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There's a lot of fandom themed roleplay that I've wanted to do, but they never get very far.

  • Black Butler- Typical master/demon relationship. Focuses on political status and investigating crimes. I prefer to be the master in this case. OC's. Probably the one I want to do the most.
  • Hetalia- Dennor or UsUk preferred. I prefer England and Norway. If you have other Hetalia-based things you want to roleplay, I'll probably be open to it. Canon characters.
  • Steven Universe- This would revolve around gemsonas, not the canon characters.
  • Mistborn- I don't have much of a plot thought out, but I'd still like to do a roleplay based on this. OC's.


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Hi! I'd love to do a Steven Universe RP or Black Butler (though I just started this so my knowledge isn't the best) with you.
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