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  1. Hey, guys! I'm looking for someone who's interested in roleplaying plots based off fandoms, which definitely WASN'T obvious from the thread's title. :)

    I do have a few requirements, and they are as follows:
    • Fairly good grammar and spelling are necessary. I don't mind a few mistakes here and there, but multiple errors in almost every post can he extrememly irritating.
    • PLOTS. I'll admit, I don't have any plots in mind, so ideas are mre than welcome.
    • Quock responses are always nice. I'd like at least one post a day from you.
    I'd like the roleplay to involve canon characters from the fandom, but OCs are fine as long as it still focuses partially on the actual characters. The fadoms I want to roleplay (in order from most prefered to least prefered) are:
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Star Trek (The Original Series)
    • Doctor Who
    • Sherlock
    • Harry Potter
    • Merlin (I'm relatively new to this fandom)
    • Star Wars
    Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you're interested.
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  2. Doctor Who! I already have a plot. But It's a rather turn over plot. But the concept of Doctor who is there. :)

    I also have an idea for Sherlock and Merlin and Harry Potter too...

    But you can decide :)
  3. Brilliant! PM me with your plot ideas; I'd love to hear them.
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Not open for further replies.