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  1. Hello there~

    I'm looking for partners to play specific characters for me from the three fandoms I listed in the title.
    I'm always willing to double, so don't worry about that!

    I'll have you know that these are all romance based, and I'm not very good at action, but I love a good plot!

    I do have some requirements, please be sure to read through them before applying.

    1- Be active. I need a partner who can reply every day. I prefer more than once a day, since I'm online a lot, but once a day is fine too.

    2-Use third person correctly. I'll ask for a sample to see if your writing will work well with mine.

    3- Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

    4- Please just be honest and open with me. And don't begin planning if you're not going to follow through. If you get busy/you're not going to be on for a few days, or if you simply get bored, or want to quit, please tell me. It can be via owl or comment, I don't care, just let me know.
    It makes me very upset when people don't let me know, and especially if they ignore me. If I message you, have the courtesy to answer.

    Also, I'll accept someone who's 17, but I'd prefer people who are 18+ in age, please.

    Alright, so, here are the plots and pairings I'm looking for.

    Dragon Age-

    My oc is a Dalish Elf who's been a slave since she was a small child. Her master has had her long enough that he's begun to trust her, and bring her along on his visits and such, which has led her to Kirkwall.
    On this particular visit, she takes her chance and escapes her master, diving into an open window to escape him and his guards, and upon her entry, she falls onto and breaks a pot.
    It turns out that the house she jumped into is Fenris's mansion, and the broken pot has woken him up.

    From there, we'll just see how it goes.

    I have no particular plot for this, currently, but I am interested in planning one.


    Harry Potter

    (This will be in an AU where Harry does not exist.)
    My oc is a seventh year Slytherin, who's family is invested in Voldemort, and who have all become Death Eaters.
    Her parents want her to join them as a DE, but my oc has other plans.
    She disagrees with Voldemort and his movement, and doesn't want to join him or his Death Eaters.
    Her parents threaten her by saying they'll throw her out if she doesn't join, or worse, they'll turn her into Voldemort.
    She has the choice, but she must choose by the end of the school year.
    Without her knowledge, her parents have asked Professor Snape to keep an eye on her, and he agreed, but only to make sure she doesn't get hurt.

    Marauders Era~
    In this role play, my oc is best friends with Sirius Black, but dislikes most of his friends, only being alright with Remus.
    She has a few classes with Severus though, and eventually, the two form a bond, which evolves into romance.

    Percy Jackson


    Nico is going to be older in this role play, and (SPOILERS FOR HEROES OF OLYMPUS BOOKS) not gay.

    My oc is a daughter of Aphrodite, but, like Piper, she doesn't really fit in. She'd rather play video games or read, and dislikes makeup and gossip.
    A lot of the time, she spends out on the dock, drawing or writing, and so when she bumps into Nico there, she's a bit taken back.
    She's heard a lot of bad things about him, and he's always alone, so she's a bit scared at first, but then she decides to make her own choices about him, and begins speaking to him.

    I also have an original idea, it's set in Medieval times.
    It's brother x sister, and I'd like to play the sister.

    Our siblings have been in a romantic relationship since my oc was 13, and yours 15.
    It turned sexual around the time they were 15/16.
    Now, in their twenties, their kingdom is very close to war, so their parents decide to unite with fellow kingdoms to protect their own, which means our oc's have to get married to people they don't know.
    The brother's future wife is nice, and he actually begins to like her, but the sister's future husband isn't very nice, and he beats her, leaving her full of resentment towards her brother and his future wife.

    Drama, Romance, ect. I'd like to be the sister, but I'll double if needed.

    Yes, all of these are romance based, with the character I've listed, and my Oc.
    I am willing to play any characters of any of these series for you, except the ones I've asked you to play.
    (Snape, Nico, Fenris, Cullen.)

    If you're interested, please tell me which idea, and please link me to a sample of your writing!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.