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Alright so I haven't gotten a chance to do many fandom RPs recently so I'm just gonna post a thread her for it. I've Bolded the characters I can play and put a * by ships I have potential ideas for.

Steven Universe:
  • Steven x Connie
  • Amethyst x Pearl*
  • Sapphire x Ruby*
  • Amethyst x Vidalia*
  • Jasper x Peridot
  • Jasper x Lapis
  • Peridot x Lapis
Wicked(if you rp with me I will love you forever):
  • Elphaba x G(a)linda****
Adventure Time:
  • Finn x FP
  • Marceline x Bonnibel*
  • Marshall Lee x Gumball*
Welcome to Hell(Points if you know what this actually is):
  • Sock x Johnathan*
Madoka Magica:
  • Madoka x Homura***
  • Mami x Madoka*
  • Mami x Kyouko*

Extra Notes:
  • I am a bing fan of AUs so if you want that I would love to do so
  • Please be friendly because people that take RP as serious as job scare me X~X
  • Feel free to just go ahead and PM me if you're interested


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How about a Steven x Connie rp, where the roles are reversed or a genderswap.
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