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    The TARDIS is a weapon… and it must be destroyyeeeed…!!

    “Huh? Wha?!” Doctor Who jolted awake on his couch at the sound of the familiar, robotic-voiced aliens, fez falling off his head as he sat up straight and drew his sonic screwdriver, holding it up defensively as his eyes frantically darted around the dark room in search of the alien invaders. …Until he started to come to his senses and his gaze landed on the looping DVD menu on the TV screen in front of him. “Ohhhh…” he mused, scratching his head with the screwdriver tip. “Handles, did I fall asleep while marathoning again?”

    “Correct.” came the reply from the disembodied Cyberman head sitting on the ground beneath the Doctor.

    “I see…” Doctor Who sighed in relief, clutching his chest as his hearts started to slow down a bit. He’d really scared himself for a moment there! Wouldn’t be the first time that some dangerous form of alien just showed up out of nowhere in or around the TARDIS. It was a strange little thing that set his TARDIS apart from the one on the show — as he could count on one hand the number of times that an uninvited alien was seen wandering the good Doctor’s home. Must’ve been the spacey-wacey mechanics of that funny Fandomverse causing that to happen, he figured. Either way, it’s hard not to be a bit jumpy when one might have a good reason to literally be afraid of their own shadow. “I really should stop doing that.” he said to himself, putting his fez back on.


    “Oh hush, you.” Doctor Who replied as he stepped down from the couch, he pointed his sonic upward and buzzed it to turn the overhead light on, then pointed it at the TV set to turn it off. For the purpose of watching his show, Doctor Who had a small entertainment room with a TV and TV essentials, plus a small bookshelf completely filled with Doctor Who media (though it was only a small sampling of everything he owned; there was more in the vaults). As a result, it looked less like the other rooms in the TARDIS and a bit more like something you would find in a (*gasp!*) normal person’s home. Of course, that normalcy was somewhat reduced by the presence of all the bizarre junk littering the floor — from the cricket bat to the recorder and various fob watches — and the walls, which had been decorated with 3D paintings, a WWII propoganda poster with a Dalek on it, the words “Bad Wolf” scribbled in marker or something, and a post-it note that read “Note to self: add some round things”.

    “Anywho, I wonder what the other Fandoms are up to this time of…” he trailed off, not sure how to finish that sentence. Day? Night? Oh, what does it matter. Time is relative, anyway.

    Leaving that room, he expertly made his way through the TARDIS corridors to the console room. (He took great pride in knowing that he hadn’t once gotten lost in there in the past year and a half — a new record!) Once inside, he nodded at the choice of decor. “Russel T. Davies’ era? Fantastic!” he chirped. There were, after all, many versions of the TARDIS console room throughout the show’s history — and whichever one waited for him each day seemed to depend entirely on whatever his space-time machine was in the mood for. As he approached the console, though, a somewhat unexpected sight stepped out from behind the center column.

    May I be of any assistance?

    Doctor Who nearly jumped, before remembering his encounter with the creature the other day. “Oh, right… you’re still here.” he mused. Speaking of random aliens in my TARDIS… He’d found the Ood just sort of wandering about only a day or two ago, and of course the conditioned slave immediately gravitated toward Doctor Who and interpreted him as his new master. The Doctor… felt sort of bad about having him around, but didn’t know what to do with him.

    The Ood tilted its head, still awaiting instructions.

    “…You know what? Just wait right there; I have an idea.” He told the creature before approaching the console, flicking all sorts of switches as the central column began to bob up and down and the space-time machine’s engines made that signature sound that he’d grown so fond of hearing.

    That same sound then echoed through the home of one of Doctor Who’s close friends, with the TARDIS kicking up a light wind as the blue box began to materialize in Sherlock’s apartment.
  2. Meanwhile...





    What was this one doing...? Looks like xe's preparing for something. How long has xe resided in xir realm of cyberspace? Years, possibly. Xe's barely known in the fandom community since xe's an old fandom. Not OLD OLD but... Gaming wise xe's old. Xe has been developing xir systems since 2001 and still developing. With xir versions now in beta, xe has decided it is time to finally take on the world. But where is xe in the physical world? I'm sure if you go to the local electronics shop in the Fandomverse you'll find something.
  3. "Out! Your case is BORING! Out!" Sherlock was yelling at a girl who was basically just crying about a bad break up, quickly trying to shoo her out of his apartment. "I know I like many cases! But playing Cupid is not one of them!" and then quickly shut the door before the girl could reply. He then sat down on his chair and kicked back, pulled out his laptop and began to look through the news to see if he could find something interesting.

