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  1. Have you ever converted someone into your fandom? How did that go?

    I got my ex into doctor who; he became the worst kind of obnoxious fan

    My friend got me into How I Met Your Mother, we hate-bonded over the ending
  2. I managed to convert several friends into the Souls Series (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, etc) fandom (if you could even call it that?).
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  3. Converted my ex and my mother into Doctor Who fans. My mother didn't take the passing of Eccleston well, bless her.

    If I think a friend will enjoy something, I'll most likely try to convert them. And also drag them down to the deepest, darkest pit of fandom hell. If I'm going down I'm taking them with me. :D
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  4. Well, my wife loves the Persona series, and I used to make fun of her for it when we were growing up, but around two years I bought Persona 4: Golden on a whim and ended up loving it. Since then I've been converting people to love it too.

    I've also tried to get people to watch Gungrave so fuckin much because it's just one of the best shows I've seen.
  5. Drago got me into 90% of the things I enjoy nowadays.

    I could have been productive, but noooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. I dunno if it counts as conversion, but I dragged my friends into the Life is Strange fandom. Now I have a collection of people I can cry to when the games' episodes are released.
  7. One case I can think of was inviting a friend to tabletop 2 years ago, and now he literally plays it daily at a local gamestore.
    There was also one friend and Dragon Age. I had mentioned the series to her several times before she got into it, but I'm not sure if it was what I did that converted her or not.
    Lastly there's Telltale's "Tales from the Borderlands" and "Wolf Among us". Friends I got into it had already played the Walking Dead games, so pitching it to them has been easy.
  8. I told my mom "Hey, let's watch Fate Zero!"

    My mom's like <eyeroll> "Another of your animu"


    One year later, I come back to visit and say "Hey! Second half of the series is out!"

    My mom's like "HEY! The Philippines is in this episode!" (see the flashback episodes to Kiritsugu's childhood; it is set on an island in the Philippines, right down to the corrugated sheet-steel roofs)

    And I'm like "Yeah!"
  9. @Sen got me into masochistically getting my heart crushed many many times watching Hakuouki 8D
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  11. @Muna got me into Doctor Who. Fuckin' love this show so much now.

    I have converted people into watching anime before. I felt awesome. Especially when DBZ is the first they watch.
  12. I accidentally converted an old World of Warcraft friend into the Naruto fandom once. I mentioned that I was watching it because I figured I should give it a chance instead of just dismissing it due to the annoying fans like a lot of people do, and he decided to give it a go as well. He ended up becoming one of those annoying fans, up to the point of him turning his main roleplaying character on WoW into basically a Sasuke clone. ._.

    That might not really count for this thread though, since I was never part of the fandom. I'm not really part of any fandom in the usual sense, as in actively participating in fan discussion and being part of fan forums and such, because I don't feel the need to go nerd out with other people about things I like. The closest thing to me being in a fandom and converting others would be how I got all of my immediate family members to watch Game of Thrones, and all but one of them love it; the other is my youngest sister, and she just stopped because she kept getting confused due to the large cast.
  13. You're welcome ;D
  14. I got my friend into Hatsune miku style songs XD (Two of them actually, and one of them is even a beefhead XD (Someone who works out all the time, only video game they like is call of duty, that kinda person)

    I also got those same two into the soul caliber games fairly recently.
  15. Try as I might, I cant get anybody into Planet of the Apes xD Oh well.
  16. I take it whenever you try to this is their reaction? :P

  17. I've dragged my fair share of unsuspecting friends into the hell that is DC and Marvel. Can't leave once you're there, you know. It's permanent.
  18. Pretty much, yep xP
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  19. Got my wife into Doctor Who pre-Smith. Good times. Lots of marathons.
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  20. I got one of my friends hooked to the first TMNT movies. I am so proud.