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  1. I prefer adult partners because I like to Rp with people my age and that I don't feel comfortable playing with teenagers. Sorry.
    I have been wanting to RP this FANDOM for a bit. it will MY OC X CH from the story.
    I'll Put some ideas here.

    Ticci Toby X my OC OK well let say are characters met when they were really little my character was Toby's only friend because everyone made fun of him because of his stutter. But one day the Toby and his family moved far away in my character never saw him again years after Toby's incident with his sister passing away... letting his sanity slowly slip away into the darkness and finally letting the voices take control, with also the killing of his father. Toby becomes part of Slenderman's proxy he works with Masky and Hoodie. And our characters would read me again but not on good terms. My character is in a disguise so she isn't recognizable to Toby and it's been so long since my character has seen yours she doesn't know what he looks like so they're going to end up fighting probably. Idk just throwing shit out there lol
    we can plan more once we talk.
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  2. Excuse me, but if this is an 18+ roleplay, then please refer to the redstar bedroom
  3. Hi!
    @Hunter of Shadows Searching for 18+ partners for reasons other than doing sexual roleplay is allowed in the regular partner search. If you find that someone is requesting specifically for sexual themes in their roleplay and is not in the proper forum, please feel free to let a moderator know.

    @MissIronMaiden You can put your request back up, or I can delete this thread for you, if you prefer. Please let me know!
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  4. ill put it back up. I only put 18+ because im in my 20's and i dont like rping with people under 18. but ill rewrite it to make it sound better. thank you.
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  5. Not a problem! That's totally fine. Let me know if you need anything else. :)
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