    "No. No. Maybe. No. Oh, what's this?", Sherlock stopped on one page with an article on the site called "We ain't got nothing better to print" that read "Plunger and Whisk found at old WWII museum! They look a bit funny...".

    Staring at the picture for a second Sherlock pondered and then said "That's no plunger and whisk...", but then suddenly he could hear a sudden whooshing noise in his apartment. Sherlock sighed and went "Still leaving his brakes on I see..." as a TARDIS materialized before him.

    But then his fandomness could no longer keep it's cool in trying to act like an actual collected Sherlock, so he jumped up all excited and before the Doctor could even open the TARDIS door Sherlock was knocking on it excitingly going "Doctor! Doctor! I got a case!".
  4. As per usual, Touhou was listening to one of her many, many collected songs, wondering what to do. Normally she would've just played one of her games, but her computer had just decided to commit suicide the day before. Of course, computers are replacable, but all of the replays of 1CC Lunatic Runs? Those were gone for good, which felt like a far bigger loss to Touhou. To make matters worse, her blatant lack of money made it pretty hard to get a new computer right now. Then again, she didn't really need a state-of-the-art one to play her favourite games anyway...

    Well, simply sitting here wouldn't solve her problems, Touhou reasoned. No, if she wanted to be able to play her games again, she would have to get out and get a new computer... somehow. After all, unlike quite literally every single thing in the Touhouverse, computers didn't fly in this world. With a sigh, Touhou raised herself off of the ground and slowly walked towards the exit. "Meh, at least the sun is shining. thank Kanako," she mumbled to herself. Sure, she had an umbrella shaped like Kogasa, but flying with an umbrella didn't really work. Luckily it wasn't raining, so that problem was moot. With this non-prolem being 'solved', Touhou flew off into the sky, heading in the city's general direction.

    --Some time later, at the local electronics shop --

    "Well then... Now, I can't possibly pay for the more modern models," Touhou spoke to herself, "but I should be able to afford an older device." Of course, the next problem was actually finding one; after all, why would a computer store sell horribly outdated equipment? Meh, the least she could do was take a look around, right? Maybe there was a second-hand store somewhere? Or some other form of a budget store? Shrugging, Touhou decided to just look around until she'd stumbled upon something useful.
  5. Suddenly, the door burst open, as a man entered a sword strapped to his back, a golden crown upon his head, his thick, furr-covered clothing hanging from him, as he stormed inside. "Sherlock!" he bellowed, grabbing a chair and taking a seat, his eyes focused upon the man infront of him, only briefly acknoweldging the TARDIS' presence. "I am being conspired against again! I cannot place my trust in that Dragon Age fool! He is always seeking to kill my dragons! MY DRAGONS ARE VALUABLE, PRECIOUS CREATURES!" he shouted, raising his voice. "You must do something about it! If you do not, he will kill Daenerys, Jon, and Arya!" he pleaded, the three dragons appearing beside him. The first was a deep purple color, the second was black, and the third was a dull blue. "They are my children!" he continued, the three small dragons curling up on him. Game Of Thrones seemed quite ROYALLY ((See what I did there? *Wink wink*)) pissed off, and judging how one hand was on the hilt of his sword, he was paranoid, almost expecting Dragon Age to jump out at any minute. His eyes darted around, wondering where that SCOUNDREL could be hiding.
  6. The sound of fast-paced, eerie music was the only sound in the room. Homestuck sat in front of the green laptop, watching Game Over and flinching every time someone died. The screen illuminated his face, his house in darkness. He watched in silence through the rest of the flash animation. When it was over, he deliberated between watching it again or just stop killing his feels. Slamming the lid shut, he leaned back into his seat with a frustrated sigh.

