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    I can do both genders and if there is any other fandom you wanna try that I might know of, ask me.


    Hibiki Emporium
    Black Butler
    [I can play: Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Alois]
    [I can play: Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo]
    Fruits Basket
    Love Stage
    Show By Rock
    Uta no prince Sama
    Ouran High School Club

    [I can play: Tamaki and Kyoya]
    Movies and Books

    The Devil Wears Parada
    Hunger Games

    Studio Ghibli
    Harry Potter
    Rise of the Guardians
    Greys Anatomy
    Percy Jackson and The Olympians

    Video Games

    Final Fantasy Series
    .hack series
    Dragon age series
  2. Do you play anyone special from Grey's Anatomy?
  3. Could you Play Kyo for me from Fruits Basket, or Hatori?
  4. Ahh, I'd like to RP Uta no Prince-sama with you!!
  5. Hey! I would love to RP with you! I don't really mind what gender I play, but i tend to like having the more submissive based personality.
    Below I picked out which of these fandoms I'd like to RP with you, let me know if your interested.

    Plain and simple.
    But I could bend a write a Sango.

    [BCOLOR=#00ff00]Fruits Basket[/BCOLOR]
    Quick and Easy,

    [BCOLOR=#00ff00]Ouran High School Club[/BCOLOR]

    Real easy once more.

    Pretty much any disney heroine ever to be honest. Though I wont do Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White.
    I'm rather fond of Marida, Arial, Mulan, Kida, any of the more out going gals.
    I also like Jim from Treasure planet.
    I can do OC for this too.

    [BCOLOR=#00ff00]Harry Potter[/BCOLOR]
    For this Fandom I like playing OC's, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Luna, and Bellatrix.
    Granted i might not be to good at some of these characters, but their the ones I like to play!

    [BCOLOR=#00ff00]Rise of the Guardians[/BCOLOR]
    OC, or Tooth or Jack

    Ziva <3
    or OC

    [BCOLOR=#00ff00]Final Fantasy Series[/BCOLOR]
    Yuna, Rikku, or OC (not gonna lie FF10 is my all time favorite~)​
  6. STUDIO GHIBLI :O Are you still looking?
  7. Hey there lovely! Would you be up for a Dragon Age Inquisition RP? I've only played Inquisition /shot/ but I'd love to give it a go!
  8. Uta Pri maybe? :D