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  1. This is certainly interesting. Hm. Omg I'm so nervous.

    Hello, hello!

    When I feel the need to, I'll probably post up a master list of all the things I want to do. As in, I'll make a main thread for 1x1 searching, specifically. This, however, is purely, and shamelessly Destiel driven. I apologize in advanced for any and all things, well... this. Ugh. I'm trash.

    Also, in regards to the tags, I wasn't too certain whether or not to tag it as PWP, purely because I'm interested in both PWP RPs (because the smutty side of me needs attention) and I am definitely craving some very plotty, long-term RPs. If you want both of those, then, all be damned, I'll love you wholly and completely, you dirty little bastard.

    Gotta Have Some Rules; Curb the Discord


    • All joking aside, I do have a few guidelines I should hash out, really quick. They're nothing too serious and I'll try and keep them very brief.​
    • This is intermediate because I want us to have a fun time and because I don't worry all that much about grammar and spelling mistakes, as long as they aren't obviously frequent. I do want you to have a solid grasp on writing, but not to the point where I'd need to make this adept or advanced, though I may or may not write at that level. I don't know, at this point, as I hate to criticize my own work because if I did that it'd probably be very blunt and a simple, "This is trash. Don't look at me. I am absolutely awful." I would also like to ask that you have a grasp on the character you choose to play. I'll be lenient with this as long as it's not a blatantly obvious divergent from who Dean and Castiel really are. Mainly because I'm not sure how well I characterize them myself. If I do anything too OOC, I ask that you, as I would for you, call me out on that shit so that I can fix it.​
    • As the tag says, I don't intend to fade-to-black in this, so bear that in mind. When sex happens, it's gonna be raunchy. Just a warning.​
    • If there is something we do that makes one of us uncomfortable, do not hesitate to say so. I will do everything in my power to make this as pleasant and awesome as possible!​
    • In regards to post length, I tend to write a lot, but if you write more than I do, then I will match your length as best as I can. I tend to stay upwards to 3+ paragraphs. As the tag says, all I expect from you is to write a little more than one paragraph. If you can match me and have no aversion to walls of text, then that's perfectly and extremely awesome.​
    • And most of all, I don't like jerks. Don't be a jerk. I'm a very pleasant individual and I like to be as accommodating as I can, but if you treat me like a doormat, I won't hesitate to drop your ass to the curb. I won't tolerate assbutts. But I suspect that won't be a problem, at all. I at least hope not. I am new here, so I'm not too certain; it all seems so pleasant and nice around here, though, so I'm not worried on this front.​

    The Things! The Sexy Things!


    • BDSM​
    • Dom/Sub Undertones (Kind of like Slave/Master, but not really. It's pretty much BDSM, but sometimes I don't want the bondage, yo')​
    • All the dirty talk​
    • Rough Sex​
    • Dubious Consent​
    • First Time/Inexperienced Castiel​
    • Dean Being Kind of a Douche (Mostly in PWP, but I can find instances where it'd work well in plot)​
    • Cuddling and Aftercare (Give me all the fluff, dammit)​
    • Honestly, just ask me if I'm up for something, and I'll tell you truthfully​

    This is Not What I Signed Up For


    • Mpreg​
    • Rape/Non-Con (Oddly okay with Dub-Con, though. What? I dunno. Also, if it adds to the story and I think it's absolutely necessary, then I'll be semi-okay with it. Uncomfortable if one of us writes it out, but I won't say no to it, should I deem it such. As long as you're okay with it, as well)​
    • Gore/Vore/Body Horror​
    • Physical/Domestic Abuse​
    • Super Hardcore BDSM (Whips, like a shit ton of ropes and suspension cables, the entire kit-and-caboodle. Dominatrix style crap and anything that's not really BDSM, but masquerades as it, like in 50 Shades)​
    • Incest (No makin' Dean and Cas related. Nooooo. Also, sorry Wincest shippers, should I ever get out of this Destiel phase)​
    • Crossdressing (The most I'll do is that pink panty kink Dean has. But, I'm just not into it, sorry. Nothing against it)​
    • Scat/Watersports/Toiletplay (Whatever you call it. No fecal matter, noooo)​
    • Bestiality (As in, like, they'd need to be full on animals for this to turn me off)​
    • Major Character Death​
    • Suicide​

