Fandom Romances, Anyone?

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  1. Y'all know me. I love me some fandoms.
    (Pretty much all I ever do tbh)

    And yeah, always gotta have that romance!

    So as usual, I'm looking for canon/oc pairings only.
    For my own romantic pairing, I prefer male/female, but for my partner I don't mind what gender the characters are.

    I would like a partner who can reply at least once every day, though multiple replies are preferred.
    I need a partner who is adept or advanced, and can use proper grammar, and spelling, as well as punctuation.
    I use third person, so please use third person as well.

    And most importantly, if you want to quit the role play, or if you're going to be busy or even if you're having a tough day for inspiration, please let me know!

    Also!! Please be able to reply with three or more paragraphs! Please match my post length as close as you can(if I write five, you can write four) and write an equal amount for each character.

    Please show me a sample of your writing if available.
    Here is my own sample, from an ATLA role play I have going.

    Writing Sample (open)

    Hoizu absolutely hated mornings. She would sleep all day if she could, since she stayed up all night, but Miyu had other plans. Miyu was the woman who Hoizu lived with and worked for currently. She'd been good friends with Hoizu's parents, and had been happy to take Hoizu in. The key words were "had been". Miyu had soon realized that Hoizu wasn't a delightful person. In fact, the only reason Hoizu hadn't been fired and thrown out was because of the guilt Miyu felt over not being there to help Hoizu's parents. Any time Miyu mentioned firing her or anything, all Hoizu had to do was say something along the lines of "What would my parents think, Miyu?" With a sad puppydog face, and the argument was over before it even began.

    As the morning light came in through Hoizu's window, she sighed angrily and turned away, only to be blinded by the window on the other side of the room. After Hoizu had burned down her curtains not once, or even twice, but three times, Miyu had simply told her that curtains were banned from her room. It also helped her get up in the mornings, but not happily. Hoizu was always grumpy when she woke up early, and it didn't help to be woken up by sunlight. She didn't particularly hate sunshine or anything- she wasn't, like, a weirdo. But she didn't appreciate it being in her eyes as soon as she opened them.

    Sighing, Hoizu sat up in bed, crossing her arms and letting out a frustrated groan. "Sunlight is the worst thing ever." She mumbled to herself as she stood, stretching, feeling far too tired for comfort. She knew that Miyu was probably already already up and chipper as ever. She'd probably even make herself breakfast. She refused to cook for Hoizu, though, stating that she was old enough to cook for herself. Hoizu generally just lit things on fire and ate them, even if they were a little charred. It was something to eat, better than anything cold. As a Fire Bender, she didn't really care about burning things. Like her curtains.

    Grumbling as she made her way to her bathroom, Hoizu stripped and turned on the hot water after lighting the coals under the bath with a quick impatient wave of her hand. Stepping into the hot water, Hoizu glared at the wall, feeling like if she glared enough it might just make her feel better. After washing her hair and body quickly, she got out and let the tub drain before drying off. Drying her hair just enough to make sure it wasn't dripping, Hoizu brushed it with her fingers. It was short enough that it didn't really need to be brushed, and she didn't really care much either. "Ugh." She stuck her tongue out at the mirror as she left, slipping into her sandles on the way downstairs.

    "Miyuuu!" Hoizu called out loudly as she stomped down the stairs. Miyu popped her head out, wearing her work uniform. "Ugh, Hoizu! Why don't you ever wear the uniform?" She asked, voice weary. Hoizu shrugged, yawning loudly as she made her way towards Miyu, who handed her an apron. "At least wear this?" She asked, smiling, hopeful. Hoizu looked at the apron and smiled, grabbing it and throwing it to the side. "Nah." She said, walking past Miyu and into the shop, which was already beginning to fill with customers.

    Spotting a group of people enter, Hoizu was planning on ignoring them, honestly, but Miyu came up behind her and gave her a little push, handing her a pen and paper. Hoizu sighed and walked over to them, hand on her hip. "Follow me." She said, voice bored as she led them to a table in the corner. Taking out the paper and pen, Hoizu looked at the group, bored, before she noticed a tan boy with large blue eyes. Laughing loudly, she pointed at him. "Yo, what's up with your hair?" She asked, clutching her sides as she laughed.

    Zuko never thought it would be possible, but he missed his ship. He and his uncle, Iroh, had been traveling for a while now, and they weren't staying in the most comfortable places. Being fugitives didn't allow them luxury. Zuko was a bit angry about that, to be honest. He might have been banished, but he was still a prince. At least the ship had decent living quarters. Now he and Iroh were generally stuck in barns and small sheds, allowed to stay with people who didn't know who they were. They kept their heads down, did some work, earned some money, and left. Never staying in one town for more than two days, Zuko was weary of travel. He wasn't out of shape, but walking so much was beginning to catch up to him.

    They'd finally reached the town they were currently staying in, last night. Not too late in the evening, they'd managed to find some work and a place to stay. Zuko had looked at the offered shelter with distaste, but Iroh had given him a look, and he'd kept his complaints to himself. He settled for a loud sigh and arm crossing, looking up at the large barn that they would be staying in for the next few days. He wondered how people could live like this and be happy. Zuko knew he could never be happy living in such conditions. He was grateful for any shelter, honestly, but it just didn't meet his standards.
    Hopefully when everything was back to how it should be- him, with his honor, back in the Fire Nation- he could look back on this time with a laugh.

    But for now, as he was living it, there was no way he could laugh about it. It was just too hard. Most nights, he complained for hours to himself, while his uncle sat by, peaceful and happy as usual. It was hard to make him mad or upset him. Zuko admired that, honestly, but sometimes it made him angry, too. Like, how could someone possibly be so happy all the time? His uncle made him crazy sometimes, but in the end, he loved the old man. He was the only family Zuko had left, and they'd grown quite close. Iroh was teaching him a lot of things, and one day Zuko hoped to learn a little bit of patience from him- he'd seen that people appreciated it, and it could be a good thing to have if he was to become Fire Lord.

    The town they had reached last night wasn't large, but it seemed clean enough. Even the barn they were allowed to stay in seemed cleaner than the other barns and sheds they'd had to stay in. The couple that had allowed them to stay in their barn were Earth Benders, and they seemed nice enough. Zuko had no doubt that if they knew who he and his uncle really were, they would have turned them away without a second thought. Not many people felt sympathy for Zuko or Iroh, even though Iroh hadn't really done anything to deserve the anger towards him. He was a generally liked old man, and made friends easily.

    Sighing, Zuko turned towards his uncle, looking out at the village, squinting against the sun. It was burning hot, and Zuko had started to sweat. Turning as he heard someone approach, he did a double take, spotting a beautiful girl coming towards them. Unlike the other people in the village, she didn't look like an Earth Bender at all. She offered Zuko and his uncle a glass of water, which Zuko took happily, nodding to her. "Thanks." He said quietly, gulping it down greedily. He turned his attention back to her after he'd finished it. "What's your name?" He asked, wondering which family she was part of. She didn't look like anyone in the village, which was unusual. Most Bender types looked alike.
    Spotting her looking back, he saw that she was looking at the house which they were staying at.

    "Do you live there?" Zuko asked, nodding in the direction of the house behind her. She was probably the nice couple's daughter.

    So, fandoms and stuff


    Avatar: The Last Air Bender
    Death Note
    Fruits Basket
    Ouran High School Host Club
    FMA: Brotherhood


    Dragon Age
    Harvest Moon
    Story of Seasons
    Persona 3
    Persona 4

    If you don't see something here, please ask!

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  2. I'm game for either Avatar or Fma @Severusx
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  3. What romances do you have in mind for FMA?
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