover-based franchises, such as Super Smash Bros or Kingdom Hearts, are acceptable. A fandom for a crossover such as SuperWhoLock, on the other hand, is not acceptable.
    • Spin-off Fandoms (such as Torchwood or Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) are acceptable as long as you can justify them as having a separate identity from that of the 'parent' fandom.
    • Some overlap between fandoms is also acceptable. For example, Super Mario and Mario Kart can exist as separate entities, because Mario Kart can stand as its own game series, even if it would technically still count as part of the overall Mario franchise.

    What should I keep in mind while making my CS?
    • Assume that anyone who reads your CS is unfamiliar with the series in question. Any powers/weapons/locations/etc should be explained in a way that makes sense to a non-fan.(I’ll be a bit more lenient about this if your fandom is something super-popular, but you should still keep these rules in mind.)
    • A link to a Wikia page is not an acceptable substitute for writing a description yourself.
    • Whenever possible, include image links to any referenced characters/items/etc. For example, you cannot say "my fandom has the same hair as [canon character’s name]" without also providing a link to an image of that character (highlighting the character’s name and turning that into a link is the best and cleanest way to do this). If you’re referencing something that doesn’t have a linkable visual reference, consider rephrasing.
    • It is ok for canon powers to be tweaked. In fact, there are many instances where I would encourage it. If an ability/weapon from the canon is overpowered, you can give your fandom a weaker version of it. If an ability/weapon is too confusing for non-fans or too difficult to explain, you can create a more simplified version.
      • And if I say that something in your CS needs changing, then "that’s how it works in the canon" is not a valid counterargument.

    Any rules about IC posting?
    • You are not allowed to post in the IC until your CS has been accepted. If I’m still asking you to make any changes to the CS — even minor ones — then it’s not accepted yet.
    • Do not write IC posts that no one can interact with. If you make two IC posts in a row for a single character that could be merged into one without consequence, you’re doing something wrong.
    • There is no formal turn order. Post whenever it feels right to do so. If I think you should be posting, I’ll send you a "friendly posting reminder".
    • If you’re playing more than one character, post for each one whenever needed. Do not wait for a chance to post for all your characters at once before you post for any of them. If you’re due to post for character A, but still waiting for a reply from someone else before posting for character B — then post for character A. Do not put off posting for character A.

    Anything else I should know?
    • Communication is key. Please come talk to me if you are considering dropping out or having issues posting for any reason. If you’re insistent on dropping out, then just tell me, and I won’t be upset with you. If you’re still interested in the RP but you’re having problems staying with it, just talk to me and we can work something out.
    • If you have a mental illness/disorder that’s making posting more difficult, or is otherwise limiting your ability to participate in the RP, I’m willing to make an effort to accommodate you. However, I can only do this if you come talk to me about what the problem is and what I can do to help.
    • There is no formal limit as to how many characters you can have. That being said, I will decide how many characters each player can have on an individual basis. If you’re new here and I’ve never RPed with you before, you will probably only be allowed to play one or two characters. If you can prove to me that you can handle playing more characters, I will allow you to have more.
    • Read the information provided in the OP. I can't believe I have to emphasize this as much as I do.
    • In order to be a part of this RP, you must express a willingness to socialize with other members of the RP and be present in the OOC forum. If you are only ever talking to me about this RP through PM's, that is a bad sign, and I won't be happy about it.
    • If you drop out of this RP, your fandom(s) will become fair game for other players to take over. This will often mean that the fandom gets a significant re-design, but, the point remains, other people can play them after you're gone.
      • If you ever return, and find that your fandom(s) are still available, then you may re-claim them and pick up where you left off. But I can't keep a fandom off-limits "just in case" you come back.
    • More rules will be added as I think of them.

