Fandom Roleplay? (Anime/Book/Game/Shorts/Ect.) MxM ~Libertine Search~

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Welcome to my little thread!

1. I tend to prefer to play a submissive role, but I can do switch. And, on occasion, a dominate role.

2. I like at least a paragraph or two each post

3. tba?

(Hinata/Kageyama, willing to double up)

As far as sports animes go, this is my favorite.
And i'm all heart eyes for KageHina. Wanna RP it? I'll rp it 12 ways to sunday. Only issue? I haven't started Season Two yet so, i have to knowledge there other then some shart goes down in teams... :(

I'd want Hinata and i'd you to take Kageyama. Dom/sub wise i'd like them to be switch.
Mirai Nikki

A fast pace and suspenseful "murder game" style Anime.
If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. The ending get's a little muddled but the wrap up is worth it.

The anime gets a little dark, so if you have a weak stomach i'd suggest looking into the clean version or staying away from it all together. The end game isn't Yuki and Aru but it's heavily implied and haves several canon scenes that made my little shipper heart go nuts. Canon one sided romances are the worst and best all at once.

I just want an AU where they two of them hook up and are happy!

I would play Yuki(sub, duh), and would like you to play Akise)
(Naruto/Sasuke, willing to double up)

For a short time this was one of the most widely animes out in the west.
It's still hard to find someone who hasn't at least heard of it. I'm pretty smitten with the SasuNaru pairing, and have been as long as I can remember being in the shipping business. I'm looking for a RP that keeps them some what in character, I realize they will break now and then because the characters are not ones of our own creation. I would like to roleplay the pairing in one of three ways:

1.Pre-Sasuke running off
2.AU where Sasuke came back
3.flat out AU

I'm willing to play it other ways if you pitch it to me well!

I'd like to play Naruto while you take Sasuke.
Usually i'd say dom and sub here, but let's be honest.
Naruto and Sasuke would fight like cats and dogs over whos dom, so why label it?
Until Dawn

One of the most recent 'choices' games to hit the market, and a darn good one at that.
My only upset is I don't like that you couldn't help josh. He was sick and you couldn't help him. :c I'd like to have a RP where he got a little love at least!!!

I'd either like Chris to go back for him, or an AU that allows them to be togather

I do not care which role I play.
Welcome To Hell

A short thesis film created by Erica Wester.
Cute and light hearted in nature, the over all themes of this short are surprisingly dark consider the tone. Some of the themes aren't for the easily offended or faint of heart, but i assure you the piece in it's entirety is quite light hearted an humorous.

It follows the story of a young boy names sock who meets his grisly end and ends up in hell where he is offered a job the haunt a teenage boy name Jonathan. His job? Convince his target to kill himself. To bad he sucks at his job.

I would like to play Sock(Sub), and have my partner play Jonathan(Dom).
Harry Potter
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