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  1. [HELLO!]
    Hi everyone, I'm by-candlelight, but feel free to call me Ama, and I am here looking for some amazing fandom roleplays. :-)

    Also, before I talk about roleplay info, I just have to say that I have a pretty good roleplay-radar. Meaning, I can tell pretty quickly if I will get along with my roleplay partner or not and if the roleplay will last! I’ve had a good ten years to develop it and, in my opinion, it’s pretty freaking accurate.

    And now, without further ado, my roleplay information!


    I conduct my roleplaying over email, threads in this site, and instant messenger (usually Skype or AIM), and I write between 1-4 paragraphs per side depending on the length we settle on. My response rate is generally between one and three times per day.

    I double! I enjoy all the characters I play, be they my OC or the canon you request of me. And I go out of my way to pay special attention to the canon I play in order to ensure the happiness of my roleplay partner. This means I always tend to write more for my partner’s side then for my own. Do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you, and all that jazz, yes?
    If you skimp on writing for my side, there’s a good chance I’ll simply end the roleplay.


    I would love to roleplay with someone who is able to create dynamic and engaging characters that tug at my heartstrings and, yes, even sometimes piss me off. You can expect the same from me in return. There is nothing more pleasing than having a well-developed cast of characters who can interact with one another within the confines of a detailed plot.

    I will also admit to enjoying having multiple pairings. I love if both my roleplay partner and me end up having multiple OCs, so that we can jump between writing scenes for couples within the ongoing storyline. It adds more flavor to the roleplay, I do believe. This is, of course, by no means necessary! I can easily stick to smaller casts.

    For fandoms, I play out only canon/oc pairings. I enjoy all gender pairings, be it m/f, f//, or m//.
    For m/f pairings, I play: dominant females and either dominant or submissive males.
    For f// pairings, I play: dominant females.
    For m// pairings, I play: dominant males.


    I am a young woman who will be twenty-three somewhere within the next half a year and I would prefer it if you were both over eighteen and of the female persuasion. Why? This is because I partake in the writing of detailed and candid sex scenes (smut is stupendously fun to write) and it discomforts me to do so with someone who is underage and/or male.
    I have nothing against kinks and will pander to yours if you pander to mine.

    The sole things I prefer to keep out of my writing are listed below. These are things that I will not write out during the roleplay. I am fine with mentions of it, for example, a character facing or having faced sexual assault in their background or at some point during the plot – I just will not write it out. Without further ado, here are my limits. So, no:
    × bestiality
    × necrophilia
    × pedophilia
    × rape/anything non-consensual


    Communication is absolutely crucial for me, and I prefer roleplay partners who are willing to collaborate on the creation of a plot and who take great interest in all its aspects. Therefore, I ask that you please have Skype, AIM, or any other sort of instant messenger that would enable out-of-character chatter. Skype and AIM are by far preferable. I am sorry to say but the availability of a chat messenger will make or break a roleplay partnership with me. I’m a very friendly and sociable person online, I promise. I’m not particularly shy when talking to new roleplay partners and will do my best to make you feel comfortable so that we can easily plot.
    We can start out conduction OOC-chatter over email and then transition to chatting over an instant messenger, that is fine by me.


    Via PM
    Via email: manymilestobabylon@gmail.com
    Via Skype/AIM: This will be given after first emailing for a bit.


    Beneath the fandoms are love interests I usually ask for. I am interested in all fandoms below.

    Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
    Levi, Erwin

    Hans, Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, Flynn

    Dragon Age: Origins / Dragon Age II
    Zevran, Jowan, Carver, Tallis, Bethany

    Fable 2/3
    Reaver, Logan

    Game of Thrones
    Sansa, Daenerys, Daario

    The Hobbit
    Thranduil, Thorin, Kili, Fili

    Mass Effect Trilogy
    Kal'Reegar, Tali'Zorah, Liara, Kaidan

    Itachi, Neji

    OUAT / Once Upon a Time
    Prince Charming, Sheriff Graham, Snow White, Emma Swan

    Cicero, Aela, Vilkas, Ancano
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  2. If I play Fili or Kili for you, can you play Thorin for me?
  3. Why, yes, I certainly can! I've written for Thorin before and do enjoy his character. :-) I am up for discussing potential plots and other such things either over the PM system here or via email, whichever is easier for you.:-)
  4. Ugh I would love to do a Disney roleplay with you. However, I unfortunately don't have accounts on the instant messenger mediums you mentioned. Would you consider roleplaying in the forums and do ooc plotting and conversing though PM?
  5. Perhaps we could discuss a thread? I'd enjoy a Frozen thread, or perhaps OUAT. I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the others. Aside from my site PlayerResume, you may find my static info/idea post here.
  6. I'm going to PM you both. :-)
  7. Are you open to the thought of other Fandoms? (Or is that your final list?)

    If not, Naruto is the choice from the list I'm interested in.
  8. That is, for now, the only list of fandoms that I am interested in. :-)
  9. Kks! I would be interested in playing Neji in exchange for Gaara. (I haven't played Neji for a long time, so I'm a bit rusty.)
  10. I would be certainly up for that. :-) Lets carry this discussion to PMs or email.
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