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  1. Yeah, if you came here expecting anything other than Fandoms...You should probably leave now and never look back because you obviously didn't read the title. This list is going to have copious amount of gay pairings. Sorry about it. (Just kidding, I'm not sorry for anything.) I might have an idea for most of these pairings, just ask.

    Harry Potter:
    Draco x Harry
    Harry x Ron
    Harry x Sirius (when harry turns 17 though)
    Ron x Draco
    Ron x Luna
    Ginny x Luna
    Ginny x Harry
    Ginny x Draco
    Draco x Neville
    Harry x Neville
    Sirius x Remus
    Severus x Remus
    Sirius x Severus
    James x Remus
    Sirius x James
    James x Lily

    Naruto x Hinata
    Naruto x Kiba
    Naruto x Sasuke
    Sasuke x Hinata
    Sasuke x Sakura
    Ino x Sukura x Hinata
    Hinata x Ino
    Ino x Tenten
    Hinata x Sukura
    Ino x Sukura
    Hinata x Tenten
    Kiba x Hinata
    Sai x Ino
    Sasuke x Ino
    Madara x Hashirama
    Madara x Tobirama (Want to do this one the most.)
    Izuna x Tobirama
    Izuna x Hashirama
    Madara x Obito
    Hidan x Kakuzu

    Lucifer x Castiel
    Lucifer x Gabriel
    Gabriel x Castiel
    Lucifer x Sam
    Gabriel x Sam
    Castiel x Sam
    Dean x Castiel
    Crowley x Castiel
    Crowley x Bobby
  2. Totes interested in Dean x Castiel. (I prefer playing Cas.)
  3. Okay, I'm totally cool with playing Dean. Send me a PM?
  4. Still looking
  5. Do you do canon/oc?
  6. Yes, I can.
  7. Cool! Well, I'm looking for either Draco or Snape from HP or Cas or Dean from SPN.

    I will play someone for you in return!
  8. I could play Draco for you and I don't really have anyone I want played in return. :)
  9. Okay, sounds good. Do you want me to PM you?
  10. Yes that would be nice.
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