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    Sign-Ups and Discussion


    "There's a real chance the higher ups just know we're the best choice. That's all I'm saying."

    Three people, two men and one woman, sat in an unremarkable room. The first man was talking, his feet raised and resting on a table. The other man sat working fervently at a computer, eyes glued to the screen. The woman was silent and barely moved, almost as if she was a mere ghost.

    "That, or... Japan passed on this. This is a whole new venture. I've been working here for years-- Never seen or heard anything like this."

    The relaxing man scoffed, causing the silent woman in the room to shift in her seat. The man receded slightly under her steady gaze, but continued with what he wanted to say anyway.

    "Just-- relax. Look, I don't see a risk here. We just wait see how this works out. If it doesn't work out, it's not like there's going to be a huge clean-up. It's practically self-automated! No fuss, no muss."

    "It's the other way around."

    "Huh? What? Same thing!"

    On the computer screen danced what appeared to be some kind of animal. It flashed a grin before hopping away, leaving the screen. The man at the computer sighed and rubbed at tired eyes.

    "Off it goes. Not long now."

    "If anything goes wrong, we'll be able to handle it. That's our job and that's what we're trained for. Now, where's the drinks?"


    The sleep was far from a peaceful one. Your bodies sat in limbo, on the barest edge of consciousness, your senses picking up just enough to make sure you knew something was off. You didn't know how you got in this state or how it even lasted. It was clear you didn't just fall asleep, for this was something entirely different than that, no matter how lucid a dreamer you were. The faintest of sounds echoed had around you, the softest of touches had brushed against your skin... Whatever had been happening, you knew you were being taken far far away from home.


    You woke up suddenly, finding yourself surrounded by an environment entirely foreign to you. Some of you woke amongst trees while others found themselves inside enclosed spaces. Before you could even have a moment to come to your bearings, a nearby monitor flashed to life, either embedded into a wall, a tree, or some other nearby surface. It showed static for a few seconds, before having promptly displaying the image of... a rabbit.


    "Hey there! How's everybody feelin'?!"

    The rabbit waved heartily from the monitor, a clear digital creation made from computer graphics, or so it seemed. He wore an elaborate headpiece and a red Chinese garb. Markings adorned his face, making it look almost mask-like.

    "Greetings, my friends! Your king has a super awesome special announcement to make! It's time for a game... a game to the death! Wahahaha! If you wanna get outta hare and back home, you just gotta survive until the verrrry end! Wait, am I going too fast? Come on, you know rabbits are fast little buggers, so keep up!"

    The rabbit crossed his arms in a very human-like manner. He tapped his foot, as if he was impatiently waiting.

    "... You wanna know what's gonna happen? Hmmmm? Just lift your hands and find the collars placed around your necks! But don't screw with them, or...!"

    The rabbit's arms sprang upward dramatically, the digital avatar making a noise akin to an explosion with its voice.

    "You'll be dead, dead, dead! They monitor your bodies so I can get a good gander at what you guys are doing at all times! How about that, huh? See, you're alone right now, but you're actually one of twenty-five others chillin' out on this deserted island! Twenty-five warm fleshy bodies that stand between you and escape! Woohaha, my blood's pumpin' just thinking about it! Thump, thump, thump!"

    Jumping up and down, the rabbit began to dance, throwing his feet into the air. He continued to dance as he furthered the explanation.

    "Hold on, before you panic... don't touch that dial! This really is a game, you see. If there are no deaths in a twenty-four hour period, then, you will all, explode! That ain't no bluff! Y'see, your collars are rigged with explosives... like I said, don't mess with them! The only way to not die horribly is to be the sole survivor! Haha, it's harder than it sounds!"

    The rabbit paused to chuckle to itself, shaking its head as if he found this whole situation amusing. Well, chances were he did find it amusing, whoever he was.

    "But... But, but wait! You didn't think I'd give you guys nothing to work with here, did you? Within your general vicinity, you will find one survival pack and one suitcase! The survival pack contains all sort of little goodies for you to nibble on like... rations! A map and compass! A flashlight! Great for all kinds of situations! But wait, those aren't even the best part... The best part is what you'll find in the special amazing suitcase! Inside is your designated weapon, an item especially picked out just for you! With it, you'll no doubt be primed to take out your competition...! Or else! Or else, else, else!"

    "So, you got all that? Huh, huh, huh? Kill. Survive. Win. It's that simple! Get hopping, and have a nice trauma!"

    The rabbit waved goodbye, and the monitors shut off with little fanfare.

    26 Contestants Remain


    Sensory deprivation.

    One of the things Bruce warned him about that some of the rogue gallery might try. Mainly guys like Scarecrow who used that Fear Toxin of his to get into your head, making your worse fears come to to the surface. Making it easier for him to gain the advantage. Bruce took the safety of those he took under his wing seriously and Jason Todd was never meant to be an exception to that rule.

    Until that one bad day.


    As Jason staggered to his feet and the feelings of drowsiness slowly wore off, he couldn't help but feel helplessness course through his body, even if was just for a brief moment.



    Jason lashed out at whatever was closest to him, which left him striking right above wherever the monitor happened to be stationed as it began to play and Jason could feel his blood immediately beginning to boil. The way this rabbit talked, the way it looked! It all seemed like something he would do. Just another one of his stupid childish machinations all meant to dig under Bruce's skin.

    Jason's entire frame shuddered with ragged breaths, not out of tiredness or anything of the sort, but just the thought that the Joker had somehow taken advantage of him again and put him somewhere where he had no idea where. It disgusted Jason to his very core and it was all he could to restrain himself from kicking the monitor in with his boot. As he continued to listen begrudgingly however, he'd slowly reach his hands up to feel the collar around his neck.

    "Son of a bitch..."


    No, stuff like this was out of the Joker's usual paygrade. Either he was working with someone who had more resources to shake a stick at or this was some new villain that Jason had failed to keep tabs on. His own mistake there he supposed. But until he figured out a way to unhook this collar without blowing his head up in the process, he'd just have to role with it.

    Once the rabbit finally finished speaking and the monitor's image faded, Jason smashed his foot right at the screen with the intent on shattering it into a million pieces. Even if this wasn't the Joker, something about that rabbit annoyed him anyway. But he wasn't going to get out of here by being angry. So, taking deep breaths, Jason turned towards the items that had been explained to him. What caught his interest the most was the weapon inside the case. Walking over, Jason knelt down to open it and see just what kind of weapon he had to defend himself from whatever nutjobs were roaming around here.

    The shattering of the monitor happened to partly mask the approach of a lone girl, who staggered into Jason's vicinity in a daze, her eyes downcast as if in deep sadness. She looked lost, her body totally numb to her surroundings. She rubbed against the surrounding brush and trees with little care, alerting Jason to her presence before he could get that suitcase open. Not that being quiet would have hidden her-- It was easy to spot the girl with her blonde pigtails shining brightly in the small amounts of sunlight that pushed through the treetops. She stumbled forward a few more steps before noticing him in turn, freezing in place one she realized she was not alone.

    She was scared beyond words.


    The girl visibly shivered and took a quick step away from the man before her, mouth open wide in surprise. Her breathing came out ragged, touched by the sounds of a slight whimper. On her neck was a collar like Jason's, indicating she was another player in this game. However, she held no survival pack or suitcase. She'd likely left it behind in her daze.

    "Go... Go please..."