    Now that that's out of the way, I do have a few ideas in regards to what I want, and one scenario I've been wanting to get my hands on that's PWP. The rest is up to you whether it's PWP or it's an actual story. I lean heavily toward it having a plot, though. I enjoy my fluff and I enjoy my stories! I definitely enjoy anything that's slow build. Not too keen on love at first sight. I want there to be angst and conflict. I want there to be the knit and grit of it all. So gimme, gimme! *Grabby hands* Also, I don't want everyone coming to me saying, "I want the pr0ns," because I'm not here for that. I actually would like an actual plot for this pairing, with some PWP RPs on the side, if anything.

    What the Stars Gave Me


    (The PWP Prompt/Idea)

    Dubious Consent; Bottom!Cas; Top!Dean; Dean's a super douche in this one; Inexperienced/First Time Castiel
    The nights were getting cold, the chill of them ran through the concrete veins of the bunker, hissed a warning down his spine. Sam was dying, there was no doubt about that, and whatever Ezekiel was doing to him didn't look like it was working. He just laid there, barely breathing, not uttering a word, prone and vulnerable to the horrors of the world. And to think he trusted yet another angel.

    Dicks with wings.

    To say the world was treating Dean to a big pile of dog shit wasn't at all a surprise, not to him. No, this was just another day in the life of Dean Winchester. If it wasn't Sam's life on the line it was someone else, hell, it was him half the time. But, what was worse, what felt like someone twisting a knife in the base of his gut was the fact that there was nothing to be done. If an angel, however weakened they were in their fall to earth, couldn't do a damn thing to save his little brother, then what could?

    That's where Castiel came into the mix. Of all things to have been a surprise, his phone ringing up one night with a distraught Castiel on the line was it. Life wasn't all that keen on giving any of them a break. Of course, it didn't quite sink in to Dean that his friend fell just a tad harder than the rest of his siblings until a very human, very hungry, and very vulnerable Castiel showed up at their doorstep. Dean's first instinct was to wrap him in warm hugs and a warmer blanket, but there was that side of him, the one that won out in the end, that told him Castiel didn't deserve that, any of it. He was the one to let go so many times, so why was Dean anymore responsible for him? Castiel could only ever learn as he did, tough love and mistakes.

    As the days wore on, however, Dean felt a sinking, venomous churn in his stomach that lifted into a deep burn behind his ribs. Castiel was there, with him, so vulnerable, so hopeless. He'd ask Dean everything, looked to Dean for guidance; never once had Castiel left his sight, blue eyes never averting their confused, frankly frightened gaze. Now, Castiel was no meek thing, he was trained and conditioned as a warrior; however, that didn't stop him from looking so lost and vulnerable. Meek? No. Vulnerable? Unfortunately. And that vindictive feeling began to grow into a monstrous thing.

    It started out small, just tiny suggestions for maybe a laugh or two. A little misdirection here, a prod in the wrong direction there. Castiel was smart, there was no doubt about that, but Dean was too, no matter what he told himself, and Castiel was still grasping the throes of humanity barely enough that his protests would be carefully drowned out by Dean's sound logic. There was no stopping it from there; this thing Dean was feeding himself, the satisfaction at seeing Castiel flailing clumsily to understand how humans really worked, only grew stronger, worse. It craved something vastly different.

    Dean wanted so much more. Wanted to see Cas, the ex-seraph, the rebel, the fearless leader, sink down to his level. Wanted to see him defiled and broken like the rest of them. And maybe he'd blamed him for what was happening to Sammy, since he obviously couldn't blame the angel violating his mind. He could, but where was the fun in that?

