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  1. Hey, thanks for checking this thread out :) I haven't had any good one on one RP's in a while and I want to polish up my writing so here goes!

    What type of partner I'm looking for:
    I'm looking for someone capable of being a dominant role in an RP. To take charge and help move the story along as well as drop a few ideas here and there whenever the situation calls for it. I love surprises so don't be afraid to surprise me :)

    Someone that is up for a long term RP and is able to tell me if they are no longer interested. It's seriously no trouble to let me know and I will not take any offense. In fact it'd be more of a chore if you don't let me know ;P

    A capable writer that can at least produce 1 full paragraph of a post. I'm usually not that picky when it comes to grammar but please take into consideration that this is an RP post not a texting session. (So basically just no shortened words like brb, gtg, lol, omg, etc. unless it's a character speaking or an actual text being written down xD)

    An RPer that's okay with playing more than one NPC character. We don't have to make this whole organized list of who is playing which NPC or anything like that. Just someone that okay with playing other chara's other than the main one. And don't worry I'll be playing my fair share too.

    Here goes all my fandom pairings! (Will be updated regularly)

    TV shows
    John x Sherlock

    Dean x Castiel
    Sam x Dean
    Dean x Sam x Castiel (xD this one is going to need a third party member though ;P)

    Adventure Time:
    Marshall x Gumball
    Marshall x Marceline
    Marshall x Fiona
    Marshall x everyone (xD You can pick whatever character you'd like)

    Gravity Falls:
    Dipper x Bipper
    Dipper x Mabel
    Bipper x Mabel

    Once Upon A Time:
    Peter x Wendy

    X-men: First Class
    Charles x Erik

    Sherlock Holmes:
    Sherlock x Watson

    Peter Pan:
    Peter x Wendy

    Tinkerbell x Terrence

    Loki x everyone (pick your poison~)

    Lord of the Rings:
    Thranduil x Legolas
    Legolas x everyone (yes, even a dwarf xD)
    Thranduil x everyone (I just love this guy too much)

    Harry Potter:
    Harry x young!Tom Riddle jr.
    Harry x Draco
    Tom Riddle jr. x everyone (Again your choice ;P)

    Percy Jackson series:
    Percy x Nico
    Nico x Jason
    Nico x everyone (you know what this means xD)
    Percy x Jason

    Caius x Renesmee
    Renesmee x The three volturi kings (either played by one person or by 2 other people xP)

    That's all I can think of right now but I get more ideas you bet that I'll update it ;)

    Any characters I listed are open and you get first pick to which one you'd like to play! As for the setting we can talk about it later or you can request it. I'm good for any AU's or cross overs (i.e. Marshall lee and Gumball being in Hogwarts). Now that that's said and done lets get the requests rolling!
  2. Hey! I would be interested in a lot of these, actually, lol. Is there any one in particular you've been itching to do? Out of all the ones listed, I'd be willing to do John x Sherlock (for the TV series), Dean x Castiel, Charles x Erik (although I haven't seen some of the movies in a while so I may be a bit rusty on that topic), Loki x Whoever, Legolas x Whoever, and Thranduil x Whoever, (I don't have any particular other characters in mind, but I would be interested), Harry x Draco, and Percy x Nico.

    I'm not very used to playing an extremely dominant role, but I've been roleplaying for years now and I'm pretty sure I'd be able to do it. If you're still interested in doing these I'd be happy in doing any (or all) of them with you.
  3. *slams hands on laptop excited*
    Gravity Falls! I will be happy to play Mabel to your Dipper.
    I have never done Gravity Falls before and i have been wanting to try it for a while now.
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