    Feeling somewhat calmer after smashing the monitor, the only thoughts left on Jason's mind were to open the suitcase and take care of whoever got in his way, but the sound of incoming footsteps stopped him and made his hand instinctively reach inside his jacket to grab a pistol. But there would have been nothing there.


    Just as he was trying to think about how to go about this if his opponent was armed, Jason's guard lowered slightly upon seeing who had actually stumbled across him. Seemed just like a little kid. Well if there were any inklings on Jason's mind of the people behind this shitshow having some kind of morality, they were soundly snuffed out. In this case, Jason would have normally figured her to possibly be be some kind of decoy. Someone who seemed innocent and unfitting for this type of place, only to lure in some poor fool who'd want to play protector. And just when you'd least expect it?


    ... But this kid didn't even seem to have any weapons on her. Either she was really doing her best to keep up the façade that Jason had alluded to or she genuinely was unsure of how to go about dealing with a place like this-- which he couldn't quite blame her for. Jason had it hard himself even before he met Bruce, but he wasn't forced against his will to murder other people or risk having his head blown up like confetti.

    Still, Jason wasn't going to take any chances. He slowly took a step back from the girl with his suitcase and survival pack in hand.

    What reason would she have for him to go like she instructed? Was she being pursued by someone else? Or maybe a group of people?

    "I'm tired, I don't know where I am, and I'm pissed off, kid. Are you being followed?" Jason asked. The girl was no problem but he couldn't say the same if she was being pursued and hadn't just come to Jason looking for some kind of protection.

    The girl froze once again as Jason took a step back from her, looking like a deer in headlights. Her wide, bright eyes looked upon Jason with more than just fear, awe and worry evident in the way her hands shook. She hadn't expected him to do what she asked, especially not if everything the rabbit said was true. This guy was probably a killer. He looked like a killer. He looked like he had the means to do what she couldn't, and that meant she needed to be away from him.

    The girl began to waver on her feet as her mind bounced around these thoughts, her hand reaching out to grab the tree next to her for support. She knees shivered and buckled, the girl looking far too overwhelmed with everything that was happening. She made a strangled noise as she gasped for air, suddenly needing so much of it yet not feeling like she had enough. It was clear she was hyperventilating, her body doubling over as if wracked in pain.

    "I can't...!" The girl wheezed between strained gasps and her eyes watered under the extreme conditions. "I... I can't be here...!" Red-faced, the girl began clawing at her neck, her strangled gasps sounding louder and louder. "K-Ka..."

    Well, that didn't exactly put Jason's concerns to bed. She hadn't answered his question, which left the window open for other people to hear her chatter and come a racing to murder the two of them when Jason simply wasn't as prepared as he would have liked. Given the circumstances, at least. But despite how cold Jason may have been when dealing with criminals, he made it a point to make sure all the thugs under his employ kept their drugs away from schools and, by extension, kids. So none of them ended up running into a fate possibly worse than what Jason himself got.

    But that was back in Gotham where Jason knew how to work the rotten system. Murder a few crimebosses and bring their heads in a duffel bag to show to the other crime lords and you had them eating out of the palm of your hand. If they didn't? Then they were just another head to add to the collection. He didn't need a burden on him when he still didn't even know his surroundings, but leaving the kid stranded out here when it was clear her mind just wasn't coping with what was happening seemed like a fate worse than death.

    So, slinging the suitcase over his shoulder Jason sighed.

    "Kid, if you want... You can tag along with me. At least until I get a better idea of where the hell we are--"

    Jason was cut short when the girl gave a rough pull on her collar and it began to emit a loud beeping noise. She was too flustered to even register it, still clawing madly at it in a feeble attempt to remove it from her neck.

    Oh no.

    Oh no that wasn't good at all.

    Jason's thoughts had been cluttered by flashbacks to the Joker and unrelenting anger at the former to keep track of every single detail the the rabbit had said. But he didn't need to be a great listener to figure that tampering with the collars around their necks was a good way to end up dead without someone doing the deed for you. Watching as the girl's eyes glistened with tears and she clutched and clawed at her collar in a pitiful act of desperation, Jason struggled on what to do.

    If he saved the kid then she was clearly too far gone for him to even consider salvaging. She'd just be baggage that Jason would have to support and keep alive. Basically just another mouth to feed and to keep breathing. Was the risk really worth the reward which was saving a kid from a shithole like this? But if he didn't do anything, then the kid's head was gonna go up in a mess of grey matter, bone, and everything else.

    He didn't have long to decide.

    Mulling over the decisions in his head, Jason's heart race increased until he finally came to a decision.

    What would Bruce do?

    Knowing his old teacher and friend like he did, Jason knew that without a doubt Bruce would have done everything in his power to save the child. But even Bruce at the end of the day was human and even he had his limits. If he couldn't talk the kid down or didn't have a trusty batarang to maybe use to knock out the collar's controls with one good toss. Then all that's left was to try to talk the kid down.

    All or nothing.

    "Kid, stop! Don't mess with that! You'll die!"

    For just a fleeting second, the girl seemed to register what Jason was saying. Her panicked movements paused for that brief moment, the girl knowing she truly did not want to die. She had listened to most of what the rabbit had said before wandering off, and so she became dimly aware of the rule she had broken. She messed with the collar, meaning it was going to explode. The undeniable truth was made plainly clear in the girl's mind.

    She was going to die.

    Knowing this, the girl resumed her panicking, clawing at the collar and her neck with greater fervor. She started to scream, the beeping going faster and faster, beating in tune with the girl's racing heart. She began to fling herself at the tree next to her in an attempt to break the collar, her eyes stuck on Jason with a pleading expression. Was there something he could do? Was there something anyone could do? A few more fleeting seconds passed, and the beeping stopped. Had she stopped--

    The girl couldn't finish her thought before a great force overwhelmed her. An explosion was heard throughout the woods as it turned out the rabbit had been telling the truth.


    Across the island, the monitors once again flashed to life. It couldn't have been more than a minute or two since the digital animal had signed off. The rabbit hopped on to the screen, looking absolutely boisterous.


    "Heyoo! The day just started and already we got a nice juicy death served up! Congratulations, the rest of you won't blow up today! Maybe! Still doesn't mean you shouldn't get out there and bust some heads! Come on, make me hoppy!"

    The rabbit paused to clear his throat, reeling himself in slightly to put on a slightly more serious tone.

    "Now, who died? Just this once, I'll tell you right now, but I'll usually keep this kind of thing until the end of the day. You know, to keep your spirits up, up, up! I'm the king of this island, so it's my duty to keep track of these things. This time, it was poor contestant number twenty-six, blown to death by messing with her own collar! I told you guys not to do it, so don't blame me! With that out of the way, I should go... have a nice time!"

    The monitors shut off promptly.

    25 Contestants Remain



    Survival Pack Contents

    - Two loaves of bread
    - Two tins of crackers
    - Ten high-energy survival ration food bars
    - A single mini package of corn flakes
    - Four bottles of water

    Four square kilometers in size.

    North Side

    Once used to ferry tourists to the island, the port now sits alone and abandoned. A few small buildings sit nearby that hold records of when the island was in use, but all fishing gear has been removed from the site.

    Coral Reef Beach
    Located West of the Port is the coral reef beach, once popular for its lack of sand. In the shallow waters, one can observe fish and shellfish. Overseeing the beach are tall formations of red rock.

