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  1. Just joined not too long ago and wanna get to an rp asap now that I'm (mostly) done with this semester of school, so anyone got any fandom rps that need someone? I have plenty of characters to work with n_n
    here's my character list for an idea of what i got to work with :3
  2. hm.... While I do appreciate the offer and I certainly do like crossovers this kind in particular I'm just no good in... especially with mystery stuff involved (which again, I like to read but I'm just no good at being apart of). And in case you think that's just me being afraid to try things out trust me, I've done this kind of rp before with my online friends, several times, it never went well >.<
  3. Ah, that's okay then. Thanks for looking anyway!
  4. The Crossover Roleplay II: The Return |

    This too, is a crossover. However, it is not intense or hasty.

    Based on your stated preferences, you will be capable of playing 'Ghost Type Pokemon Trainer' or '"Cute" Trainer'. Do note, however, that this setting is an intriguing setting that some might find 'post apocalyptic', when it's actually a fine era.

    Think of the setting of Waterworld or Gargantia. Add Pokemon. Add steampunk. There.

    Also there are no Pokeballs. Screw Pokeballs.
  5. hm.... I'm not particularly fond of RPs with people using a lot of Canon type characters I'm afraid, one of few things I just don't like but that pokemon one definitely has my attention! n_n
    well the "cute" trainer won't work well without her pokeballs xD
    having a short tempered Gyarados strolling around in the open tends to cause problems lol
    I'll see about writing up my character sheet asap :3
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  6. If you want a fandom RP that isn't super-restrictive with canon characters, then Fandomstuck might work well for you. It isn't really your typical canon character fandom RP or an OC fandom RP. Not quite, anyway. Instead, it focuses on the personifications of entire fandoms -- most of whom wind up acting/looking sort of similarly to the main character(s) of their given series, but with lots of room for the player to get creative and make the character their own. It's a bit hard to explain the concept of these personified fandoms in only a few sentences, but the OP does a better job of explaining it if you're interested.
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