    No, Dean wanted to see Cas beyond repair, to see him learn what it meant to be insignificant. Because that's what Dean was to him, right? To the whole universe? It's what he's always been and Castiel needed to feel that pain, the sore emptiness that haunted him day in and day out.

    Not only would Castiel be his, but they would finally be equal.

    Uh, whoa, now that's that. That's my tiny, little idea that I wanted to see through, see if it sparked an interest in anyone else. I don't have a preferred role in the RP above. I will gladly play either Dean or Castiel to the best of my abilities. :) And if you don't mind either, shit, we can play rock, paper, scissors for it!

    Now, uh, now that that's out of the way I feel I should churn out some of my more plot oriented ideas. If you so desperately want to do some kind of mindless PWP with Dean/Cas as the pairing, then I would be happy to indulge you. It's not necessary that these have plots to them, but I would definitely prefer that they do. And if you wanna do some shameless smut, but also wanna plot and weave an epic story with me, then I would be more than happy to do both of those, whether they be separate or together. It's totally up to you. Totally.

    Also know that I don't have actual plots for these. These are tiny ideas and pairings, so they aren't as thought out as the smut up above. They're pretty general, too, because there are so many things that I'm willing to do with the pairing. I am beyond flexible and I owe that to reading way too many Dean/Cas fanfiction, especially the AU ones. Woo. I'm insane. But, yes, yes, here they are! Also know that I have no preference for either role in these plots. I can play Dean or Cas, top or bottom, switch, Dom, Sub, whatever you feel comfortable with.
    So Many Ideas; Too Little Time