    Helicopter Crash Site
    The site of a mysterious crashed helicopter. Located in an open field, one taking shelter within the debris will likely see anyone incoming far ahead of time.

    Located on the the North-Eastern edge of the island, the lighthouse has stood the test of time. While it hasn't been operational in years, it remains as reliable place to establish a fortification.

    Gazebo and Garden
    A lone gazebo sitting on an elevated hill and surrounded by a long unused garden, its location just South of the port. While it was once used for relaxation, chances are there won't be time to use it for its intended purpose.

    Located between the Gazebo and Lighthouse stands a large and drab warehouse. It once contained important equipment for the island, but has been stripped clean since. Desks, chairs, and old furniture can be found within.

    A line of caves naturally built into the North side of the island's center. Although dark and cavernous, they should likely be free of dangerous animals.

    South Side

    School Building
    Within the village stand this one-room establishment where desks and various school supplies can be found within.

    Open-Air Baths
    Located at the edge of the village is a seaside unisex outdoor bath where one would wash away their troubles while listening to the sound of the surf. Three reservoirs sit empty, encased in concrete.

    Village Square
    Surrounding the village square is a small number of houses, most only about one room each. At the center sits a well. No well pump remains, so extracting whatever water sits in the deep well is impossible.

    What was once considered a symbol of the island sits a sprawling cattle ranch, nestled between the rock formations on the South edge of the island's center. It is a deathly quiet place.

    The cliffs at the island's South edge are treacherous, but offer a grand view of the ocean. The area here is elevated, giving anyone on the edges a view of both the Ranch, the Woods, and anyone attempting to climb up the cliffs.

    While wooded areas generally exist across the island, the woods that extend from the southern cliffs to the village are the most vast and plentiful. A river can be found running through this area.

    Also includes a compass and flashlight.

    Assigned Weapons

    Scoobert "Scooby" Doo
    Remington 870 Pump-Action Shotgun (12 gauge)
    Mukuro Ikusaba
    Curly Brace
    Beretta 92FS Semi-Automatic Pistol (9mm)
    Harley Quinn
    Hammer Girl
    Glock 17 Pistol (9mm)
    Jason Todd
    Three Hand Grenades
    Nathan Drake
    Robert E.O. Speedwagon
    Ball-peen Hammer
    Hideo Kawamura
    Deck of 52 Playing Cards + 2 Jokers
    Max Payne
    Railroad Spike
    Mike Erhmantraut
    Michiko Malandro
    Sara Lance
    Trench Knife
    Wilson Fisk
    Aluminum Baseball Bat
    The Survivor
    Stun Baton
    Length of Rope (12 feet)
    Chihiro Fujisaki
    Uzi Submachine gun (9mm)
    Daisy Fitzroy
    Six sticks of dynamite
    Frank Castle
    Army Knife
    Isabel "Dizzy" Flores
    Roll of Duct Tape
    Potassium Cyanide Pill
    Nick Wilde
    Colt Python Magnum Revolver (.357)
    Primrose Everdeen
    AK-47 (7.62×39mm)

    Starting Locations

    - Snake-Eyes (Dock)
    - Mukuro Ikusaba (Fishing Shack)
    - Max Payne (Port Records Building)

    Coral Reef Beach
    - Sara Lance
    - Jinx

    Helicopter Crash Site
    - Daisy Fitzroy

    - Curly Brace (Lighthouse Top)
    - Robert E.O. Speedwagon (Lighthouse Bottom)

    Gazebo and Garden
    - Erin

    - Wilson Fisk (Inside Warehouse)
    - Mike Erhmantraut (Outide Warehouse)

    - Nathan Drake
    - Scoobert "Scooby" Doo
    - Stick

    School Building
    - Chihiro Fujisaki

    Open-Air Baths
    - Nick Wilde

    Village Square
    - Michiko Malandro (By Well)
    - Frank Castle (Small Homestead A)
    - Harley Quinn (Small Homestead B)

    - Hammer Girl (Ranch Building)
    - The Survivor (Cattle Field)

    - Cyberconnect2

    - Isabel "Dizzy" Flores
    - Hideo Kawamura
    - Jason Todd
    - Primrose Everdeen

    ~Cast List~
    @T.O.M. as Red Hood/Jason Todd
    @C.T. as Frank Castle
    @Ringmaster as "Hammer Girl"
    @OrlandoBloomers as Wilson Fisk
    @The Silver Paladin as Mukuro Ikusaba
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Robert E.O. Speedwagon
    @Ramboing as Nathan Drake
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Jinx
    @Cromartie Sarkissian as Sara Lance
    @Indolent as Isabel "Dizzy" Flores
    @Lizzy as Michiko Malandro
    @Jeremi as Snake-Eyes
    @york as Curly Brace
    @Bomb as Cyberconnect2
    @DapperDogman as The Survivor
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Harley Quinn
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Nick Wilde
    @Krieg as Daisy Fitzroy
    @Gummi Bunnies as Hideo Kawamura
    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Scoobert "Scooby" Doo
    @Gwazi Magnum as Stick
    @Verite as Max Payne
    @Josh M as Mike Erhmantraut
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  2. First the Holy Grail Tournament... now this...

    Hideo couldn't believe that for some reason, he was thrown into another tournament... this time to the death. He would've preferred staying in the Holy Grail Tournament, but no, maybe someone had taken him from the hospital while he was still recovering from his third Holy Grail win...

    I swear if that doctor sent me here since I refused the... drill operation...

    Trying to get a bearing of what is to happen here, Hideo stood up, seeing that he was in some woods. Great, as if this area was a great place to start in. Anything. Literally anything could come out at him. At least he had something to start out with, food and all. But his weapon... what the hell? A deck of cards? How the hell was he going to fight back with cards? Like, paper cuts? Fucking hell, he was going to die this time around... He had no fighting experience whatsoever. He was only good at bullshitting himself out of things.

    What some luck...


    "I'm going to fucking die..."
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  3. She woke up in the ranch building and for a moment, was panicking before relaxing. There it was, right next to her.

    And slowly, careful not to touch the collar she slipped on her shades, obscuring the scars on her face to show instead, the features the underworld of Indonesia knew her by. Whatever name she might have had was long since lost, known only to one figure now. To everyone else? She was simply called 'Hammer Girl.' And unlike a majority here, she didn't need saving. She wasn't torn away from any family, at least none along the lines of normality. She had no morals, no compunctions that her job and past hadn't already torn away from her. Death was always a constant in her line of work. And if all she needed to do to return was kill everyone? Well....

    She could live with that.

    Different day, same shit.

    Now to look at her weapon-


    She was more of a melee fighter(she made a note to see if she couldn't find anything similar to her old weapons), but for now?


    This would do well enough.

    And moving to explore the house cautiously, Hammer Girl headed out on the prowl. The game had begun.

    And she was determined to take down as many as she could.

    @Atomyk @Josh M

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  4. The first thing that came to Snake-Eyes was the crashing of waves and the smell of the sea filling his nostrils. Kidnapped and left on what appeared to be a dock. Peculiar if anything. Peculiar still was the rabbit speaking to him from a monitor inside a stone slab.

    He listened intently to what it said as he caught his bearings. Weapon...a hacksaw on the ground. Picking it up he'd walk over to the pier and look into the water. Civilian clothes, no mask, just bandages hiding his visage.

    I should go... have a nice time!

