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  1. About Me

    My name is Sarah and I'm 15 years old; I'm a sophomore in high school at the moment. Role playing and sitting on my butt is a specialty of mine. I also enjoy cosplay and mostly, anime! I've proudly been role playing for 3 years now [Since 2011]. I started out on Quizilla, but unfortunately it's getting shut down October 1st.

    Where I role Play

    I'll role play right here on iwaku! However, if you want to I'm always open to Deviantart or e-mail role plays.

    How I role play

    Paragraph form, OCxCanon [double-sided] or OCxOC.

    Who I role play with

    Preferably under the age of 18 but if you are over 18, it's better than we stay away from smut. I have no gender preference. However, if you're a yaoi fan, I'm not the partner for you.

    What I Role Play

    My current fandoms are as followed
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Sonic the hedgehog
    • Fruits Basket
    • Kuroshitsuji[Black Butler]
    • Supernatural
    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • The Walking Dead
    • [Ask About Others]

    and the only original that I'm interested in right now is something along the lines of mental patientxmental patient or mental patientxdoctor or something like that.


    WARNING: I'm a noob to iwakuroleplay [If it isn't obvious, haha]
  2. Okay,before I say anything else,you sound awesome.
    I'd be more than willing to roleplay with you,and mental patient X mental patient or mental patient X doctor sounds great! :D
    I'm 18,but I'll make sure to keep it PG13!
  3. Omg you're so sweet! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to you. Yeah, that would be a lot of fun and I don't mind that you're 18 (: shoot me a message and we'll get all the details figured ouy
  4. Hi,I would love to rp with you and I'm under 18.Just to let you know ahead of time,I play females.I was hoping to do a supernatural rp with you because I am currently obsessed with that show.
  5. I prefer to do doubles for OCxCanon, would you maybe be interested in doing partial genderbends or something along those lines? Or maybe we could do an OCxOC pairing and have the canon characters on the side? I prefer to play females as well but I don't have a problem playing males if you want me to.
  6. I'm okay with the OCxOC pairing and I would appreciate it if you would play male.
  7. Alright! Yeah, I can play male for you (:
  8. Send me a pm and we can further discuss details.
  9. Honestly, you have good taste in anime. Madoka Magica or black butler are the ones I'm interested in.
  10. Aw, thanks! I've seen a lot more than just those ones, but they're the ones I'm kind of craving as of right now. I'd love to give Madoka a try because I've never done a Madoka role play before. I've seen the whole series plus the movie~ I think you and I will have a lot of fun!
  11. Hi my name is Lorelei I'm 20 but I'll be more then willing to stay away from smut!! If it means I get someone to RP with that I'm okai with that!! I get bored all the time so I will be more then willing to RP wth you
  12. Awesome! It's nice to meet you, I'd love to role play with you! What did you want to rp?
  13. Hello! It's nice to know that there's other non-yaoi fans on here! I'd be willing to do Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and...out of curiosity (I'm looking at your avatar right now.), are you a Danganronpa fan, by any chance? And if so, would you be willing to role play that with me?
  14. I am a fan of Danganronpa! I've never role played that before but I would absolutely LOVE to give it a try!
  15. Yay! I'll PM you, and we can start discussing plot ideas!
  16. Okay! :bsmile:
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