Fandom Quest: The Search for a Partner (MxF looking for F)

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Okay so how this is gonna work is that I'm going to use this thread as a sort of 'fandom dump', meaning if I get a new craving for a fandom or perhaps you want to try and see what ones I like, then I'll keep updating this with new ideas/parings in my posts.

Anyways. HI!

My name is mr_pibbs, but feel free to call be Pibbles if you'd like.

As you can tell, this is a fandom search! But I'm not just looking for one idea in particular: I'm looking to cover a whole bunch of them! I'll provide a list below of the fandoms I like (and actually know about) and we can see if we want to try something out!

But first, a few things ^^

1. I only play Male characters and only MxF pairings. I just don't feel comfortable as a straight guy IRL to play MxM or FxF. Sorry. Also, I draw the line at Futas/Furrys. Not really into them.

2. I like to think I'm an adept roleplayer, but with the right inspiration I can come up with 8-9 paragraphs. That being said, I match my partners writing skill. But I would like at least 2-3 paragraphs so I have something to work with. If you do a one-liner, don't expect me to respond. I know it's mean, but I can't do one-liners without getting frustrated.

3. In these pairings I am willing to play Canons, OC's, and Can-OC (a canon-based OC. For example, an OC Companion from Doctor Who). I'm also willing to double, but I won't triple. Just don't expect me to play big-hulking man-beasts like Ganondorf or something. Most of my guys are all scrawny and sensitive :3

4. I don't have a set posting schedule. Sometimes you'll get a ton of replies in one day, sometimes you'll get one reply a week, sometimes you won't get something for a while. I do have a real life (as unfortunate as that is) and as such it takes me out of my RPs occasionally. I'll try to warn you if something's going on, but if I don't respond for three days just give me a little reminder poke (sometimes I need it). That being said, I'm a patient guy. If you have to go do whatever and don't reply back for a bit, I'll follow the same 3-day rule. Once three days is up, I'll give you a friendly reminder poke. And if you don't want to RP anymore, just tell me. Better then leaving me in the dark and spamming your inbox with reminder pokes :3.

5. I'm down to write dirty scenes, I feel they're part of real life so why not make them a part of the stories we tell? But I don't do BDSM, Humiliation, or any of the really kinky stuff. Call me vanilla and slap me on an ice cream cone, but I prefer just plain old sexy time :3. I can be coerced into rape if it's not my main character doing it/works into the plot, and the same goes with pregnancy. But don't expect me to grab the whip when our characters get hot and heavy.

6. I prefer Libertine threads over PM, but, I can work with what you want.

8. There's no #7 and you just went back to check :3

9. When doing an RP, I like to post my characters image at the top of my first reply, and I'd like you to do the same. I just think it helps us visualize the characters and the RP more (I'm flexible on the whole 'real vs anime/drawn' debate. I really don't care and I can work with what you want)

10. If you read these all then when you PM me, make the title of the message that of your all-time favourite fandom (ex. Message Title: Legend of Zelda)

Anyways, I'll list the pairings in the post below as well as my first major craving idea!
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Fandom List


• Fandoms with a '*' beside them are fandoms I'm not super familiar with but would like to try out

• Fandoms with a '-' beside them are the ones I have a few plot ideas for.

• Feel free to suggest your own fandoms for me to try out and I'll see if I'm willing to take part!

• Star Wars -
• Legend of Zelda -
• Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
• Super Mario -
• Mega Man/Mighty Number 9
• Sword Art Online -
• Metroid -
• Doctor Who -
• Bayonetta -
• Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann -
• Attack on Titan*
• Adventure Time -
• Marvel/DC/Comics of Any Kind (film and comic universes) -
• Highschool of the Dead -
• Pokémon (anime/games) -
• Disney -
• Indiana Jones
• Tomb Raider (films/games) -
• Neon Genesis Evangelion*
• Scooby-Doo -
• Power Puff Girls (grown up, not little kids) -
• Sailor Moon* -
• Fairy Tail*
• Crossovers (mixing up the fandoms listed/fandoms you suggest) -

**This list will be updated as more fandoms suck me in xD**​

Mae Renea

I know we are starting one already but you have no clue how happy I am to see this!

Powerpuff Girls
Comic Heroes (which you know)
Adventure Time

I can't decide! o.o​


Crossover between SAO and Disney?

Almost like KH but not, since I'm still trying to finish the first KH xD
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