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  1. Hello! I'm looking for a fandom based role-play at the moment. So if any of the particular ones I have listed sparks any interest, please just let me know! For fandom, I'm usually fine in AU universes. It can be anything-- zombie apocalypse, modern, mystery, steampunk, adventure, magical.

    -I'm laid back with length, but I will not do one-liners. Multi para or novellas are my favorites.
    -I tend to prefer playing female characters, I just have more fun that way. That being said, I'll do both f/f and m/f pairings.
    -Mature themes might come up. Life happens and all of that. But I'd prefer not to go into detailed descriptions-- maybe just hinting at it or keeping it as brief as possible. (I'm fine with gore and horror, but sex scenes I might be a tad awkward with)
    -Roleplaying is about having fun! I'd love to talk out of character and do some planning beforehand. I don't want to dictate everything, I'd prefer we brainstorm and toss ideas back and forth.

    I'll list a few pairings and keep the names of the characters I'd want to play to the left. And then underneath, I'll just list the names of the characters in a series I'd like to play-- and if you have any preference on a character or a crack ship you prefer involving one of those characters, you can just let me know. I'm laid back and pretty much open to anything as long as character development is involved! My fandoms can be a bit on the obscure side, so I'm not sure how many people might actually show an interest, aha, but here goes!

    Dangan Ronpa & Super Dangan Ronpa 2 [Beware spoilers. Let me know where you are in the story so I can know to avoid spoiling anything.]


    [Peko, Mahiru, Sonia, Ibuki, Celestia] - I'll probably ship these girls with anyone, as long as there's development to back it up with. So if you have any preferred characters from the series (male or female) that you'd like to play, just ask!

    Persona 4



    Considering how small the series is, I guess I'll just say that I'd prefer to play Ib. If you'd like to play Gary or Marry, that'd be great! We could take an ending and go from there or do an AU.

    Anyhow! Depending what we pick, we can try and either keep it in the same universe or do an AU. If you're up for zombies, supernatural, or just a simple modern AU, I'm sure we could come up with something fun. Hopefully this wasn't too painful to read through, thanks for stopping by!
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