Fandom Pairings Anyone? (MxF looking for F)

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Heyo everyone!


Alright, there's not much of a solid plot for this thread but I've been craving a few fandom based RP's.

Most of, if not all of, the pairings I list here have basic plot ideas behind them, but I'd also like to collaborate on ideas with you. In each of the pairings, I'll be playing the person highlighted in bold, while the regular non-bolded text is your character.

Anyways, I'm only accepting a few of these RP's so if you're looking to go than just shoot me a PM!


SAO (Sword Art Online)

• Asuna x OC (idea here is that either Kirito is killed, or he never existed)

• OC x OC

TTGL (Teggen Toppa Gurren Laggen)

• Yoko x OC (perhaps something to do with Kamina dying and the OC trying to help her get over it, or perhaps we do a reboot of the series?)

Highschool of the Dead

• Saeko x OC (perhaps she finds him/nurtures him or perhaps he's already a part of the group?)

Rosario + Vampire

• Outer Moka x OC (something akin to a sweet high school romance, but perhaps MC is a monster hunter)

• Inner Moka x OC (perhaps the same plot as the other, but with Moka being more of a Dom and slightly more aggro.)

• Moka x OC (really just a combination of the two where she switches between her Inner and Outer persona)

Sailor Moon

• Jupiter/Venus x OC (I have a more detailed plot for this pairing involving crushes, dates, and a vigilante persona)

Pokémon (I know it's cheating, but it counts)

Red x Serena (travelling buddies)

Red x Jesse (something like a cat and mouse game, perhaps?)

Red x Hilda/Rosa (travelling buddies or maybe friendly rivals)

Comic Books

Robin (OC or Dick Grayson) x Catwoman/Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Batgirl (have several basic plot ideas for these.)

• Power Girl x OC (I'd play the equivalent to Power Girl's 'Lois')

• Starfire/Raven x OC/Robin (Dick Grayson or OC)

• OC Villain/Hero x OC Hero/OC Hero's Sidekick

• Catwoman/Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy x Cop (a literal cat and mouse game, perhaps :3)

Random Pairings/Fandoms

• Hermione Granger x OC

• Princess Peach x Humanized Toad

• Samus Aran x OC

• Tifa Lockheart x OC

• Cool World


• Kick-Ass

• Disney (Little Mermaid, Malificent, Aladdin, etc)
AsunaxOc, normally I do not partake in sao rps but I'm intrigued
Boop :3

Still looking for interested parties.

Adding 'Disney' RP's to the list (I'm up for Disney Princess pairings, but the ones I'd like to work with the most are Ariel, Jasmine, Elsa, maybe Rapunzel and Tinkerbell, and I'm also up for the possibility of Malificent (from the live action film) or playing Peter Pan myself)

I'm also adding Adventure Time (have a human OC who I enjoy playing)
I'd be interested in starting up an rp with you.
I'm interested in the comic book rps or a Disney rp.
Reopening this!
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