    The monitor went quiet. 24 others left. He wouldn't kill...not with out cause. A sitting duck in such an open area. Food in a pack. All poisonous for all he knew. Took them along anyway, perhaps when he had the way of the land he could hunt. For now though with quick and silent steps he headed inland and tried to stay out of sight as he made his way to the nearest building.

    @Atomyk @Port heading to Port Records building
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  5. Well, a kid's head just blew up all over the damn place.

    It was at a time like this Jason needed to think about how he had gotten to this point. Some introspection if you will.


    Sensory deprivation.

    One of the things Bruce warned him that some of the rogue gallery might try. Mainly guys like Scarecrow who used that Fear Toxin of his to get into your head, make your worse fears come to to the surface. Make it easier for him to gain the advantage. Bruce took the safety of those he took under his wing seriously and Jason Todd was never meant to be an exception to that rule.

    Until that one bad day.

    He had been apprehended by Joker, Bruce's most notorious and consistent enemy. It seemed that whenever Bruce put him away, Joker would be back out on the streets in no time causing trouble and ruining lives. Tonight was different however. He managed to get a hold of Jason. It was a stupid mistake in hindsight. Bruce had trained him better than that. He shouldn't have let Joker get one over on him.

    But should have/could have/would have. All possibilities that would never be realized. Not as long as the Joker had something to amuse him at least.

    "Now, be straight with me here. What hurts more? Backhand..?"


    "Or forehand..?"


    Ribs were broken, a small pool of blood was gathering near Jason's face, some teeth had no doubt been knocked out by repeated blows to the face. His legs were in poor shape, he certainly wouldn't be running anywhere quick even if he got himself free. But anything-even trying to crawl to freedom would have been preferable to another blow from that crowbar. There would be no happy ending for Jason however. No laughing this off back at the cave with Alfred and Bruce. No beating up the bad guy and leaving them for the police to find.

    No dark knight coming to his rescue.

    Having had his fun beating Jason within an inch of his life, Joker casually tossed the crowbar o the ground. It made Jason's entire body wince as the crowbar clattered onto the ground with a metallic sounding thud. The echoing of the thud rang through Jason's ears and it had fallen in a spot where Jason stared straight ahead at it. The symbol of his current state. Left behind and tossed aside when their use had run out. In this case the crowbar no longer amused the Joker so it didn't have reason to be in his possession. While in Jason's case, there was simply no more use beating Jason to a bloody pulp.

    But the Joker couldn't leave without a proper goodbye. Kneeling down near Jason's broken and battered frame, Joker smiled down at the boy wonder.

    "Got any last minute pearls of wisdom, bird boy? C'mon, don't be shy! Lay it on me!"

    Murmuring could have been heard coming from Jason but it was too quiet to make it out. Probably due to a collapsed lung and who knew what else? But Jason didn't mind that. He had the Joker right where he wanted him.




    Smashing Jason's forehead into the ground, the Joker rose to his feet and grabbed his coat where he had left it. After all it was a pretty chilly night out, he didn't want to catch a cold! Tossing the coat on, Joker headed for the door as he wiped off the blood from his face. It was the last show of resistance from a bird who's wings had been thoroughly and utterly clipped. Or savagely broken by a maniacal criminal wielding a crowbar, both were accurate.

    "Welp, I've got other business to attend to! Can't stay around and play with you forever, after all! Just when we were really getting to know each other too. Ah ah, don't say anything! Your silence says enough. I'm sure when Batman arrives as I'm sure he will, he'll appreciate how deathly quiet it is. Hehehheheahahahahahahah!"

    Leaving Jason alone in the abandoned warehouse surrounded by nothing but empty boxes and a pool of his own blood and missing teeth. The threat Joker had made was clear. He hadn't intended for Jason to get out of this alive. The crowbar was just him getting his kicks. Normally, that's when Bruce would have kicked the door down and came to pull Jason away so they could go and take down Joker together. But as more and more time passed, Jason's hope grew dimmer and dimmer.

    Little did he know that Bruce was already on his way immediately after learning of the warehouse's location. But going as fast as he possibly could, Bruce would never arrive in time. At the same time he pulled up, Jason had come to terms with his fate and closed his eyes. Waiting for death's sweet release and so it came. The warehouse exploded leaving Jason's body buried under the debris.

    That would have been the end of the story for most people. Even those who worked alongside/under Batman. If you died, you at least died with your intentions having always to stop criminals and protect the citizens. But fate still had designs for Jason Todd and wouldn't so easily let him slip away. The grave Bruce/Alfred had made for Jason was dug up and Jason's corpse removed. Bruce searched the highs and the lows of Gotham looking for where his apprentice's body had gone and upon finding out? It only made him wish he could have gotten to Jason faster.

    Ra's Ah Ghul had felt guilty in working with the Joker as it lead to the events of Jason's untimely death. So sending his agents from the League of Assassins, Jason's body was easily retrieved from where it had been buried. From there it was soaked in the Lazarus Pit, the same pit responsible for keeping Ra's still capable of leading such an organization and remaining a ever deadly opponent for Batman. The effort worked somewhat. Jason was indeed back but he didn't come back entirely whole of mind. He had a vendetta in mind and went about the only way he knew of how to quench it.

    Adopting the moniker of the 'Red Hood', Jason took the law into his own hands and took out crime bosses left and right. Only to pick up right where they had left off. This way he could keep a closer eye on the drug trade and what have you in Gotham and control it. But this was clearly the work of someone more intelligent than your average crime boss. They had to have been to make him feel like this. As Jason staggered to his feet and the feelings of drowsiness slowly wore off, he couldn't help but feel the feeling of helplessness course through his body even if was just for a brief moment.

    Then he woke up here in bum fuck nowhere and saw a kid's head get blown up because she was terrified out of her mind. Yeah, introspection was done.

    "Ugh! God-God..Damn it!"

    Jason had stayed far away enough from the explosion that all it'd done was knock on him on his rear in a concoction of surprise/horror. He had failed in his task. The kid's head went boom and he hadn't been able to do a damn thing about it. Rising to his feet, Jason closed his eyes if just for the briefest of moments to get that disgusting image out of his head. But it wasn't going to leave any time soon.
    She couldn't be here and so she took the only exit out that didn't involve being brutally murdered. But given that her head blew up and maybe she had parents who were worried about her? Didn't seem like much of a mercy. But he couldn't afford to linger on this any longer than he had to. No doubt if anyone was close by they heard that explosion and might have already been armed. Jason had been so caught up in trying to talk the kid down that he hadn't gotten his own weapon out.

    Ripping the suitcase open, Jason frowned at what awaited him.

    Grenades, huh? Usually he preferred flashbangs. Helped distract his enemies and put them off their game long enough for Jason to shoot them right between the eyes. But he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Clipping the grenades onto his belt, Jason pulled his jacket over them so they'd be obscured. Sparing a brief glance over at Prim's corpse or what was left of it, Jason glared and headed off to follow the river and see where it lead and who it might lead him to.

    If Joker was behind this? Or somehow affiliated with it? Then nothing would stop Jason Todd from getting his revenge.


    Nothing would stop the Red Hood.


    @Gummi Bunnies @Atomyk @Indolent @Woods Peeps

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  6. "...Hell of a trip." Frank rasped, rubbing the back of his head.