    "It just started with a boy dicking around in his room!" Homestuck dragged a hand down his face, haggard. Hussie, that horse obsessed bastard, had his charm but sometimes he wanted to strangle the douchemuffin. Tipping his chair back so that half the wheels were off the ground, he let his eyes adjust to the surrounding darkness of the room. He'd been locked up in his house for so long, the grey paint was rubbing off. He tipped his chair too far that he fell backwards with the harsh bang.

    "Ah, goddammit!" he groaned. "What a pain in the ass."

    Homestuck got up off the floor and righted his chair. He knew it was time to get out if his luck was going to start getting as bad as beginning Vriska's was. Falling chairs would only lead to blown up arms and he didn't think he was ready for that kind of life yet. A quick trip to the bathroom and fixing his paint job later, he had to do something social. If he cleaned up and even put on more paint only to stay inside, he'd end up doing the same thing hours later.

    So many fandoms to visit, so little time. "Eenie meenie minie..." he trailed off until the first fandom popped into mind. "Kpop!"

    Why a music fandom was the one he thought of was beyond him but he was but a simple fandom who could not ignore their think pan. Lime green wings fanned out from his back and he flapped them until he was hovering a foot off the ground. He double-checked his computer count; glasses computer was good, watch computer on his wrist, laptop in hand, phone computer in pocket of non-poofy pants because he wasn't going to go around wearing the prince of space outfit in public, and headset computer around his neck. Homestuck was prepared to go outside and prepared to lose maybe half of his computers too.

    Flying out one of his windows, he flew toward her apartment. Arriving there, he knocked on one of her windows. "Kpop! Hey Kpop! Let me in!" After all, he couldn't just break her windows.

    If he wanted to, he would have thrown a bathtub through her wall anyhow.
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  7. Kpop flopped on the floor in a huff of breath while the Television continued to run a dance video. She wanted to scream. Or cry. Or maybe throw her shoe through the stupid screen. She had been at this for hours trying to learn this section and still couldn't get the footwork right. Well then she'd just have to do it again til she got it right, wouldn't she? With a groan, Kpop got up again and rewound the video, setting it to a slower playback speed. Her muscles would be screaming the next morning for sure. That is, if she hadn't blinded herself in the next few minutes to keep from having to look at Taeyang's stupid hair ever again. But then again if she were blind she couldn't watch other videos ever again either (or look at their abs in this one)...

    "Alright, vision wins this time Tae, but if I see those braids on you again I'm cutting them off. Capische?" Kpop pointed at the stilled screen with narrowed eyes, only to deflate a moment later. Who thought that was a good idea, honestly.

    She just gotten herself back into starting position when she heard a knock from her window. Who could that be? The Jpop wasn't nearly dextrous enough to climb up that high, but then again she was a crafty adversary. Nevertheless, Kpop fastened her bulletproof vest just in case before approaching the glass.

    "Kpop! Hey Kpop! Let me in!"

    Oh thank goodness, it was only Homestuck. They were wildly different fandoms, but she liked the little guy.

    She had to shove at the window a little to get it to budge (more muscle aches for tomorrow, oh joy! ) but eventually got it open wide enough for the other to squeeze in.

    "Hey Homestuck, how's it going? I heard you're getting updates again- about time, too, I'd say!"
  8. And hardly a moment after the TARDIS’s engines stopped, the Doctor heard the sounds of Sherlock excitedly banging on his front door. Doctor Who grinned as he heard that his friend had found a new case to solve. Sherlock always seemed to find the most interesting things to investigate; it often felt a lot like the Doctor’s adventures in the show. With a bounce in his step, he made his way towards the door. “Really?” he replied eagerly as he poked his head out. “And what’s this one abou-” His question was cut off as another Fandom burst through the door, immediately rambling about his problems to Sherlock. Doctor Who stepped out of his TARDIS as he listened to the Fandom’s plight, his alien companion close behind him. The whole time he couldn’t help but think that this newcomer looked somewhat familiar. “…I feel like I’ve seen you before.” Doctor Who spoke up after the Fandom had finished. “Or at least, I feel like I should know you. No wait! Dragons, crown… oh! You’re Thrones, aren’t you? Hah! I’ve heard of you! You’re rather popular, I think.” he rambled. “Hi! Nice to meet you — I’m Doctor Who.” he smiled and waved friendlily as he introduced himself, before quickly redirecting his attention towards Sherlock. “Oh! And Sherlock, I brought you an Ood.” He spoke up, gesturing towards the tentacled humanoid at his side. “I thought you might like having him around as a, um… assistant, or something.” he told him. “Plus I really don’t know what else to do with him…
  9. Before the Doctor seemed to even able to answer Sherlock they were both interrupted by Thrones. Not having been given the chance to interject Thrones went on about his whole case and once he was finished Sherlock looked at him and asked "But they're dragons Thrones... THREE dragons Throne! DRAGONS!. Last I recall Dragon Age has trouble taking down just one, shouldn't keeping your dragons close be good enough? Position some men to be safe? I mean I'm a detective, not a Grey Warden slayer! Although that would be... No! Focus Sherlock!".

