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  1. Hey guys, so I've decided to make a fandom request thread and I'm curious to see where this goes. So feel free to share any of your own fandom ideas/requests. For rules and such; I'm only interested in M/F pairings (me playing the female roles), post at least 2 paragraphs or more, have basic grammar and spelling, and no god-modding/power-play. Oh, I am also willing to double for most of the fandoms I've mentioned below.

    (Bold - Seriously craving)

    Star Trek (Reboot)
    Christopher Pike/OC
    Jim Kirk/OC
    Leonard McCoy/OC

    Star Wars
    Anakin Skywallker/OC
    Han Solo/OC
    Young Obi-Wan Kenobi/OC

    Dwayne Hicks/OC
    William Hudson/OC

    The Avengers
    Clint Barton/OC
    Steve Rogers/OC

    X-Men (90's/Evolution/Cinematic)
    Logan Howlett/OC
    Remy LeBeau/OC
    Scott Summers/OC

    Lord of the Rings

    The Notebook
    Lon Hammond Jr./OC
    Noah Calhoun/OC

    Smallville (I won't be able to double for this one)
    Clark Kent/OC

    Criminal Minds (I can't play Spencer Reid)
    Aaron Hotchner/OC
    Derek Morgan/OC
    Spencer Reid/OC
    William LaMontagne Jr./OC

    Almost Human
    John Kennox/OC

    Dean Winchester/OC
    Sam Winchester/OC

    The Vampire Diaries
    Alaric Saltzman/OC
    Damon Salvatore/OC

    Lance Sweets/OC
    Seeley Booth/OC

    Justice League (Show)
    Clark Kent/OC

    Celebrity Crush
    Male Celeb/OC
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  2. I am happy to do a double up in pairings for a supernatural rp I can play Sam for you ^^
  3. Wonderful! I can play either Dean or Castiel for you. :)
  4. Awesome! You can play Dean for me ^-^
  5. Okay, I'll send you a PM. :)
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