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  1. Hello, and welcome to my post slump search for Persona Fandom romances! i'll be keeping this nice and simple, but please know that I am serious about the few guidelines I will lie down below, so please look over them carefully!

    - I am able to play both genders, of any sexuality, so please don't expect me to stick to one type of character because of my gender.

    - I often post multiple paragraphs, and would like you to at least attempt to do so as well. Absolutely no single paragraphs or one liners allowed!

    - I like to plot and chat with my partners. Please be at least semi aggressive in your plotting approach, so that we may swap ideas and cravings instead of only going along with what I can think up and drag to life.

    - I would like at least one post per day, as I am really feeling these bits of plots. Again, OOC discussions and plotting are mandatory!

    - I'm not feeling much more than fade to black, so let's keep it relatively clean, people.

    Okay! Now that that's settled, here are my cravings:

    (Can be either AU or Semi Canon) Death x Aegis. I'd be very interested in trying out a Death/Aegis pairing, that they may be in their Canon selves or an all human AU.
    Fuuka x Akihiko would be interesting, I think!

    MC x Death I think their forced closeness would be fascinating to explore, that it may be platonic or romantic. The fact that The End is approaching could add some very interesting drama to the mix.
    Mitsuru x Shinjiro I think these two have potential, and one who thrives on control and another who struggle with it could balance each other well.

    Kanji x (Male) OC I would like to see him come to term with his creator confirmed bisexuality. That it may be True Love or more along the line of a Closet Key, we could play it out as we wished.
    Yosuke x Rise I can picture him making her laugh, and her dragging him out of his boredom in a MC-free Inaba.

    Post Game: Dojima x OC (New girlfriend/wife-to-be) I could see him finding love again after his issues are resolved and Nanako is safe post game. Complete with Nanako cuteness!
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    I have a super craving for a cute non romantic roleplay between Yu/Souta and Nanako as they get to acknowledge each other as brother and sister in a murder case/persona free Inaba. It'll be a slice of life, but I intend to spice it up with plenty of interesting scenes and eventful moments!

    Is anyone interested in that one? :o
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