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    • I'm currently writing several of my own stories and don't want to be influenced or accidentally steal ideas from my partners.
    • I like the concept of inserting my own original character into fandom.
    • Playing canon characters is easier for me than developing new characters all the time.
    • Communications through OOC, otherwise there's no development of the role play.
    • Dedication, I prefer long term role plays and that can sometimes be difficult for those that aren't dedicated to the role play.
    • Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, paragraphs...all very important!
    • Doubling, unless you're willing to play the role I ask without wanting a second role in the role play, please be prepared to double up. This means that we both will play at least two characters and both of us will be satisfied with what pairings we ask for.
    • I only role play through PM!
    • I'm only interested in partners that are EIGHTEEN or older, no offense to the younger audience, I just prefer to include mature themes.
    ( Character's I'd ask for you to play )
    • Marvel Universe ( Scott Lang "Ant-Man" & Wade Wilson "Deadpool" )
    • Criminal Minds ( Spencer Reid)
    • X-Men Universe ( Nightcrawler, Gambit, Wolverine, Young!Magneto, Young!Xavier )
    • Lost Girl ( Vex )
    • Doctor Who ( 9th & 10th Doctors )
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  2. Hi! I would love to do the criminal minds RP with you!
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  3. Well, I read through the requirements and the only one I don't meet is the age, I'm fifteen.
  4. Hellooo :3

    I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a X-Men: First Class or DOFP roleplay?
  5. Waiting for your reply to the other so I can reply to ours....
  6. Added a few more fandoms!
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