    He then turned to his attention back to the Doctor, only to notice he'd be offered an Ood. "Oh yes, an Ood... I suppose I could use one... though cleaning up after him might be a pain. They're so messy after all". He then turned to the Ood and said "No touching my books, computer, chair or anything important to my investigations. Ok?". Then turning his attention back to the Doctor and said "But yes I do have a case!" before excitingly turning his laptop around to face the Doctor so he could see the screen. The laptop still showing the article about the plunger and whisk, "Remind you of anything?".
  10. Hetalia was waiting for the water on the stove to boil, so now seemed like a good time to check out the news on the internet today. Truthfully, it was often a difficult task, since it either depressed and worried him to no end or pushed him into the fantasies of his mind for long stretches of time as he imagined how some of the situations would play out among certain personifications that were always on his mind...and on his posters...and on his desktop background...and-- yeah.

    ...On second thought, maybe now wasn't a good time to check the news. He didn't want to be distracted from his cooking for too long. Before he could close the tabs, though, something about a World War II museum caught his eye. This would surely be interesting, though probably for similar reasons as the news in general was for him. Either way, it might be fun to go check it out, perhaps even come up with some new ideas for fan art or just try to figure out what pieces of information from his favorite series actually carried over into the world the ideas came from.

    "Alright then! I guess that's what I'm doing today!" Writing down the information about where he was going, he stuffed the sticky note in his pocket and closed his computer. Upon turning around, though, he noticed the cloud of steam billowing out from the pot he had left on the stove. "Ah...right! Right after I deal with this and finish eating, I guess." Not wanting all the water to evaporate before he could cook his snack, he ran back to attend the waiting pot. The museum could wait for a few minutes, right? Food was a pretty important thing, no matter what day or where one was, right?

    A laptop begins to glow... It's in a display somewhere in the shop's center. Soon, it changes into a young lady... Well, not a lady. Xe's genderless. Xir voice is of a woman and so is xir body. Either way, there xe sat where the laptop used to be. A fairly uncommon sight. Once ready, xe landed onto the floor and looked around. Nothing much was going on. Well, except for another wandering fandom. Xe decided to approach the other and introduce herself to start off her day.

  12. Kpop shoved the window open enough to just barely squeeze him through. Homestuck flitted through and hovered around her head, wings a lime green blur behind him. He grinned at her and flew around her house, checking her stuff out. He'd never visited the music fandom in her house before, but he liked her hive-home. His wings stilled when he heard her ask about his updates. He dropped the the floor with a thud and turned around to face her with a blank face.

    Homestuck approached her slowly. He whispered to her when he was just a foot away, "Triggers, Kpop. Triggers!" He stopped being Kankri and he started being Karkat.


    Covering his face with his hands, he realized that he was already kind of tearing up. Gog dammit. Hands on his face, he turned away from Kpop and tried to calm down. Fucking triggers.
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  13. "No... Too expensive... Not enough memory... Butt ugly... Too expensive... Runs on Windows 8... No... "
    So far, Touhou didn't have all that much luck finding a new computer. Just about all of them had some problem that made them undesirable to the Fandom. In fact, she was just about to leave in search for another shop when she was greeted by another Fandom.

