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  1. Hello, and thank you for clicking on my humble little partner search! Hopefully that means you're interested in roleplaying with me! That's great news! So, please just give a little once over my rules. I have a few basic plot ideas, though would prefer to confer with you for anything more specific. Anyways, if you're interested just comment or shoot me a PM~

    About Me:
    Before we get right into the meat of this roleplay search I'll mention a few things about myself, for anyone whose interested! Though I don't care about the age/gender of my roleplay partners I know that's important to some, so I'll tell you those things about myself! I am a female and under the age of eighteen. I have been roleplaying for around three and a half years now, and I would place myself between the adept and advanced levels, in terms of writing ability.

    Now, there are some things that you'll need to know before you ask me to roleplay - requirements and limits and the like. So please look them over! I'll try not to over-elaborate.

    Allowances and Preferences:

    1. Romance is a must in my roleplays. Of course, I do like to have other interesting things happening in the plot as well, but I like to have romance as a central or predominant theme. I most prefer OCxCanon, but if we double I wouldn't mind doing a secondary CanonxCanon or OCxOC pairing if you want. However, I may be willing to do a HelgaxArnold pairing if we were to do a Hey Arnold roleplay.

    2. Violence and gore are fine with me. In fact, action and fights are a plot candy of mine. Of course, if the roleplay becomes a gore-centered one, I will get bored of it. Otherwise though, I welcome it as a side or even secondary theme. ^^

    3. Sensitive, dark, or possibly triggering themes don't bother me. If you wish to have them included, just let me know and we can do it. In fact, drama is another plot candy of mine, so if you want to use a dark theme to push the plot forwards, that is completely fine by me.

    4. Doubling is great. I love to double, or triple, in my roleplays. As a note, my doubling is often a result of playing my own character and my partners crush(es). This doesn't have to be the case, of course, though it is my favourite way to roleplay! That being said, doubling is not a must. However, if you don't want to double, I would strongly prefer the female role.

    5. Roleplay through forums or PM's. I am completely fine with either, so it's really whatever you prefer.

    6. OOC chat is alright with me. If you want to strike up a conversation go right ahead, but be warned, I'm not very good at small talk. Sorry!


    1. Lemons are a no-go in my roleplays, sorry. I'm just not comfortable with them. I'm fine with the fade to black method if something like that does come up, but that's about as far as I'll go.

    2. MxF only I'm sorry if this offends you somehow, but I will not do MxM or FxF pairings.

    3. One Liners are an absolute no for me. Never will I except a one liner. I'm sorry, but one line replies bore me, and I can not keep up a roleplay like that for very long. Anywhere from three lines upwards is my general limit. I can write replies as long as you'd like, though. That being said, I also will not accept script-styled roleplays

    4. Daily replies are not always possible for me. I will try to reply at least once a week, but that is all I can promise. I am very busy and I get sick all the time, so my schedule tends to be a bit erratic. Some days I may be able to get out multiple replies, and other days I may not be able to reply at all.

    5. Posting expectations, that is to say, writing ability, does matter to me. I will go as far down the list as elementary, but only for those who are new to roleplaying! Otherwise, I prefer to keep my roleplays between the intermediate-advanced range.

    Hey Arnold!:

    So, the first of the two fandoms I'm looking for is Hey Arnold! I've recently started watching this show again, and I've started feeling really nostalgic over it. ^-^ [The character whose name is bolded is the one I would prefer to play - remember though, I like to double! Split-universes are good with me too.]



    HelgaxArnold (Possibly)

    Fandom-Specific Plots:

    High School AU:
    I'm rather infatuated with this idea right now. A kind of fast-forward of the show, where all of the characters are high school age. The characters go through general high school kid problems, and potentially the struggles of starting high school, or applying for college. We can also add other potential school-based issues, such as bullying. Other sub plots and pairings, ('it' boy/girlxoutcast/nerd, goody-goodyxrebel, ect.) can also be added, and are encouraged.




    Fandom-Specific plots:

    Family Troubles:
    Character A and Character B have begun to like each other, but a member Character B's family -perhaps parents, siblings, or even grandparents or cousins- does not approve (possibly because they are a friend of Character A, or got off to a bad start, perhaps catching them in a compromising position). As the relationship progresses, the opposition of the family members becomes more and more apparent, and much stronger. Will Character A be able to win over Character B's family, or will they end up having to see each other in secret? [Optional: If we do an AU, we may be able to progress to a point where Character A and B try to run away together.]

    General Plots (for either fandom):

    Me and My Broken Heart:
    Character A has been dating Character C for some time. They were very serious about the relationship, but it seems that Character C was not, which becomes apparent when the relationship ends. (C may break it off with A, or something more dramatic may happen causing the relationship to end, such as cheating.) Completely crushed, Character A goes to their best friend Character B -who has had a massive secret crush on them for some time- for consolation. As Character B continues to support and encourage Character A, Character A slowly begins to fall for Character B [This can take place during the canon timeline or when they're older.]

    Skinny Love:
    Character A and Character B have liked each other for quite some time. Everyone knows it, including the two of them to some degree. Still, even in spite of this and some casual flirting, the pair always insist that they're just friends. Will the two ever get together? Unsure if they will take the initiative, Character A and B's friends, particularly Character C and D, their respective best friends, begin to push and try and get them together, placing them in plenty of awkward, 'romantic' situations.

    Just Friends/Hot and Cold:
    Character A and Character B very obviously like each other. They flirt often, something going so far as to go on dates, hug, kiss, ect. However, as things get better and the relationship begins to progress and get more serious Character B grows cold. Insisting that they cannot be with Character A for Character A's sake, -perhaps do to baggage, responsibility, or something similar on Character B's part- they start to turn away. This has happened more than once, and Character A is beginning to grow rather sick of it. Now they have to try and break down Character B's walls and get to and work with the root of the problem.

    Third Wheel:
    Character A and Character B are dating. Things have been going well, though Character C -who has a huge crush on either Character A- has begun to put a bit of a wrench in things. Trying to get to Character A, they continue to do everything they can to break the couple up. Relationship strained, Character A and B start fighting. How will they be able to make up and smooth things over? What wil lthey do about Character C? [Optional: Character A and Character C are/become friends, and Character B gets jealous.]

    Next Generation:
    An AU in which Characters A and B are already married. Perhaps newlyweds, or possibly an established couple, with or without children of their own. A slice of life styled roleplay. | OR, similarly, Character A and B are dating. A slice of life roleplay that deals with the two of them going through life and progressing as a couple.

    Have any ideas? Honestly, I'm all ears, so feel free to mention any plots -or adjustments to my plots- that you might have in mind! We can also just go along with the canon storylines of each respective show~!

    Thank you so much for reading! I really, really look forward to hearing from you! :D

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