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    Greetings! I have come back into the world of roleplaying and I'm looking for at least 2-3 partners to roleplay with as of now. If a plot/setting has been taken it will have a strike through it, so get it 'em while you can! I will add more plots in the future so don't worry! :) Right now, everything is fandom related. But I am open to any historical romance original settings with me playing the female role unless there's going to be some doubling involved.


    1. As a partner, I can give you short or long responses! - Casual or Advanced
    2. I only play straight characters (male or female). But I do use LGBT NPCs in most of my settings, though.
    3. I'm a sucker for romance and action/adventure settings!
    4. I love multiple subplots and plot twists!
    5. Please collaborate with me, don't have me do all the work while we plan.
    6. I'm not a 'love at first sight' kinda gal. I want our characters to grow into their relationship.
    7. I'm not one for character sheets/profiles because I believe it takes away the fun out of getting to know that character(s) when you roleplay, but that's just my preference. A picture and name is fine with me.
    8. Speaking of pictures - no Anime/Manga, please. Use only celebrity/model or very realistic art, or none at all.
    9. Threads or PMs.
    10. I don't like furries at all, so please don't ask me if we can do them. That goes for video game settings as well.
    11. I only do OCxCanon/CanonxCanon pairings.
    12. I only write in 3rd person.
    13. I suffer from chronic migraines and depression/anxiety attacks so please be patient with me if I don't reply right away or that day. I will let you know.

    1. Please give me at least 2+ paragraphs for each post (more the better!).
    2. Quality over Quantity!
    3. Have decent spelling and grammar.
    4. Let me know if you're going to be gone for long periods of time.
    5. At least post once a day and/or every other day.
    6. If you're wanting me to play a male canon of your choice, please do the same for me.
    7. Please do not write in first person.

    Priest (2011):
    *So I have an original female character I would like to pair up with Black Hat. If not, I'm totally down in playing Lucy instead so let me know!*

    Alaina Benson

    1. Alaina and Black Hat (Idk his actual character's name when he was a priest) were always fond of each other. But of course, you can't be romantically involved with someone if you're a priest/priestess because that's considered a sin and you'll be thrown out. So the night before their mission (remember at the very beginning of the movie they head into the cave to find the queen?), they secretly consummate their love to each other. But like in the movie, everyone who survived the trap thought that Black Hat died. Alaina is grieving and comes to find out she's with child. Paul Bettany's character is the only one who knows about the pregnancy and manages to persuade the Elder council to send Alaina to an outpost in the wastelands to keep an eye on things.

    It's now been five years. Alaina has been called to bring back the priest who set out to find his missing niece/daughter. She has no idea her lover is alive until they meet again. She must make a decision: to kill the man she loves or become one with him - a creature of the night.

    2. Same female character but this time she travels from our present day to the future. Monsignor Orelas (Christopher Plummer's character) finds an eleven-year-old Alaina scared and confused. He decides to adopt her and takes her in and raises her to be a 'lady' ( a noble woman). Fast forward to fifteen years later... Alaina is tired living in the cramped city and craves for an adventure. She sneaks out one night and finds herself lost and stranded in the desert wastelands. Not realizing the danger she's in, she gets captured by a group of vampire familiars to be food for their master (Black Hat). She persuades the human/vampire hybrid to let her live. And now she finds herself as his personal slave/leverage. He has in mind to attack the city from within using Alaina as bait. But during the long train ride, he's realizing that he has fallen in love with the girl and can't decide if he should change her to be his mate or kill her after his victory in taking over the city.


    Lord of the Rings:
    *I want to use my original female character(s) for Eomer. I can double as Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Legolas, or Faramir.*

    Nienna (Aragorn's younger sister)

    1. Skilled with the bow and arrow, Nienna travels to Rohan alongside her brother to meet with the Rohirrim King to better their defenses from future attacks. While staying in Meduseld, Nienna discovers someone is trying to assassinate Eomer but whom? All evidence is slowly pointing to her. She must prove her innocence before it's too late.

    Nahara (A Haradrim princess)

    1. A peace treaty is underway between the kingdoms of Gondor and the Haradrim. The beautiful Haradrim chief's daughter, Nahara, has been presented as a gift (mistress/personal slave) for the king of Gondor as a sign of good faith. Aragorn respectfully refuses the offer, stating that no human being/other should be exchanged off like property to another. Instead, he proposes a counter offer - let her live in Meduseld to be trained as a shieldmaiden and the queen's personal guard.


    Star Trek (Reboots):
    *I have a couple of original female characters for Bones. I can double as Kirk, Khan, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, or Spock.*

    Megan Shepard

    1. Megan has no idea what adventures awaits for her at the academy when she befriends Kirk and falls for his roommate, Leonard McCoy.

    2. The Enterprise is in their third year in space. An unknown epidemic is spreading throughout the ship causing most of the crew members to react in a feeding frenzy at the sight/smell of blood. Kirk has ordered a complete lockdown on all areas of the ship that has been affected by the disease. The bridge, med bay, and the control room have been sealed off from the infected and must work together (through their comms) to figure out a cure and a plan to attack (if need be).


    1. (During Into Darkness and Beyond) It has been discovered that Khan is not the only one Admiral Marcus awakened. A female has been taken into custody alongside Khan after he surrenders on Kronos. The woman's name is Avalon. Unlike Khan who wants to destroy the Federation, she wants to save it. But who would believe her? A certain southern doctor, perhaps?



    Harry Potter
    The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
    Into the Woods
    Bourne Supremacy
    Doom (2005)
    The Mummy
    Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
    Interview with the Vampire
    Xena: The Warrior Princess
    Almost Human
    Dark Angel

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  2. Hey! I's be so down to do Harry Potter with you! Shoot me a PM if interested :)
  3. Hello! I'd love to double for TVD/Originals if your interested :)
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