    It hadn't been total unconscious sleep, nor had it been complete wakefulness. Just enough to sense that something was off about the situation. Muted sounds, faint touches. Not that far removed from the sensation he went through in between clinging to life and the sweet embrace of death. But like then, this time he awoke fully, snapping up to standing within half a second. It wasn't the lab he expected to be in.

    It was a small home, complete with furnishings. Before he could take stock of the surroundings beyond that, a monitor flashed to life blaring static for a few moments...before the image of a rabbit popped on screen. And it talked. He squinted skeptically, rising up to full height. The rabbit's appearance contrasted the speech it gave, gleefully talking about death. 26 individuals, explosive collars to retain control, and the desire for somebody dead every day. An island death match. Fantastic.

    Christmas came early.

    Beyond the clothes on his back, which he noticed was not his usual gear, replaced with mundane varieties...the rabbit kept its word. There was a ration pack and a suitcase right there. Two loaves of bread, two cracker tins, ten bars, corn flakes, 4 bottles of water. Aside the rations, a map, a compass and a flashlight. Remarkably standard. "Someone's done their homework." Frank moved to the suitcase, flipping it open. "Huh. Again standard." He picked up the knife. "7 inch carbon steel blade. Serrated edge. It'll do." He chuckled darkly. "Now--"


    "Someone's dead already, huh? That was quick." He went for the exit to this house. Time to see who's relatively close by. If there even was. Scouting mission, to find out if any of the other unlucky people on the island were acceptable targets.

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  7. Even Speedwagon was afraid that he was going to die.


    Of course, he was always afraid of death-- he was like any other average shmuck on the street, was he not? A simple, god-fearing man who got himself tangled withing a bizarre adventure regarding a young man of immense willpower and desire to fight...and his vampiric brother. That was probably the most exciting thing to happen in Roberts life, besides the occasional shake-down of those gullible fools who found themselves wandering in Ogre Street. Sometimes, his boys simply went off and gutted them like fish and he had no say on the matter.

    Just when Speedwagon thought he was able to get away from that bizarre life, he could go back to normal. Jonathan and Erina could be happy, Dio would be rotting in hell, and everything would be just grand. He could have settled down in America, maby set up his own oil industry, meet a nice women, settle down, have a family, and have a normal life.

    But, oh no.

    Robert E.O. Speedwagon does not have a normal life. It honestly is no surprise he'd get himself wrapped up in all of this.


    "Urgh..." the man groaned, slowly rising to his feet as the images of a strange rabbit lingered in his mind like an awful fever dream. "W-Where the hell am I!?" he said, rather loudly, as he initially looked around and saw a dark room. "..Hm!? It smells like sea-foam, and..are those seagulls? Am I near the coastlin-- ouch!" Robert suddenly grunted as he sat down on something hard, and metallic. Reaching down, he pulled up what looks like a small hammer from his back pocket.

    "...So, this is my weapon of choice? I would have preferred something less...crappy. However..."


    Speedwagon smiled as he gripped the hammer and swung it around a few times, remembering his experience with bashing skulls in with sledgehammers. "I suppose it'll do ...Hm, hopefully I won't have to use it." Speedwagon gulped as he remembered the fact that he has to kill people. Curse Jonathan, he made Speedwagon far too sweet to go back to his old, murderous Ogre Street roots. However, with no Jonathan to keep Speedwagon righteous and gentlemanly as he is..

    This may go down a dark pat--

    "A BACKPACK!" Speedwagon shouted with excitement. Considering he is a very hammy individual who enjoys narrating his own actions, Curly most likely already knows where he is. Robert wasted no time in rushing over and getting his survival backpack on-- he knew the rules to this game, he just has to remember how to be a bit tough.

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  8. [​IMG]

    "Wow... today surely is very teleporty."

    Cyberconnect2 found herself at an unknown land. She looked around and saw that she was on some kind of cliff or something.

    "What is this place? Some kind of island?"

    She found her survival pack and looked inside.

    "Who left these here? Everything here looks normal..." CC2 said, looking at the rations and the rope inside it.

    After the announcement, CC2 decided to look around, and see if there was anyone or anything else here.​
  9. Mukuro Ikusaba, Docks, Fishing Shack


    A girl sat on the floor of the Fishing Shack. On her hand was a tattoo of a wolf. The symbol of the Mercenary Organization she worked for: Fenrir. Her clothes weren't those of her sister, nor were they the fatigues and body armor of a soldier in combat. She wore a simple School Uniform: A blouse, a jacket, and a skirt. Her name was Mukuro Ikusaba. Also known as The Ultimate Soldier.

    Her vision was blurry for a few seconds as she tried to identify where she was. She remembered the Rabbit, and the Death Game announcement. She remembered what the Rabbit had told them about the weapons and supplies. She looked around for a backpack that held Rations and a suitcase that held a weapon.

    There it sat in the corner. She stood up, brushed her clothes off, and moved to the corner. She opened the suitcase first, and grabbed...

    A scalpel.

    Well... that might come in handy? She moved to the backpack, and began sorting through it, analyzing food and water. Depending on how long she was in this Death Game, she would have to ration. She pulled out the map and compass. She put them on a small table, and began to Look around the room.

    Just as she placed the map down, the Rabbit came again and made an announcement. One dead already. Damn. Not even an hour had passed, much less a day. Mukuro gripped the scalpel just in case.

    Mukuro made a vow:

    The Ultimate Soldier, Mukuro Ikusaba would survive.

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  10. [​IMG]

    "Think Hideo... think. What the hell are you going to do before dying?"

    Weird that he had intentions of suicide before hand, and now... now he didn't want to die. Maybe that virus, Wiruko, did something to him, but nevertheless, if he was going to die, might as well have it be a painless death. He had the idea of doing the same thing that the girl did earlier, mess around with the collar around his neck, but no, no way was he going to deal with dying a death that involved exploding. He seriously didn't need that right now.

    ... and now he was hearing the rushing water of a nearby river. This only lead to one thought.

    ... I really need to take a piss. That way, I won't wet my pants when it comes to my death.

    Forgetting that there could be some people, Hideo made his way to the river. He didn't want to leave much traces to others that he was nearby, so relieving himself near a tree or plant was out of the question. Answering some nature calls over at the river didn't sound like a bad idea to him, so to hell with it!

    @T.O.M. @Atomyk @Indolent @woods peeps​
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  11. Village Square- The Well

    Michiko wasn't sure what she'd expect when she woke up. But, a weird talking bunny on some monitor was the last thing she'd ever expect to be the first she'd come across. And after finding out that yes, there was a collar around her neck and that yes this wasn't some dream she was having while drunk, Michiko thought about one person at that moment: Hatchin.

    She stood from where she had been slouched against the well and went to give a good hard kick to the monitor, satisfied at the sound of something cracking.

    "The hell is this?! I swear Hatchin better be okay and safe because if I find out she was put into this..." Michiko growled out in frustration. Taking a moment to calm herself, she'd then check the ration pack and suitcase beside her.


    'A yoyo? You have to be fucking kidding me...well, at least I got something.' she thought with a scowl. Michiko did look up again when the announcement that someone had died already. For a split second she thought it could of possibly been Hatchin, but quickly dismissed the thought. She could tell that the young girl she had began to look after was smart and level headed for someone so young and wouldn't have kicked the bucket so soon.

    Taking what was offered (she couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth after all) Michiko began to search her person for a cigarette. Unfortunately, she had none on her.