    Accepted Fandoms:

    Animorphs (Kagayours)
    Attack on Titan (Takumi)
    Avengers (Neobendium)
    Beatles (Kagayours)
    Dark Souls (Taku)
    Dear Evan Hansen (Luckycoolhawk9)
    Doctor Who (Kagayours)
    Dragon Age (Rithas)
    Final Fantasy (Neobullseye)
    Fire Emblem (Minerva)
    Groundhog Day: The Musical (Luckycoolhawk9)
    Hamilton (Takumi)
    Kill la Kill (Eru)
    LaTale (Jill)
    Lunar Chronicles (Neobendium)
    Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha (Lstorm)
    Megaman (Neobullseye)
    Minecraft (Neobendium)
    Pokemon (Takumi)
    Red vs Blue (Gwazi Magnum)
    Scooby Doo (Luckycoolhawk9)
    Sherlock (Kagayours)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Kagayours)
    Steven Universe (Kagayours)
    Teen Titans (Raven)
    Teen Wolf (Luckycoolhawk9)
    Touhou (Neobullseye)
    Trigun (Kagayours)
    Type-Moon (Minerva)
    Undertale (Kagayours)

    Reserved Fandoms:
    Jak and Daxter (dark)
    Killzone (dark)
    Pushing Daisies (Luckycoolhawk)

    Adoptable Fandoms: If a player drops out, their characters aren't gone forever -- those who are interested can play fandoms that used to be owned by other players, if you so wish. Some of them were around for such little time that you can practically ignore everything the original player did and essentially do whatever you want, while others are more complicated. I'll still ask you to write your own CS, though, even if the gist of it is still essentially the same as the old one. In any case, if you see a fandom on this list that you want to play, PM me and we'll work out the details.
    List of Adoptable Fandoms
    Adventure Time
    Assassin's Creed
    Binding of Isaac
    Cowboy Bebop
    Daft Punk
    A Dark Room
    Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
    Fallen London
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Game of Thrones
    (Tengen Toppa) Gurren Lagann
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Hunger Games
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    Jurassic Park
    Jurassic World
    Kagerou Project
    (Puella Magi) Madoka Magica
    Mass Effect
    Metal Gear
    (Welcome to) Night Vale
    Space Dandy
    Star vs The Forces of Evil
    Star Wars
    Steam Powered Giraffe
    Wizard 101
    World of Warcraft

    NOTE TO NEW PLAYERS: If you look at the recent pages of the IC, you may notice that most of the posts here start with a heading of sorts featuring the character's name and a title of some kind. Don't worry -- this isn't required. It started as a way to keep track of where people were by noting the location that each character was in, but even then, it was never mandatory. Since it was never an official thing, it soon stopped being taken seriously and eventually was just a way to add a joke or clever title to each post. Most of us have adopted it because I think we all agree that it not only makes it easy to skim for certain characters, but also serves as a chance to add an extra bit of flavor to each post. It still isn't mandatory, though, so you don't have to worry about it if you don't want to.

    As always, feel free to voice any comments, questions or concerns you have. I’d be happy to reply!
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  2. Name: Doctor Who

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Despite being decades older than most of his friends, Doctor Who still has a rather childish personality. He loves adventure and lives a life void of much responsibility, and can almost never stay in one place or do one thing for too long, always flying off in his TARDIS when things get dull. His exact mannerisms seem to fluctuate, though, with some saying they can spot about a dozen unique personas in him, but his youthful love for adventure is one thing that never changes. Besides, what’s the point of being a grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes?

    Underneath all this, though, Doctor Who has a more solemn side. At his age, he’s seen many Fandoms come and go, and he’s well aware that nothing lasts forever. While he tries to distract such depressing thoughts with the adventures he goes on, he often can’t help but think that many of his friends will die before he does. Additionally, he struggles with the thought of his own eventual death. Having already been cancelled once (arguably twice) before, it doesn’t matter how popular his show is; he can’t shake the nagging thought that he could fade back into obscurity at any time.

    Abilities and Equipment:
    -Capable of traveling through time and space with the help of the TARDIS.
    -Always carries with him one of many different models of sonic screwdriver, which can unlock doors, hack computers, scan things and, well… a lot of things, really. Doesn’t do wood, though.
    -Psychic paper — A convenient slip of paper that shows anything he wants people to see.
    -His 3D glasses let him see stuff.

    Home: Doctor Who doesn’t do permanent homes. He lives in his TARDIS, a dimensionally transcendental (bigger on the inside) time/space machine disguised as a police box that goes wherever he goes. Because he doesn’t have his own slice of the Fandomverse like most Fandoms, aliens from his series just sort of seem to pop up wherever he lands, which is very reminiscent of the Doctor’s adventures in the show. Sometimes he even finds them in the TARDIS, in weird rooms that he’d never seen before. Of course, that’s probably because the TARDIS interior is virtually infinite, extremely spacey-wacey and always subject to change. It’s a funny place to live, really.

