[Fandom] Anyone interested in doing a NO.6 or Inuyasha Roleplay?

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  1. Hiya~<3
    I'm new to this forum, but not new to roleplaying. I have been rping for 9+ years or so and still going. ^^ I mainly do fandoms and roleplay canon characters. I enjoy having 'shipping' (ex: couples/pairings) in the roleplay too. The genres I enjoy are romance (a must) alongside drama, angst or action/adventure~
    I'm open and comfortable to roleplaying Yaoi or Hetero too~

    At the moment, I'm really wanting to do a NO.6 roleplay or Inuyasha roleplay~
    The pairings being:

    NO.6 -

    Inuyasha -

    *the names bolded are the characters I prefer to play~

    As for age, I do prefer to roleplay with people who are 18 or older as I'm an adult myself. :P As said I enjoy romance and we can never be sure of when rping that where that may lead to. ~u~ But still, I'm not against roleplaying with people younger than 18, it's just we may have limits to certain things is all (ex: smut). :P

    As for plot, I don't have anything specific in mind to do now. But I'm completely open to doing AU ideas~ If you have a certain idea you want to do with the pairings I listed above then please feel free to share it to me as I would love to hear it~ Other than that, I'm totally fine with us just following from the official storylines of the series and we adding our twists along the way in it~ I'm also open to doing sequel-like plots. Things like that~ I'll be honest and say I'm not the best with plotting here, so I usually just follow from the canon storyline to make it easier for us to have something to branch from.

    Anyway, I think that covers about everything~ I'm sorry if I may have forgot something (or somethings) important in here. ;-; It's late where I'm at and I really should be getting some rest right now lol. My brain is rather sluggy now haha.

    If you're interested, please don't hesitate to let me know~ I'm hoping to find some people or someone out there who would be interested in roleplaying any of these things with me...hopefully. ;v;

    Thank you for reading~~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.