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  1. Hey there!

    I'm Meiima or Mei! I'm new to roleplaying but the whole thing and idea of it excites me! I'm a newbie role player but I'm okay with roleplaying with anyone! I do F x M roleplays but I can RP as a multi character.

    So straight to the point, I'm looking for short term roleplays through conversations. I can do forum threads but I just really prefer conversations/private messages.

    I don't require a specific amount of paragraph in the roleplay we are to do as long as you can give me something I can reply to! But don't be afraid to go more if you'd like! I love descriptive but sadly I lack the talent to be a descriptive role player since English is my second language.

    As for roleplaying genres, I'll happily try out anything! Though be warned that I'm still new to roleplaying aha. I'm a-okay with romance in RPs as long as it doesn't get veeerryy personal. Friendship or Rivalry is <3 I'd gladly be a friend or foe in our roleplay depending on your preferences!

    Also if you aren't interested in a story RP, maybe we can do a short Fandom RP! Here are the Fandoms I'm in:

    •Team Fortress 2
    •Don't Starve Together
    •Heneral Luna

    For Filipino RPers
    If you have watched Heneral Luna, I am greatly inspired to do a OC to OC roleplay in this setting!! There will be derp moments, oc art, angst comical relief, oc art, did I mention derp moments?

    If you aren't a Filipino and haven't watched the movie but interested in it and ARE familiar with the Spanish and American treaty, Spain selling Philippines and the American war that happened here, maybe we can work something out!

    Roles that may happen in the General Luna RP:
    (Me to You)
    Soldier x Soldier
    General x General
    General x Soldier or vice versa

    I hope to RP with you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.