    'Damn, no cigarettes? Guess I'll have to deal with this bullshit for now.' she thought with a sigh.

    Michiko took in her surroundings for a moment, noticing Frank exiting one of the houses then. She wasn't sure if he noticed her right away, but she didn't move to try and interact with him just yet.

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  12. The Survivor
    Ranch - Cattle Field > Rock Formation

    Sitting up, the survivor would feel a wave of nostalgia flushing over him, and he'd scan his person, sighing as he realised all his hard work had been stripped from his person. He no longer had his gun, his armour oR his sword. All those hours digging, mining, smelting and smithing, and it had all vanished. Probably into the sea

    He didn't know what the Rabbit was saying entirely, but he understood a few words here and there
    The main one that struck him, was "Survive"

    He'd done that for years, he'd survived so long, only written dialogue made much sense to him now, after so long, spoken English didn't get through to him. None of the monsters he fought gave a shit about talking, they spoke in a universally understood language. They spoke in violence

    'Alright, let's see. Food, Water and a club. Interesting'

    It was clear this was no normal club, it had small metal strips that ran up it's length, perhaps for reinforcement? He hoped it would last a while, he didn't want it to break mid-fight
    Standing and gathering his things, he'd look about, noting he was in a field of sorts, near some barns
    'Perhaps I could take shelter inside, but I can't afford waste daylight, I need to find crafting supplies'

    His first order of business, was to gather some rocks from the nearby formation. He'd aim to gather sharp rocks, like shale, and smooth pebbles

    'C'mon, let's get to work making some basic tools at least'
    Clenching his hand he'd look up to the sky for a moment, breathing in the air slowly
    'I'll survive this test. Just as I have every test thrown at me before'

    @Atomyk @Josh M
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  13. Nathan Drake- Caves
    Ugh.... Worst hangover ever... At first Nate thought he was still drunk as some rabbit was talking to him, but after a few pinches on the arm and feeling the device on his neck, he realized he was still sober. "Well crap," he muttered while taking a look at his surroundings. It was pitch black and the only sound in the area was the sound of small drops of water.

    Lets get to business. Nate patted around the ground and eventually found a suitcase. Rummaging around, he eventually found the flashlight and turned it to get a better view of everything. Next he set to work on getting a full inventory of his supplies. The bag contained a few items of food, a map, and his "handpicked" weapon: a scythe. You got to be shitting me. How the hell am I supposed to survive with this in a battle to the death?

    Well what now. Everything had been packed back in the bag and Nate was ready to move. He held the scythe in his hand, wondering if he would ever have to use it. I doubt this day could get any worse.

    @Atomyk attempting to leave the cave.
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  14. [​IMG]



    "VOX! VOX! VOX! VOX!"


    Through the streets of Columbia, the floating paradise of zealous American jingoism, banners of red, black, and gold were flown wildly as the cries of thousands roared in the streets. From the Irish to the Chinese, the Catholics to the Buddhists, far and wide they had come from many creeds, united under the common cause of oppression and subjugation. Once, this road lead to the golden paradise of Fink Industries, where the brightest of minds gathered to produce the brightest of machinery the 1900s had seen.

    Now, those minds were splattered against the concrete, the roaring tides of revolution pouring in.

    At the head of this insatiable bull, paraded like a war hero, a young woman stood upon a raised platform. With two revolvers clenched in her hands, the leader of this populist uprising stood before her people, having overthrown one tyranny for another. With her red scarf blowing in a gentle breeze, hazel eyes gleamed forward at the sight of hanging bodies and burning fires, her people littering the streets of Fink Industries, dragging out commoners and executing fair citizens of Columbia with little impunity or regard. Like echoes of the Reign of Terror that happened in France, Columbia had been thrown into anarchy, zealous, rabid democracy, and vengeance for the white, fundamentalist, bigoted inhabitants of this glorious city.

    A shaky breath escaped Fitzroy's lips.

    "I am sorry, Lady Comstock..." she whispered, ascending onto the platform, raising her head to a thousand cheering faces.

    "Brothers and sisters! Lend me your ears! Booker DeWitt died for this cause, many of us have died for this cause, but now, we stand at the gates of Mr. Fink's playhouse! For years, we labored ourselves under that factory! For years, we broke our bones and our souls for what? The Founders?! The Anglo-Saxon, Protestant man?! Today, brothers and sisters, we storm Fink's Industry like lightening! We won't just burn his factory to the ground, oh no! We'll tear every brick, every stone, every block of cement out, like the brave French at the storming of the Bastille!"

    With her pistols raised up, Daisy Fitzroy swiftly turned around, pointing her dual firearms at the loose gate leading directly to Fink's largest factory. Cocking the hammers of the old six shooters, Daisy flinched as the guns rattled in her hands, shooting off the lock as the steel crumbled into the muddy ground. With a primal, animalistic roar, hundreds upon hundreds of Vox Populi stormed forward, wielding a plethora of makeshift firearms and gadgets to invoke the fear of an armed and dangerous class of people that has been oppressed for ages.

    "If got to kill a weed, you gotta pull it up from it's roots! For the people! For Booker DeWitt! For our children! For the voice! For VOX!!!"

    "VOX, VOX POPULI!!!"

    A ringing echoed in Daisy's ears, and before she knew it, her world went black.

    This revolution may be winding to a bloody close, but another, far beyond Fitzroy's imagination, was just beginning.


    Daisy Fitzroy

    Crashed Helicopter

    The sun.

    She remembered the first day she met Lady Comstock, the first day she stepped foot in Columbia. The sun was shining brightly that day, a real, honest good day, symbolizing the bright and potential future Columbia held. Underneath that mask of revolution, Daisy always wanted there to be alternative motives, watching the Vox Populi like this pained her heart. But at times, even she did not feel as if she was in control, watching her own brothers and sisters butcher families in the streets and take those pretty, pretty watches that they craved for in the slums and alleyways of Fink's glorious, capitalist empire.

    A groan escaped the revolutionary's lips, sitting slowly up, a pained cough escaping her lips. Twisted steel and ruins lay about her, the sight of some crashed aerial device not that far off. Trying vainly to pick herself up, Daisy stumbled about, the African-American leader reaching to grasp at her arm. Fear choked at her heart, the populist finding herself surrounded in nature. Not only nature, but far, far from Columbia, or any society for that matter. Not to mention, with a collar strapped to her neck, Daisy had every reason to be spiteful of her situation, tired of having chains and bindings holding her from freedom.

    Listening intently at a monitor across from her position resting on a tree branch, the military leader knew she had to act quickly. Paranoia already seeped in her veins, checking her supplies and tossing them hastily into her survival pack. Keeping one stick of dynamite in her hand for precaution, putting the rest in the pack, Daisy found herself alone. Seeing this as an opportunity, the low-class leader decided to search the wrecked helicopter. Surely, there would be something here to help her....

    Because as far as she knew, the other of these inhabitants had few good intentions for her.

    @Atomyk @Crashed Helicopter
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  15. Curly Brace - Lighthouse
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Atomyk @Others?

