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All right, since RP Nation is down and all my rps are on there. I have a hard time finding partners here, but I'm willing to try and find someone who shares my interest. Okay, to start off, Hi, I'm Sarge, or as you know me here, Grape Soda. I'm an adult, so I wish for my partner to be as well. My writing style is third person and semi-lit to lit. 1-4 paragraphs, if not more, depending on inspiration.

Fandoms I'm looking for are as follows

Invader Zim and Undertale are the current ones that I'm hyperfixated on.

Zim / Dib
Zim / OC
Dib / OC
Irken OC / Irken OC
Irken OC / Human OC

I'm flexible in which character I can play, I'm fairly good at playing Zim and I'm good with playing Dib, so if you have a preference, let me know! Now onto the plots!

- ZaDr - Zim left Earth years ago after realizing his mission was fake and decides to find another purpose to his life. A few years later he returns and tries his best to blend in better than he had the first time around. He hadn't intended to bump into Dib, it just happened that way...but maybe they could start things over.
- ZaDr or ZaDf - AU where Zim is a human and Dib is an Irken.
- Crossover with Lilo and Stitch - Dib's father has had enough of his Son's madness and decides it's time they move and have a change of scenery so he moves his family to Hawaii where he figures he could further his science. He just hopes that maybe his son will finally calm down. Dib isn't thrilled about this, considering he can't stop Zim's evil plans, but he can't exactly do anything so he decides to explore their new hometown.

Feel free to share your own plots with me if you are interested, I will update this as more plots are thought of.

Sans / OC
Papyrus / OC
AU Sans / AU Papyrus (I'm mainly looking for Swap Papyrus / Fell Sans, but if you have any other AU ships, let me know!)
Sans / AU Sans
AU Sans / AU Sans
AU Papyrus / AU Papyrus

Undertell Sans, sensing things were going south, grabs Frisk so he could teleport out, trying get back to somewhere safe, only when he opened his eyes he sees that he's in a different version of the underground. It was brighter and less dusty. Swap Pap / Fell Sans

It's been a few years since the monsters went to the surface and Sans is till trying to adjust.