Fandom Request - Devil May Cry 4/5 [MxM]


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Hey, there.

What am I looking for?
I'm seeking a Dante for Dante x Nero roleplay. I know quite a bit about the series as I've played all the games. However, if you've never played 5, we can do stuff only surrounding 4. Though, bonus points if you've played 5 as I have some ideas in mind.

If you're up for the job, I prefer to discuss this though mainly I aim for post DMC5. Again, if you've only played 4, we can do post DMC4.

Criteria for Writing Partner
I prefer a partner who knows the character well. You don't have to be an advanced writer, but I prefer someone who's at least intermediate. Mistakes are to be expected. I also prefer Discord, but we can do RP via PM. I'd prefer at least one post daily. If you post more, that's just a bonus. I don't expect you to as we all have a life.

Sexual Themes
Yes, we can do sexual themes and I don't expect there not to be. However, I prefer story over smut. I'm not a fan of forced romance, either. It has to be gradual. This is a very specific kink and if you're not into it, please move on.

About Me
I take pride in knowing my characters well and will provide quality RP. I work long hours, so keep that in mind. As said before, I don't expect a post daily but will do my best to get to you in a timely manner; even if it's at odd hours. I've been writing for about fourteen years now. I do play other characters, but my main muse is Devil May Cry as of current. However, if we ever decide to do other RPs outside of DMC, we can discuss fandoms.

I look forward to working with you!