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  1. Okay, before you move through, please understand that I am looking for active and long term partners only. Thanks.

    My Ideal Partner:
    1. Please be able to post three or more paragraphs. And I don't just post them, actually put some thought and detail in them.
    2. Please be willing to roleplay only through the threads.
    3. If you have any limits, let me know.
    4. If you are going to be gone for two days more, please let me know. I know real life happens, I understand that but just disappearing is rude.
    5. Please contribute to the story at hand. Even throw in your own ideas, I won't mind.
    6. Be willing to double up on characters, if the plot causes for it.
    7. Please be willing to play either a male or a female.

    1. American Horror Story. (I've seen all seasons and episodes.)
    2. Pretty Little Liars.
    3. Switched at Birth.
    4. Sherlock. (The BBC version. I've seen the first series and the first episode of the third. I plan to watch the second series soon.)
    5. Pokemon.
    6. The Fosters.
    7. Orphan Black.
    8. Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    9. Legend of Korra.
    10. The Real World.
    11. Harry Potter. (My memory might need to be refreshed a little bit on this one.)
    12. X-Men. (Anyone of the movies will work for me.)
    13. The Hunger Games.
  2. I would seriously give a shot at roleplaying the Harry Potter fandom if you would have me. I warn you that I have not the most stellar track record but OOC conversations through either a thread or a Conversation should remedy that. I am up to play both canon characters as well as original ones, and have a love to expand upon what is already known in the HP world.
  3. Thanks for being interested.

    Do you have any plot ideas or anything? And I only play original characters though don't mind being related to the Canons.
  4. Excellent!

    Let's see, like I said I love exploring that fandom, so we could explore the 'pureblood ways', play muggleborns that try to make a name for themselves in the wizarding world, play with Azkaban or another wizarding prison or even play goblins and explore the Gringotts bank and it's ways. My interest lay primarilly in expending upon Diagon Alley and it's sister street(s), however.

    Do any of these interest you or should I keep making up possibilities?
  5. Uhmm, PM Me please.
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Not open for further replies.