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  1. The name is anima, my schedule is FINALY clearing up and I will be able to roleplay more often. yay! though I do warn that my posting can range from responses right away, to a response a few days later. This is due to my unpredictable schedule and because I don't like giving half ass responses if I can't think of something. Anyways my posting length ranges from two paragraphs to six+. I can play either the submissive or the Dominant in the relationship, though there are a few pairings that I do insist on certain roles I play. Now here are some pairings I am super interested in, the ones that are bolded are the ones I really really want to do.


    Charles x Erik
    Thor x Loki
    Bucky x Steve
    Steve x Tony
    Tony x Bruce
    Hawkeye x Bucky
    Natasha x Bucky
    Hawkeye x Tony
    Agent Ward x Agent Fitz
    Loki x Tony
    Natasha x OFC
    Peter Parker x OC
    Really any pairing you can think of XD


    Criminal Minds

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  2. I need me some Wincest.. or Cheric... or both... yes both is good.
  3. I've never done a Loki and Thor one in this situation before, I could give it the old college try if I can be Loki. Could never really play a good Thor.
  4. boop boop anyone else? :)
  5. I need fassvoy or Cherick please DX
  6. This plot is inspired by this picture
    James is the eldest son of the Mcavoy family, which were well known in the aristocratic world in England. His family came over from Scotland in the early 1800's to strengthen their ties in the porcelain trading business. For years the eldest son of the family always took over the business and now it was James' turn to begin his studies in Business. Though he never really showed any interest in the family business, he instead had a passion for history and literature which his father did not approve of. His father contacted a high middle class tutor from Germany, Michael Fassbender, and paid him to come over to tutor James. He is a rather young scholar, in his late 20's but is well known for being able to get through to rather stubborn students. At first James is a bit defiant in his studies, but Michael makes a deal with him, he would take some time to tutor him in history and literature as long as he continued to focus on studying business as well. The two became increasingly close and Michael couldn't help but begin to get a soft spot for the young aristocrat. He was much different than his pig headed and rude father, he was kind and even a bit shy, preferring to spend time in the library rather than going to social gatherings with his family. After only a short time James begins to realize he see's Michael as more than just a tutor... he begins to actually have feelings for him, another man! He is disgusted with himself and tries to pull away from Michael but his tutor has grown attached to his student and refuses to let him pull away, which is how their relationship begins. (I was thinking that maybe Michael has lost a loved one before and that is why when he begins to get close to James he refuses to simply let it slip between his fingers I really really want to play James in this one)
  7. Are the fandoms you listed above the only ones you are looking for?
  8. I mean those are the ones that I know the best, there are a couple more fandoms that I am a part of but might not know as much about. I tend to stay away from roleplaying within Book fandoms because i don't like changing stories in books i don't know why... but if you have something in mind i'll hear it, can't promise i'll know a lot about it ><
  9. Wincest! :D could we?
  10. i'm sorry I just had two people message me about wanting to do a wincest rp last night. I don't think I can do more than two >< sorry.
  11. Assassin AU ErikxCharles
    (not an original story idea of mine, I just really really want to do it)

    Erik and Charles were allies (and lovers) a long time ago until they were both ordered to kill each other by their superiors. Erik's acceptive of this decision, cause no matter what had transpired between them, it's still his job to eliminate a so-called threat.
    Charles, however, doesn't want to kill Erik. He wants Erik to understand this, because he loves this man had trusted with his life for years. Erik threatens to kill him no matter what their circumstances may be. It forces Charles into a position where he has to fight his lover in order survive.​
  12. Charles x Erik

    Fifteen year old Charles Xavier comes from a dysfunctional and abusive home. He decides to join the local teen boxing club to get away from his drunk mother, abusive step-father and jealous step-brother.
    Charles, who knows he’s weak as well as gay, becomes an easy prey to one of the boxing coaches who takes a special interest in the pretty blue-eyed boy. Erik Lehnserr is the local boxing champ. Erik, who had been sexually abused by his first boxing coach/manager, Sebastien Shaw sees the danger signs between Charles and the coach.
    He approaches Charles one afternoon but is immediately rebuffed, "I can take care of myself - he’s a nice man. You’re the pervert!"
    However, it is two days later that Erik (who forgot his gloves in his locker) arrives after hours to save Charles from being raped at the gym. The coach had asked Charles to stay to help him put the equipment away.
    Erik admits to Charles that he is right - he’s a “pervert” too. But Charles is teetering on the edge of sanity; and Erik can’t let him go. Patience, love and trust - those are the lessons they have to learn before sex.
    (not an orginal idea of mine, saw a gif set inspired by this)
  13. O.O I will do Charles X Erik!! Or Dean and Cas XP
  14. Charles x Erik please I have been craving that pairing so badly!! Lol xD were you looking to do a sort of continuation of te xmen movies or an AU of sorts?
  15. Okay! ^^ Well I'm up for either one really a continuation could be pretty cool.
  16. Ok we can do that, so would you want to start with Xmen: first class and start with how they met and put our own twist on their growing relationship?
  17. Yuup! Pm me so we can plan XD
  18. Back to the top for my favorite Bucky
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