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  1. Hello, all! It's me, Azalea Pendragon, and I am really into roleplaying ever since my friend online introduced it to me a few years back. She hasn't been rp-ing with me lately, though, so I found this site in order to continue my interest in it. I would be willing to roleplay with just about anyone :) Also, I am very patient with you, but please, don't leave me hanging for a month. I don't bite. Seriously.

    I am up for any roleplay you can come up with. However, here are some genres I really love:


    And here are the genres that are just, well...meh:

    -Modern (I live in the real life. I don't need to be rping in it too, but I can if you really want to)
    -Romance (I like more plot. If it's just romance it's not that interesting)
    -Horror (But I've never really done it, so...I think it'd be interesting to try sometime)

    If you are the type of person who like fandom roleplays, here are my fandoms:

    -The Avengers
    -Star Trek
    -Harry Potter
    -Disney (although I feel that'd be kind of weird to roleplay for some reason)

    -No sexual themes. I like romance, but we don't need to go into details.
    -I like fluff, but only pertaining to sexual content. I'm totally okay with battle scenes.
    -I am also up for group roleplays
    -Straight characters only
    -Please, use capitalization. It bothers me when people can't capitalize I. That's fine if you're not all the way grammatically correct, but poor capitalization skills irk me.
    -Let's get to know each other, too! I like to know who I'm roleplaying with!

    So that's it!
    Any takers?
  2. I would love to do something on The Avengers or Lord of the Rings! ^^
  3. I will do either with you! :D Do you have a preference, or would you want me to choose?
  4. Umm I am up for either I'm more knowledgeable on the avengers though XD
  5. Okay, let's do Avengers!
  6. Awesome! XD pm me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.