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  1. Hello everyone!

    I seek tonight partners for rps based on the following games:

    Dragon Age: I want to explore what changes could go with different genders or choice for ouur favorite characters.

    Persona 3: Yeah, I love that game, and can gladly play it again if I forget bit and spots of it. Of course, we can go totally AU with it, as well, I just want something else than a basic retelling. Fact: I hate Yukari! >:c

    Persona 4: Oh, dear, how I love this game, I am currently attempting to beat it, and got as far as the old style gamer boss the first time before getting owned, but I would love you forever if you did an AU of this with me!


    Now, I ask merely for two well crafted paragraphs per post, the more the better, and a steady stream of OOC chatter through PMs, is this too much to ask? :c

    I can play any character, from any gender, sexuality or nature. Just hit me up with your plots or ask for us to make our own!
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  2. I would love a DA roleplay ^^
  3. Putting this up again, as I feel like Gender-bending Dragon Age characters or playing around with alternate timelines of the Persona games.
  4. I'm all for the Dragon Age RP!!!!!
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