    -Talks about time travel in weird technobabble that no one understands. Also uses terms like “timey-wimey" quite a bit.
    -His pockets are always full of weird junk that you wouldn’t expect people to just carry around with them.
    -Always brings a banana to a party.
    -Thinks that bow ties, fezzes and stetsons are “cool”.
    -Will probably offer Jelly Babies in times of crisis.
    -Often initiates staring contests with angel statues.

    Other: Has two hearts. Also, very adamant about the “laws of time” and the idea that history can’t be rewritten. Don’t expect him to let you go back in time and kill Hitler or anything.
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  3. Just submitted a banner. Currently awaiting approval and all that jazz.
  4. I'll have a CS for Hetalia up shortly.
  5. Ah yes! Sorry, I forgot you reserved Hetalia on the interest check.
  6. I need to restrain myself, I just saved like 5 bases to edit for pictures of Kpop later. Just write the cs, Indabayou...
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  7. XD Hey, whatever keeps your muse working.
  8. I just got on and you've progressed so far. D:<
    You adults and not being busy pshh
  9. Psh, I'll be busy soon enough. Once my winter break ends it'll be school and workstudy foreveeer.
  10. "Progressed so far"...? *tilts head*

    All I did was get the OOC up. Which I said I would work on today. And... I guess I also have my CS. But I usually make sure I have my CS up along with the OOC of a thread, so...

    Admittedly, I have a while till my break is over.

    But when it is... oh jeez. No more waiting around in boredom for things to happen.
  11. Just seems like everything is happening while I was away *shrug* maybe it's just because I'm on more than one site.

    I'll get my CS up soon!
  12. Can I reserve Supernatural? I'll have the CS soon.
  13. No worries! I'm just glad that I found the alert. I'll try to have it all done tonight.
  14. May I reserve Warhammer 40k? I'll have a cs up layer tonight.
  15. ooh awesome! We were hoping a Supernatural would come along.
  16. HELLO SUPERNATURAL FANDOM, we are going to get along just wonderfully.
  17. Here I go, hope my color codes work...

    Name: Kpop

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Updated with finalized art! Sorta big, sorry.

    Personality: Kpop may act upbeat and charming, but she is actually very stressed underneath it all. Groups that train for years to debut rise and fall at the drop of a hat- many new groups and chart topping songs being produced every year just to disappear in months. With all the work she has to do to make sure she stays on top of things, it's a wonder she's kept her head. She always strives to work with others to reach a common goal, but can hold her own fairly well. While she's a romantic at heart, she cares more about making sure others are well fed and rested than the fulfillment of her otps.

    She sometimes acts a bit silly or cute in order to get attention, and though she knows it's a carefully constructed facade, Kpop wishes she could truly be the cool person she acts like.

    Abilities and Equipment:
    - Lightstick (these little doodads light up and can be brandished to show support- or to give a good smack if needed)
    - Bangtan Bulletproof vest - Provides minor safety against the deaths and downfalls of her bands, among other small attacks upon her fandom. A harsh blow would definitely lay her flat though.
    - Rad dance skills- look at those feet move!
    - A surprisingly good rapper

    Home: Kpop lives in a dorm-like apartment. The level of comfort, space, and furnishings depend on how well her groups are doing at the time. She likes to get most of her food and knick-knacks from the real world, as they're more liable to stick around during a dorm change. She's always got a tv handy in order to watch her favorite band variety shows (honestly, it's where all the personality comes from, how could you skip those?)

    - She always has a 'bias', or favorite member, out of a group.
    - Do I even have to say it? Of course she'll make frequent use of the term "Oppa"
    - She is adamant that people stick to their assigned colors

    *will add later if I think of anything
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  18. Sure thing. I'll add you guys to the list.

    I suppose I can't technically accept you until you add an image (or just a verbal description if you prefer), but, looks good so far!
    (Your color codes, though, did not work. :/ )
  19. Darn. Working on getting my rough sketch linkable, if I described it just verbally it would make no sense I think. I'll update it with a finished piece later.