    "Oh, hi there!," Touhou turned arout to greet the... girl-person? At least 'she' looked female enough. Sort of. As far as a humanoid being that's apparently made oud of a silverish light has genders in the first place. Then again, Touhou had seen a lot stranger humanoid beings during her existence. Eh, either way, her gender (or possible lack thereof) wasn't all that important. What was important was a certain conundrom. Touhou was sure the store was empty when she first arrived. And yet here she was standing in front of Touhou. Of course, the entire problem could be explained by Touhou simply having overlooked the female somehow, but...
    As unimportant as these things were, Touhou couldn't help but look at the girl in front of her in confusion. "So... How are you doing?," she continued in an attempt to be civil.
  14. "I am feeling quite well, thank you."

    REZ began to scan the fandom in front of her, a line of blue going up and down in her eyes...







    "Pardon my manners. This is my first time here in this realm so I'm bound to be curious..." REZ, you a walking internet database. You're already curious enough. Well, I can't stop you.
  15. "98...99...100." Supernatural let go of the push up bar, he caught his reflection in a window. Still a bit gangly, his biceps were not nearly as amazing as the actual Winchesters but he had more muscle than Cas so he wasn't complaining. Though it was a bit depressing, it had been months and he had barely made any progress. Well, it would be depressing if he cared, but he didn't because that would be childish. After changing into normal pants and trench coat he found himself moping around in the kitchen. This had been his routine for weeks, he was actually beginning to tire of pie, beer, and steak all day. If that was possible. Maybe he would just go for a walk, he wanted to take the Impala out but the last time he almost murdered some fledgling fandom for bumping into it, so it was decidedly not worth it.

    The sun was shining, woop-de-freaking-do. Supernatural looked surly as ever, he knew it was sheer fandom power that he had made it this far but sometimes he felt like things were tearing at the seams. It made him worry, which made him upset. He though about visiting another fandom briefly, but he wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone. He obviously wasn't his normal self because he walked by Kpop's house and completely ignored Homestuck climbing in the window and yelling. It seemed like he didn't even notice. What Supernatural needed was a boost, he was in the middle of a season but oddly unexcited about it. There were just too many rumors going around for him to keep things straight.
  16. Sherlock’s right… Trigun sighed as she made her way out of the detective’s apartment, taking her golden-colored shades out of her pocket and flicking them open, putting them on so that no one would see her tear-stained eyes as she walked down the sidewalk. There’s no point in trying to change what happened. It wasn’t like Trigun to get so bent-out-of-shape over this sort of thing — ordinarily the young girl would shake it off and go right back to smiling and shooting at things — but, her ex-boyfriend made her realize something important: she’s old, washed-up, and no one knows who she is anymore. She was sort of aware of the fact for a long time — knowing in the back of her head just how foreign all the younger Fandoms seemed to her and how foreign she seemed to them — but it wasn’t until Cowboy Bebop left her for a 2014 anime that it really hit her. She only turned to Sherlock because she so vaguely knew of him and thought he helped people with their problems — but apparently she didn’t know him well enough. She didn’t know any of the new Fandoms well enough. I should just go home and get my mind off of all this. she told herself, before looking around, trying to figure out where that parking garage was that she left her motorcycle in. It quickly dawned on her that Fandom Square had changed so much since she was young, that she hardly knew where anything was. Sighing in annoyance, she decided she’d just keep walking until she found something that looked familiar.

    As she walked, she stopped as she caught her reflection in a computer store window, lowering her shades to get a better look. And my hair… she grimaced at the thought, turning her head to get a closer look at the line where blond met black. I think it’s turning black faster now… She shook her head, sharply turning away from the window, not wanting to look any longer. Augh, no one knows who I am anymore — even Bebop thinks I’m too old and stale — I don’t know where anything is, my hair keeps turning black, maybe it’s almost time I find a nice couch and- she stopped, quickly snapping herself out of that depressing train of thought. No, Trigun! Don’t think about that! You’ll be fine!! she told herself, pulling an iPod and some headphones out of her pocket, providing herself with some music to distract herself with. I’ll be fine… she told herself again, still searching for some familiarity in the landscape, though quickly getting lost in the music as she couldn’t help but bop her head a bit and unconsciously walk in time with the rhythm of the song.
  17. (Sorry guys for not replying, this is as early as I could. I have been busy.)