    Curly couldn't remember much about what had happened that got her to this place... Her memory banks must have been damaged at some point... The last thing she remembered was fighting the Core with Quote... They were both submerged in the water, and she saw that he was quickly succumbing to being waterlogged for so long... She gave him her air tank to keep him alive and then... Everything went dark... At some point, she felt herself drying off again, but, she seemed to have powered down after, so her systems could recover... The last thing she could remember hearing, was the sound of rushing water... When she finally regained consciousness, not sure what to make of the strange sensations she was suddenly feeling, as she faintly remembered sudding feeling a jarring tug on her, before she was suddenly transported... Somewhere... Somehow. The first thing that came to her attention was that T.V. screen embedded into the wall near her, she watched it intently, listening to every word that strange Rabbit on the screen was saying... It certainly was no Mimiga, which means, that somehow... She was off the island... She reached up to rub her neck, but, suddenly stopped, distnctly remembering that device clamped around her... ... If no-one died within 24 hours from now... They'd all die... If she didn't defend herself, she'd die, if she didn't eventually kill someone, she'd die... Great... Curly didn't look to be in such a good shape, even as she noticed that she had some supplies with her, and even a weapon... Not as powerfull as the arsenal of guns she once had, but, it would have to do... Though, as she gathered her possessions together, and headed downstairs, to the ground floor, she suddenly stopped when she noticed she wasn't alone, she looked towards the stranger in the room with her, a more curious expression suddenly crossed her face.
    "... Who are you?" She asked, it would appear as if she was assessing the situation a bit more cautiously than usual... It was hard to identify who was a threat, and who wasn't here, since the harsh reality seemed that only one of them would stand alive at the end of this... As much as she hated the thought of killing another... All she hoped was it would never come to that for her... At least for now...​
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  16. Max Payne - Port - Port Records Building


    A lot of people will say that the world is black and white to some, and gray to others. I don't know if I envy or pity those kinds of people, 'cause all I see is black these days, even when my eyes are open. I see the darkness when I look in the mirror. I see the darkness on the streets. I see it everywhere. There is no gray for me. Hell, much less any fucking white.

    Today was no different, except that I found myself in a place that I shouldn't be. 'Course, you could say that about a lot of places, like the Big Apple, Guam, general Latin America, the works, but even so... I knew this was strange.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't have found myself stranded on an island, forced by a deceivingly cute bunny to kill other people for the hell of it. Heh. What a bombshell to drop on an old man like me. And on little kids, presumably. I haven't picked up a good book in a while, but even in real life, kids being forced into life or death situations seemed to be the norm, and if they were common in fiction, just imagine how it was here. After all, it's as they said; life is stranger than fiction.

    Of course, for all I know, I could just be making up that kind of scenario in my head because of the dope. Speaking of which... Tch, damn. Looks like I'm gonna have to endure withdrawl, unless God shines upon me today, but considering the strange ways in which he works... I won't hold my breath.

    Perhaps that was part of the reason why my awakening was ruder than usual. Usually, I was greeted by the sight of my trusty friends who never betrayed me; alcohol and painkillers. But it looks like even they were forced to abandon me when the rabbit plucked me out of the hat against my own will. Joy.

    Either way, I didn't know what I, or any of the other people around, had done to deserve being pitted in this sort of sick killing game. Was it for the bossman's entertainment? His sheer sadistic side wanting to see people get blown to bits, shot to hell and black, chopped up like an onion? And for that matter... Why these people? Really, what had they done? Were they murderers like me? Had they done more or less wrong than I had?

    That ambiguity just might be the only reason I'd be able to bring myself to kill the others. In a dog-eat-dog world, the ugly, black truth was that anything that could potentially bite you in the ass would bite you in the ass, and I'm not gonna let another dog's teeth bite down on this ass. Not today.

    Stumbling to his feet, the man known as Max Payne was almost lost in his thoughts. Normally, they were too garbled and jumbled up to make any coherent statement because of the substances he used to keep himself from killing himself at night, and now that he was without those things, he remembered why he hated thinking.

    Ah, so this was why people ran away, he recalled.

    Fumbling around the place, Max would take note of several things.
    1. His usual equipment was gone. With no body armor on him, and his usual Beretta, among other weapons, taken off him, he felt as naked as a nudist.
    2. His head hurt. A lot.
    3. The only thing he had on him that could be used as a viable weapon was a railroad spike, which, if not used correctly, could be a double-edged sword in which he'd accidentally cut his own hand.
    4. No, seriously. His head really hurt.
    5. He had a strange pack on him, consisting of a map, some food, a compass, and a flashlight. Heh. They really were serious about this, weren't they?
    What a great starting position he was in. Okay. Wonderful. Now... What to do from here? If he moved, he would risk running into another contestants and risk being forced into a fight in an instant. Max wasn't really sure if he was ready for a heart-pounding life-or-death struggle again, at least not right now. Need to recover bearings right now.

    Of course, if he just spent all his time cooped up here, while that would give him the advantage in terms of surprising the enemy, should they stumble into this place and should he be ready to kill again, for all he knew, the rabbit might pull another magic trick and pull something that'll wrap an unlucky participant or two in an "accident."

    No matter how much he looked at the situation, they were two negatives to every positive.

    Reminded him of life in general.

    With that being said, Max sat in the corner, attempting to hide behind anything that could act as cover just in case someone would pop in, unaware that someone was indeed headed in his direction. He didn't exactly want to waste his resources this quickly, and fortunately, for once he wasn't hungover, so there was no immediate need to hydrate himself.

    Right now, he just needed to think.

    Do the one thing he hated the most.

    Because it kept him alive.

    @Atomyk @Josh M
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  17. Jason/Red Hood-Woods(River)-Hideo

    Ah, the great outdoors. It was the ideal place for every father to take his son at some point. Put hair on their chest or so Jason heard some drunkard at a bar say once. Jason didn't really have folks who'd take him out for trips to the woods. Mainly because nobody ever wanted to spend much time with a punk like Jason. Even with Bruce, they usually didn't leave Gotham and most of the time they spent together was oriented around keeping Jason happy and trying to give him as good a life as Bruce and Alfred could afford the juvenile delinquent. Little did Jason think at that point that he'd see the woods alright.

    He'd see them as a grown man who'd been brought back from the hands of death. Who also happened to be stuck on an island with a bunch of other people he was expected to murder.

    Funny how life worked sometimes, huh?

    Keeping his wits about him, Jason continued to follow the river up until he came near a patch of foliage. Not wanting to be caught off guard, Jason reached forward and moved some of the branches/twigs aside to get a better view. He doubted he was the only one who had the wise idea of following the river after all.


    Well, he supposed even in times like these you couldn't ignore important bodily functions. But leaving yourself wide open like this? With your business hanging out and being unable to defend yourself if someone were to approach you. Bottles seemed like they'd serve well enough for that kind of stuff. Still, Jason wasn't going to let an easy target walk on by. So as Hideo was 'finishing up' his call to nature, Jason stepped out from the foliage and sought to keep walking as quietly as he could until he was practically standing behind the other man. Once he'd done so, Jason spoke up with his face still slightly obscured by his hood.


    "Even when your life's on the line, nature's still gonna call, huh?"

    Jokes. Meant to try and lure the poor guy into as false a sense of security as Jason could muster. He wasn't this guy's friend, certainly not when this moron didn't think a restroom break like this when you heard an explosion nearby was a smart thing to do. But everybody had their uses, no matter how small. Maybe if this guy didn't run off screaming, Jason could try to figure out his potential use may have been.

    @Gummi Bunnies

  18. Frank Castle - Outside Small Homestead A

    The door closing behind him with a soft thud, the former Marine glanced left and right. The weather seemed right for an island, warm but also breezy, gusts coming in from the ocean. Not the scorching heat of the Middle East or the cold confines of New York. What's more...another person right there. No attempt to hide, not even bothering to move...but also no weapon from what he could tell, concealed or otherwise.