    • This is not ordered in any particular way, nor do I have a preference over any other. I just wanna do Destiel and I would absolutely love to plan and plot with anyone of you and world build and make some lore. Whatever! To your heart's content, as I will probably, most definitely be interested in just about anything. Just ask. Please. I don't bite! And I will never judge you for anything that you like. :) I swear!​
    • Canon/Canon Divergence Destiel​
      • I have watched up to Season 10. However, don't you dare spoil the mid-season finale for me, as I was unable to catch it, though I will, most certainly, very soon. As long as you've met Castiel and know what Destiel is, then we're good. I have no issues reeling all the way back to Season 4 for you, promise. :)​
    • Endverse Destiel
      • To be honest, this can have a number of pairings, whether it be Endverse!Castiel/Dean or Castiel/Endverse!Dean, whatever floats your boat. We can definitely make it work! :)
    • Priest!Castiel​
    • Angel!Dean​
    • Demon!Dean/Angel!Castiel; Demon!Dean/Human!Castiel​
      • Could do Priest!Castiel here, ahem; might have some dubious consent, if we do. Well either way... er. Does not have to be restricted to Supernatural Verse, either. To be honest, none of these do... heh. I can also do Priest!Castiel/Angel!Dean, as well, if you want.​
    • Catstiel/Dean​
      • I have an idea about this that I would love to talk over. Not like Catboy!Cas. Like, Cas is a literal Cat. Has canon elements in it. Cas is still an angel and he still has Jimmy's body, if it was every Jimmy's in this—I haven't decided that, yet. It's really complicated. There is no bestiality in this, promise [or if you like that: unfortunately]. Again, it's really complicated. Has a side of Sam/Gadreel, though I find it a part of the main plot, if it's not your thing, then don't worry about it. If this is something you want to do, then I'd be ecstatic and we can talk a lot more 'bout it. :D​
    • A/B/O 'Verse​
      • Am willing to play around with this in regards to who's the Alpha and who's the Omega. There will be no mpreg in this, I apologize. I find it to be a very interesting verse in itself, but I'm not into mpreg, so I'm taking artistic liberties with this, canon-wise. Whether that be eliminating the fact that male Omegas can reproduce or making the Omega in the relationship infertile, I dunno. I just don't like mpreg and I apologize for that.​
    • High School/College AU Destiel​
      • This MUST be slow build purely because I will not do any underage in this. And it doesn't have to be centered in a High School, it can go wherever it takes them, as long as they're teens. Would like this to be a coming of age story, if at all possible, but doesn't have to be. It's kinda hard not to make it that, though, heh.​
    • Modern AU Destiel​
      • This is pretty much anything in a modern setting and can have a supernatural twist to it, either relating to canon or not. The difference being that the story will be vastly different from canon Supernatural. Hell, Castiel can still be an angel, if you so choose. Regardless, this can range from anything under the sun, as long as the setting stays Supernatural. I'd be even willing to play around with Zachariah's Verse with Dean Smith in it. Maybe a Homeless!Castiel. Who knows! It's limitless. I would also love to do something Lovecraftian in this universe, maybe. It's been something I've been craving, but it's nothing that I absolutely need.​
    • Fantasy AU Destiel​
      • Anything ranging from Dean being a king to Castiel being in a elf tribe to Castiel being a dragon to Dean being a knight. I will go all over the place with this. I love the ideas that can sprout from it; it's wonderful and it's limitless. If you want to do a Fantasy AU and you have no idea what you want out of it, I will be more than happy to either come up with a plot myself or come up with one with you. :) This can involve a lot of lore and worldbuilding, too, if that's what you want.​
    • Sci-Fi AU Destiel​
      • Just like the other AUs, I am willing to do a lot with this and there's really no limit to what we can do with this. Go wild if you have ideas, otherwise I will.​
    • Creature/Human or Supernatural/Human Destiel​
      • I won't go too inhumane on the traits in this, but if you have an idea, then by all means, run it by me if it interests you. There are a few things regarding this that I won't do, but anything else I'd be interested in. This can range from Modern AU to Fantasy to Canon Divergent to Sci-Fi.​
    • Witch/Familiar Desitel​
      • Won't do anything crazy in this one. Will only do it if it's like Supernatural Canon Familiars, in that they can shapeshift. That's where the canon stops, if you want it to.​
    • Riding on that, I wouldn't mind doing a Hogwarts/Harry Potter AU Destiel​
      • Again, this is like the HS/College one, this will most definitely be a slow build and no PWP unless they're 18+. Also, I didn't read the books, just watched the movies, so if I'm rusty at anything canon relating to Harry Potter, don't kill me. :( Please.​
    • Lastly, as a note, if it's PWP and you have an idea on your mind, I'll be happy to do a Wincestiel pairing. I'm not too into menage et trois relationships, so it'll have to be PWP. Just pure smut. And I'd honestly like it centered around the boys havin' fun with Cas mostly, if anything. I'm not a fan of incest, so I apologize if I may decline as I'll have to be in a mood for it cause it can be bordering on the incest line if we try to tow it. I don't want to, so this is purely like a Sam/Cas/Dean sandwich, in that it's mostly about Sam and Cas and Dean and Cas, so it's mostly about Cas, really. Can be of dubious consent, though, if you're into something a little grey on the morality scale. Don't mind that. Just not actual non-con/rape.​
    Those are just a few ideas that I had in mind for it. I'll be more than happy to help come up with some plot ideas or just make some of my own. I don't mind doing either. Honestly, it's whatever makes you comfortable as a roleplayer. I like making people comfy, heh.

    To be honest, there's a lot I will do, all you have to do is ask me. If it makes me uncomfortable, I will be extremely polite about it and will suggest something else, tweak it, maybe, with your permission. We can talk through this thread or we can have a discussion via the inbox/conversations. Again, whatever makes you most comfortable. Shit, I'll read fanfiction if you want to do something based off of something you read that really got you excited, but lacked in that it was a one-shot or it just didn't have that much to it. Whatever floats your boat. I might even put some ideas out there and if I do, they'll be at the bottom of this post, so look there if you see me update it.

