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  1. I can do both genders and if there is any other fandom you wanna try that I might know of, ask me.

    Hibiki Emporium
    Black Butler
    [I can play: Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Alois]
    [I can play: Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo]
    Fruits Basket
    Love Stage
    Show By Rock
    Uta no prince Sama
    Ouran High School Club

    [I can play: Tamaki and Kyoya]
    Movies and Books

    The Devil Wears Parada
    Hunger Games

    Studio Ghibli
    Harry Potter
    Rise of the Guardians
    Greys Anatomy
    Percy Jackson and The Olympians

    Video Games

    Final Fantasy Series
    .hack series
    Dragon age series
    Mass Effect
  2. still searching.
  3. still searching
  4. Hi! I'm unsure what exactly you would like to roleplay but I can do some of the fandoms you have listed. Here's a list of the ones I can do:

    Black Butler
    Harry Potter
    Rise of the Guardians

    Well...that's about it for the one's you've listed that I can roleplay. :) Though I'd like to know what sort of roleplay you are hoping for?
  5. it can either be like canon x oc or oc x oc or something like that, normal standard rps.
  6. Alright. Well which one would you like to roleplay then?
  7. it depends on what characters, really.
  8. Well I can play the characters in Harry Potter and Rise of the Guardians really well, so you could choose between those two?
  9. harry potter then.
  10. still searching.
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  13. still searching for partners​
  14. can you do a final fantasy 7 rp if so drop me a PM :D
  15. Can you message me instead, people asking me to pm them is one of my pet peeves
  16. Still searching for partners​
  17. searching for partners
  18. Still searching for partners
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.