    Still, his muscles stayed tense, poised to unsheathe the knife at a moment's notice even as he moved to close the distance between them both, her features becoming more distinct. Female, slim...not exactly the type he pictured would end up in this game. Then again, it was a game hosted by a fucking talking rabbit. And appearances could be very deceiving.

    Frank stopped within earshot, more than a few meters away as he stared down Michiko for a few eerily quiet moments. Finally in a low growl: "You gonna tell me your name, introduce yourself at all? Or are ya just gonna spend all day standing there gawking?"


    @Atomyk @Lizzy @Schnee Corp Lawyer


  19. image.gif
    Ta-er al-Asfer awoke from the cold grips of her slumber only to fall into the clutches of confusion. She felt...weak, tired, woozy, wrong. She had been at home, laying on her bed, on the edge dreamless sleep. Sara could still feel it all. The silk blankets draped across that of-so-old mattress, the combination that made you feel as if you were resting in the caress of a cloud. The poor girl had dreamed of such sensations for so long, so many years waiting in the pits of the Amazo, the cruel nights in Purgatory and those soulless days with the League; she had been starved of peace for so long.

    But all good things had to fade with time. That is what Sarah kept telling herself. Knowing that a paradise is limited is one of the factors that helps you to love it all the more; only planing to stay in that city, the city with that oh-so-familiar bed, for a matter of weeks, perhaps being taken away from it so soon was a godsend; it would have been so difficult to leave at her own accord, and she couldn't bear to deal with the witness of another fading paradise

    So here she was, freezing once again. No....was it burning? The Assassin's body neglected to care anymore. It was just another Hell, another Hell with another taunting creature and another cruel environment.

    Hello darkness my old friend

    This place was not so different to the Island, with the playful kiss of the sand against her skin winding her memory back like of yarn, back to the that place. The ocean- that brisk void had long since dragged the body of that innocent little girl, the child who had been raised in naivety and kindness, pulling her so far away. Its might had killed her, stripped her soul from her body and cast her out like old clothing. The corpse had floated into despair, loosing the final scraps of its very being at the hands of a mad doctor. The psychopath had driven the girls remains to the verge of madness herself, twisting her until she felt nothing. He made the child torture, torturing her if she refused

    Just another Hell

    Even Hell comes to an end

    She had scene that Island as another Paradise, her ultimate escape from that boat. With every ounce of her remaining being, she could only hope. Only hope that some good, or something at all, would one day come.

    One day, it simply did

    The corpse was met with an oh so familiar face. The very face that had loved her. The very face that had left her. She was told to torture him, to ruin him and cast him aside, just like she had been ruined and cast aside.

    But she never did.

    A scared man and an young Asian girl had came to save that oh so familiar face, and recused her in the process

    Her paradise awaited her

    Only to find it to be even worse than the nightmare she had hair awoken

    Ta-er's memories began to blur and fade; there was only be rational explanation; she had been drugged with some sort of venom prior to he journey. It must have been something extraordinarily powerful in order to keep her unconscious for such a large trip, in spite of her training. Anyone rich enough to buy, or skilled enough to brew, such a poison, was undoubtably a force to be reckoned with, and a desperate on at that; the desperate are always the most dangerous. Someone needed these, 25 survivors alive.

    Desperate to take her mind away from those dark memories, the girl instead tried filling it with questions- what weapon had she been given? Who was that asinine rabbit? And who else was on this island? Each idea was as important as the next, but there was one things she knew she needed to focus on above the rest; survival.

    Opening up the case that had been placed beside her, The Canary desperately tipped it on its side to remove its contents. A short trench knife tumbled out, caving in the sand against it as it fell.

    "Perfect" she mutter to herself, taking it within her grasp. The woman had been supplied with the most useful of all weapons, a blade with both versatility and combat value. It could be used to sharpen sticks into splints, shorten fire wood and help in hunting. Sure, firearms were useful, but ammunition would always lessen its usefulness; nothing beats a good knife.

    Supplies. That was her next priority. What good would shelter and defence be if you starved to death? Who knew when she would be finding decent food again, or when it would be safe to start a fire to boil water or fish? Ta-er greedily reached into the supply bag, surveying the contents piece by piece.

    The food rations were small, but non perishable; if she consecrated them, they could probably last her the best part of a week at least, 2 if she really tried. The water levels, however, were pitiful; 4 bottles wouldn't last her too long, and she couldn't just rely on stealing other people's equipment. Though nobody would be able to attack her so early in this competition, revealing her position would place the woman at an incredible strategic disadvantage, so starting a fire was out of the question; purifying the salt water would be incredibly difficult without first boiling it. She would have to find fresh water inside one of the vast forests later

    Sara's survival plans were already in motion; she would find a short clearing in the woods, and maker her shelter some place close enough to the fresh water. There she could formulate some sort of trap based system in order to capture further food rations, and if she was lucky, other players. She could find a branch, and blunt of the edges in cut it down to the right size. It would then act as he weapon of choice, a staff, and then she could.....


    Was she seriously considering playing this game? The Assassin left the League for a reason...there was always too much blood shed, too much hurt. Now she would have to run off and inflict it all over again, this time as part of someone else's entertainment....

    It was sick

    But it was survival...survival of the fittest. The strong must devour the weak in order to remain constant

    That was what the League had taught her, and that was the teaching she would have to live by, if she wanted to have any chance of getting back to safety. Then she would never have to hurt again...never again

    It was time to rethink that plan...
    This time, she would not just play to her strengths, but instead think strategically.

    Everyone would be heading for the forest areas in the hope of gaining tree cover; Sara would have to use one of the more urban areas on the map in order to avoid the opening blood bath. No kills on the first day or not, the rules said nothing about not preparing traps or ambush sites; it would be too crowded, too loud.

    The next area to catch Ta-er's attention was the Warehouse. Regardless of who or what it used to contain, there had to be something worth salvaging. Maybe there was some fabric inside that she could use for sun protection, or a metal splint from a couch she could use to make a greater staff. There was only on way and and one way out, not including emergency exits, so it would be mostly free from ambush. It would keep her warm, and keep her hidden; and if anyone was in there, she could set up a bargain of sorts; nobody would dare to kill on the first day.....

    Thus, she headed towards to the Warehouse, silently approaching and opening the door

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    Leaving the Coral Beach and Heading the Towards the Warehouse
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    Hideo was just zipping up his pants after having that "leak," and he could've sworn that his heart skipped a beat when he heard someone nearby talk to him. Not to mention that this someone happened to be right behind him. Turning around, Hideo found himself staring at a guy who were a peculiar red hood. Something about this practically screamed "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HERE" to Hideo, but for some reason, he didn't want to do that. As much as he knew that he could die to something at any moment, he didn't want to become that easy target right away. Soo... he had to play it smooth, somehow.


    "Answering to a nature's call is kinda like answering your instincts to survive. Besides... in a time like this, where people are told to kill each other, you decided to walk up to me and give yourself away to me. Guess I'm just lucky that I wasn't found by someone who wanted to get an easy kill..."

    Hideo supposed that he could do what works well with him, especially with how it worked during his time at the Holy Demonic Grail tournament: use his wits and hope to the gods above that things don't go down to shit.

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