    Also, if you're looking to double up in pairings, then, again, I'm open to a lot as long as it's not Cas/Other or Dean/Other, unless it was in the past or it's used as a plot device (I don't like rape, but I'll use it as a plot device if I think it's necessary, but rape's not the only reason I'll use another pairing in a Destiel RP). It doesn't have to be Sam/Gadreel or Sam/OC, though I prefer not to do Samifer. I'm not a fan of that for reasons. And I ask that if we do double up that it also remain M/M. The only reason I can see anyone wanting to double up is if Destiel isn't the main pairing they want. If that is the case, I do ask that you give as much respect and interest in that pairing as I will give to the one you seek to RP. If that doesn't happen, then I will definitely lose interest and I apologize if I drop for that reason.

    I post rather frequently and, though I'm new to this forum, I will probably float around for awhile checking alerts and my inbox and all that fun, awesome stuff. So, if you shoot me a message, expect a reply in return rather soon. I do work this week, however, so if I don't get to you immediately, then that's obviously what I'm doing. I will also be picking up multiple RPs of this, as Destiel never gets old for me. So, I do intend to keep this open and if I have a lot going on, it might slow down some other RPs. I'll definitely try not to let that happen, though!



    If there's anything I missed or anything you want to ask me, then feel free to do so. My timezone is Eastern Standard Time, by the way, in the U.S. if that means anything for ya. I love to answer questions, as long as they aren't too personal and vying for my information. If they don't fall under that category, then barrage me with questions!

    That was hella long, dayam. I'll also do any of this for Jensen/Misha because I have a hard-on for Cockles. Omg. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    (For all of this and for the excessive use of gifs. I just wanted to make it look pretty. :( )​
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  2. Hello there! I'm interested in participating in this 1x1! I'm not new to this site, nor to RPing (I've got 10+ years of AIM-based RP under my belt), but I AM new to male x male. I'm a fast learner, though. ;)

    All that said, I'm hopelessly obsessed with Dean and Castiel, and I'm super interested in exploring (*winkwink*) Destiel, and all the ideas you outlined above sound right up my alley.

    I'd be down to play either guy, however, after reading your excellent Dean-centered plot excerpt above, I think I'd prefer to play Cas.

    My timezone is CST (6:34 PM right now). Let me know if you have any questions!
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  3. I love this pairing! A Christmas gift for you!
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  4. Oh, hey! I apologize for the wait there! I was on a trip out of state to a friend's wedding for the weekend and I forgot to check up on here. I do apologize for that! :) But, M/M isn't all that much different. I mean, the sex certainly is, but everything else is pretty much a generic romance, I believe. I honestly have more experience in M/M, since it's my own orientation and I haven't done anything F/F and it's been awhile since I dipped into M/F territory. Heh, guess it's best to learn from someone well versed in it, then? Lol.

    Anyways, don't you worry, we are most definitely in the same boat here! Dean and Castiel are literally my all time OTP and I haven't really shipped many things and when I do they usually explicit romances that the show touches upon at least before Season 10 of a the show. ._. But, enough of that!

    I am down to play whoever, as long as you are comfy with who you want. :) I definitely don't mind playing Dean, as I think I've gotten him down pat. At least, I hope I have, but thank you for the complement on my little prompt that. Hehe. I tried my best to get the feel of everything down, and I'm glad I did for you. :D

    Shoot me a PM or I can shoot you one, if you'd prefer and we can discuss what we want to do further and how we can do it. I don't mind guiding you through things, though, since you're a fast learning, I don't feel as if I would need to. Just a precaution and just because I like being helpful, heh. :)

    You stahp it!


    Or not. ;)
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    He really does need to touch
  6. Awesome!! No worries on the wait, I'm sorry for my late response! I have a full-time job, so I usually can't check Iwaku until after 6 PM CST (most times I can respond throughout the day, though!).

    Sweet, I'll PM you now! :)

    LOL those gifs are glorious XD I love how easy it is to tell when it's Cas and when it's Misha... :P
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