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  1. Hello! I'm looking again for someone to write with. Please post your preference here, I'm having issues with my inbox and I can't reply to anything yet. I'm still working on it. For my plots I'm very much open to anything; except for Incest, furry, fxf, mxm, watersports, and extreme heavy bondage. But I'm willing to double if you're a female. :)

    The Dark Knight Trilogy:
    Idea 1. My character is a new staff member and this is her first year working at Arkham Asylum and she is in charge of Dr. Jonathan Crane. During their time together, Crane starts to slowly manipulate her and manages to get my character to work for him. (We can add more to this plot.)

    Idea 2. My character is the youngest daughter of Jim Gordon and she's an detective who is on the hunt for Dr. Crane. Immediately when they come face to face for the first time, Crane is already obsessed with my character. She is then rescued by Batman (who returns after five years) and asks him if he could teach her how to fight crime like he does. (Again we can add more.)

    Idea 1. This follows the same basic story line from the film. Prince Edward goes to find Giselle, but meets an entirely different woman (my OC) and he falls in love with her. But this time he's stuck in New York and he can't go back to Andalasia, and so my character helps him make a living in the real world.

    Idea 2. My character is sort of like a ranger/huntsman and she is sent to New York by the evil queen to bring back Prince Edward and to kill Giselle instead of Nathaniel. (We can add more.)

    Idea 1. My character is a twenty-two-year-old independent singer and songwriter who travels to Baltimore, Maryland. She comes across an old abandoned studio building that once aired the popular 6o's tv program: The Corny Collins Show. The next day, she wakes up and finds herself in the year of 1963. (I'm looking for someone to play Corny Collins for me.)

    Idea 2. My character is the oldest and quite ordinary sister of Amber Von Tussle who works with her mother on the set of the Corny Collins Show. She can't sing and can't dance, but she can paint! Her dream is to travel all over the world to study and paint abroad, but her mother won't have it; and so she's stuck as being Amber's and her mother's assistant. The only person that truly makes her happy is Corny, but unfortunately he just sees her as a friend, until he meets my character's new boyfriend and he seems to be a little jealous for some reason.

    Lord of the Rings:
    Idea 1. My character is a 28-year-old woman who works at the Smithsonian Institution and it's her first day on the job. She comes across a rather unique necklace that the curators still have not yet identified where it originally came from. The moment she touches it, she is transported into another world where fantasy-like creatures are real and dark forces are soon closing in. While exploring, she finds herself in a village called Meduseld and soon meets the handsome Rohirrim King. (This takes place a couple of years after the ring is destroyed and we can add more ideas to this.)

    Idea 2. My character is the younger daughter of Lord Elrond and decides against her father's wishes to live among Men. She travels to Edoras and soon becomes close friends with Eowyn and becomes the girl's lady-in-waiting. But the fair maiden's brother is not too thrilled of the idea of having an elf living under their roof. But in time he learns to soften up and starts falling in love with my character.

    Idea 3. My character is a beautiful Haradrim slave who is secretly being put up for auction at the Gondorian market. She is noticed by King Eomer who is out visiting Aragorn and decides to buy her and to set her free. But by law, she can only be free if someone speaks to the Haradrim leader and offers him riches. So now she is the King's slave and not too happy about it. (We can definitely add more to this plot.)

    The Notebook:
    Idea 1. My character has just graduated from Stanford University and travels to New York City to work at the New York Times as a journalist. She receives a strange letter (that explains a family inheritance she's never even heard of) at her new apartment from a man who claims to be her maternal grandfather, and asks her to travel to Charleston, South Carolina to meet him.

    She meets him at a local elderly home and he tells her of an historical plantation plot that was her mother's childhood home and puts the house under my character's name, since he's dying and he can't take care of it anymore. Curious, she checks out the old home and comes across an old photo album with a picture of two young handsome men in late 40's attire. She clearly recognizes that one of them is her grandfather, the other... she has no idea who except for the man's first two initials: L.H.

    She wakes up the next day and decides to check out who this L.H. guy was when something impossible happens-- Why are people dressed like they were from the 40's, and what happened to everything else? She starts to freak out when she meets the very man she was going to research on.

