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  1. It's vacation, and I have a lot of free time to rp!!

    I don't really have rules for getting a partner, but I would love it if my partner can write at least one-two paragraph/s, and post at least once a day. But they are not really enforced. Oh! and please tell me if you lose interest!

    Here are fandoms I know:
    Durarara!! (Drrr!!)*** = REALLY REALLY INTERESTED, CRAVING!!!!
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Darker Than Black* = INTERESTED
    Naruto (only little though..)
    Onepiece (again, only little..)

    ...and many more. Although I can't remember them now..
    If you want some fandom not here, just post or pm me! I'll tell you if I know it or not.

    For some original idea..

    God Candidate
    A pure soul, among many others in heaven, was elected as a 'god candidate'. It goes to the 'Heavens Academy', where with other candidates, it will be trained to become a god. It is up to the soul to become what god it wants to be: god of music, god of literature, god of art, etc. When the soul chooses what god it wants to be, it will be chosen among other souls to become a mentee/student of the current god. This is the story between the god and the mentee soul. Probably a love story.
    #I prefer to be the god, but I'm okay with the other role. :))

    I'll add more if I have more original ideas~
  2. I love the God Candidate idea! I'm totally going to PM you about it! :bsmile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.