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yo, sup? you can call me whatever you want i don’t really care. it’s been a long time since i posted an add. not just here, but anywhere. after settling some irl problems, i’m back and ready to roleplay once again! right now, i’m looking for a mix of fandom and original (only a few tho) roleplays. before we get to that though, i do have a few rules. i’ll keep them short and to the point.

- i roleplay 3rd person, past tense mostly. no script, no one liners. i’m not asking for a novel, but 1-2 paragraphs (or more if youre feeling it) will do the trick. i don’t mind mistakes, just as long as i know what youre saying. i’m super relaxed right now, but don’t fret, i know how to write properly.
- when it comes to fandom, canon x oc. you know how it is, i play your love interest and my character and vice versa. when it comes to original i prefer to play the female roles, but i’m willing to double. m/f, m/m, f/f pairings are a-ok with me.
- im female, 18+ and as that you’re the same.
- i get bored easily. i like people who can respond multiple times a week, otherwise i loose interest. i know everyone has lives outside the internet, including me, so i’m not asking for 500 replies a day, but more than one-two a week.
- i’m an open person. throw ideas at me, chances are ill be down for them. talk to me occ, i like to get to know my partners.
- i’m looking for a long-term roleplayer. don’t contact me if youre just gonna leave without a word. however, i won’t get hurt you if you don’t want to continue a roleplay with me. just tell me.
- when you contact me, tell me a little about you. what do you wanna roleplay? age? limits? ect.
- you got limits? just let me know, and i’ll do the same.
- read all this? put the phrase ‘trust no one’ somewhere in your message.
- split roleplays are an option.
- i prefer email, but pm is cool too.
- au’s are cool with me. i’m a fan of the soulmate au. i actually wanna try the soulmate au with most these fandoms.

ayyyyeeee look at that, we’re done with the rules. now, on to the fun part! below, there will be a list of fandom + originals i’d be willing to do. love interests for me will be in parentheis, in order of preference.

doctor who. (hella craving this tbh) (10th or 11th doctor.)
once upon a time. (only seen up to season four, will watch the rest eventually. craving this.) (killian jones/hook.)
star trek. (reboot.) (james t. kirk, spock.)
suicide squad. (the joker.)
skyrim. (oc x oc, or canon x oc. lets talk about it.)
twilight sags. (edward cullen, emmett cullen, jasper hale.)
criminal minds. (spencer reid.) (earlier seasons prefered.)
harry potter. (draco malfoy, weasley twins, harry potter.)
how to get away with murder. (wes gibbins, frank delfino.)
breaking bad. (jesse pinkman.)
gotham. (i’ve only seen seasons one and half of two, currently watching.) (jim gordon, jerome valeska.)
american horror story. (tate langdon, kit walker.)
grey’s anatomy. (derek sheppard, mark sloan.)
x-files. (fox mulder.)
the blacklist. (we can do something like this with all ocs, or canon x oc.)

dude, horror. i’m down for any of it. i love ghost hauntings the most. or oh my god, something based off of jeepers creepers? i’d love that.

alright, that’s all i got! i’m sure more will come. if you’ve found something you like, don’t hesitate to message me.
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