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  1. I'm King. I'm looking for these specific plots, maybe one or two more partners! I'm also pretty much just looking for fandom's right now!

    + Please be considerate - I am still slow at replies. So My replies can take up to a week to get through, sometimes each day. Sometimes I just won't be able to get my writers block broken, sometimes I have no time. But I promise, I'm interested! If it's been more than a week, give me a knock!
    + I like some good paragraphs. Gimme 2-6 and I'm good.
    + No anime plz.
    + please PLEASE tell me your limits!
    + Read my resume, it's useful!



    The Walking Dead x [Insert fandom]

    The dead walk. Human life is dwindling, but a group of survivors manage to begin their life again on an oil refinery. The crew of characters are a collection of romance, friendship and enemies. But as they start to get comfortable, does a clash of leadership begin a decline in the group? Can they really call themselves survivors?

    (This is a RP where we play about 3-4 characters each. the twist is that we play characters from other fandoms! We take any canon character from any show and co-operate them into our own WD world! I'll probably be playing Jack Bauer from 24, Leonard McCoy from Star Trek and maybe Dexter Morgan? I'd love to do this!)


    Fandom Villains

    I haven't got a plot for this one but the idea would be to have our fandom villains decide that they would be better as a team to get what they want. They team up and begin to destroy the world! This is more of a humorous plot, I'd probably play Moriarty and maybe the Master? This would be a funny roleplay!

    If you're 18+ and like some libertine fandom RP then check this out!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.