    Besides the fact that Homestuck was climbing Kpop's window, everything seemed oddly normal to FNAF. She decided to just stroll normally around the Pizzeria and check to make sure everything was in order for her little "game" tonight. Every night she would try and get some people for a little game that she played. When she found the 4 Fandoms, she made them sit in a room and just wait until she got her sweet revenge on the innocents whom she trapped. If they survived the night she would let them be free and reward them with some free pizza or something of that matter. She normally went easy on the soon to be dead, but tonight she planned on playing the little game her way. Tonight there were no free passes. Tonight there would be no short waits. Tonight was all her and her powers.

    First she walked into storage to check each mask and rid of potential advantages to tonight's selected crew. Each mask was carefully lifted up by her robotic hands and checked. First was the Chica mask. Chica was perfect for stuffing. There was plenty of room and no ears in the suit, so the screaming Fandom could not hear her wild and evil laughs. She grinned with a glare and placed the yellow mask back on its hook. Now to the Freddy masks.
  18. Thrones got up with a shout. "They're young!" he responded, not having much else to say, as Sherlock clearly didn't provide the help he was seeking. Thrones stormed out of the building, hid dragons making small shreiking noises as they falpped their wings, hovering behind him. He strolled down the street aimlessly, trying to think of something he could do for himself, to evade that Dragon Age fiend. He looked around him warily, wondering if he was being watched right now, and he scowled, warily pulling out his sword, holding it, as he looked around.
  19. Having finished his snack and successfully cleaned up the kitchen, Hetalia ran back to his bedroom to grab his beloved bomber jacket and his normal gear before going out. As soon as he checked to make sure that his map was still in the inside pocket of his jacket and that he had the paper with the museum's location with him, he quickly left the house and locked it up. With that all taken care of, he started off in search of the museum, humming Romano's second character song as he walked.

    It was a bit unfortunate how the song described a lot of food, actually, even though he had eaten fairly recently. " I want gelato, too...I guess I'll get some on my way back." Continuing on his way, he eventually slipped off into a daydream about what kind of gelato he wanted, and how he should probably go ask one of his friends to go with him if he was going to go get had been a while since he had gone out with friends, even if he had been a bit busy with the regular updates lately. It was kind of nice to be busy again, but now that he had finally gotten used to the schedule and the excitement from the previous anime season had quieted down a bit, he thought that now would probably be a good time to reconnect with people before news on the sixth anime season started taking up the rest of his time.

    His eyes closed at some point as he kept on this train of thought, though he was definitely not paying enough attention to notice anymore. The series had come so far recently, it was really exciting. Of course, people were still going crazy from time to time about what was going on with a certain flute-playing nation and he was getting a slight headache every now and then because of a few poorly-considered thoughts and actions, but things were definitely getting better on the more official side. And he was getting better at socializing lately, so perhaps things would only continue to improve as long as he kept trying his best.

    Unfortunately, just as someone would probably expect of someone walking around with their eyes closed, Hetalia found himself crashing into someone and dropping to the ground. "Ah, I'm sorry! Don't be angry, I didn't mean to, I should have been paying attention, but I was thinking about something and it's not a good excuse, but..." Without really thinking, he started rambling out an apology before even looking up to see who he had bumped into. Darn it! I said that I was gong to be more careful about being sensitive to my surroundings maybe...a long time ago! Why am I still having problems with this?
  20. "I see you...." Dragon Age grinned, "Your dragons will be mine...Maker guide me into battle!...Or..." DA appeared from nowhere, rather close to Thrones. He'd been hiding...following Thrones for a while. Him and his filthy dragons.

    "You made me sick. SICK I SAY!" flailing his arms about. At this moment he had a staff, which was sparking with electricity. "You there! Hand over your dragons...before they eventually eat you...which they will! I will show you mercy by slaying them" DA threatening smashed the ground with his staff, causing lighting to shoot out of it in random directions.

    "Dragons must be defeated! Who knows, they could be corrupted by the darkspawn! THEN WE'LL HAVE A BLIGHT ON OUR HANDS....A BLIGHT!" DA seemed to look at Thrones for a second...before dropping his hands to his side.

    "So...come on"