    Idea 2. My character and Lon Hammond were close childhood friends until they grew apart and went on with their separate lives; he went off to war and she became a teacher. After the war was officially over, they accidentally ran to each other in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina; both of them happily engaged. My character had always been very fond of Lon and was (secretly) hoping he would come back in her life and sweep her off her feet. But it seemed to her that he only thought of her as a sister than a significant other. But when she found out about Lon and Allie were not together anymore, she decided the best way to be there for a friend is to comfort him.

    Star Trek (Abrams-verse):
    Idea 1. My character is the daughter of Captain Christopher Pike and she has just recently been enrolled to Starfleet Academy alongside Kirk and McCoy. The trio becomes fast friends and they do everything together. But unfortunately, my character has a major crush on Bones and she's too nervous and shy to make the first move and/or share her true feelings to him. Also like my character, Bones has a hard time sharing his feelings too. (We can add more to this, but basically is set before the first film.)

    Idea 2. My character wakes up from a deep/hibernation sleep and she finds herself in the year/stardate 2259.24. She has no idea where she's at except she's in space and on a ship called the Enterprise. She has no memory of her past except the year she was born in and the year she fell into a deep sleep. Something happened all those years ago on Earth, and my character is the last remaining link to the past. (Basically Bones helps my character and starts having feelings for her. We can add more to this. This will take place after Into Darkness.)

    Idea 3. Again, my character is the daughter of Captain Pike. She, McCoy, and other science officers are beamed down on a planet when they are soon ambushed by a tribe of natives. The group gets separated and my character and Bones are lost in the forest. They need to somehow find their way back to their rendezvous point without the use of their communicators and phasers. During that time they develop an interest with each other. (Again, we can add more to this plot.)

    Idea 4. The Enterprise crew is on a diplomatic mission to please a rich aristocrat/prince and offers him to become an ally for the Federation, but unfortunately the mission goes wrong and the man takes and enslaves the most beautiful female crew members including my character; who is the younger daughter of Admiral Marcus. In order to free the females, a male must choose which woman to fight for. Bones has always liked my character and so he fights in her honor to save her. (This will take place after Into Darkness.)

    Idea 1. It's almost time for the year-end exams at the Xavier Institute and my character is the 18-year-old daughter of Mystique and Sabertooth. She has just learned she'll be mentored by Cyclops and will go on missions with him. During their time together they start to develop feelings for each other, but it's forbidden; she's still a student and he's twelve years her senior. And not only that, he's also in an relationship with Jean.

    Idea 2. After the death of his beloved Jean, Scott Summers decides to go rogue and leaves the X-Mansion. While journeying, he comes across my character who is a mutant bounty hunter. Her goal is to terminate all the top alpha and beta class mutants; Cyclops being one of them. (We can add more.)

    Other fandoms:
    27 Dresses
    28 Days Later...
    Almost Human
    Anchorman 2
    The Chronicles of Riddick
    Comanche Moon
    Cry Baby
    Disturbing Behavior
    Django Unchained
    Doom (film)
    The Edge of Love
    Ghost Adventures
    Indiana Jones
    Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
    Interview with the Vampire
    In Time
    The Irrefutable Truth About Demons
    Jason Bourne
    Kate & Leopold
    The Last of the Mohicans
    Love Potion No. 9
    Man of Steel
    Moulin Rouge!
    The Princess Bride
    Robin Hood: Men In Tights
    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    Sleepy Hollow (1999)
    Straw Dogs
    Superman/Returns (Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh)
    The Terminator (1984)
    Van Helsing
    War of the Worlds
    Watching the Detectives
    The Wolfman (2010)
    Xena: Warriror Princess
    X-Men: 90's Animated Series
    X-Men: Evolution
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  2. I'm interested in the X-Men themes. Would you be able/willing to be Emma Frost to my Scott Summers?
  3. Sorry, I will only play Jean Grey or an OC with Scott.
  4. I'm interested in doing Ghost Adventures :) I absolutely LOVE that show <3
  5. No apology needed. Have fun!
  6. Sorry to jump in on this thread, but I'd be willing to play Emma Frost if you are still looking for an xmen based RP?
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  7. I'm already doing one here; maybe in a few days I'd like to do another if you're still interested at that point?
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