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  1. Hi im looking for someone to do a RolePlay with me im new to this site so im hopeing to get back to Rping again its been some time since i Rped with anyone and i hope to get back in it again

    Here are the thing i want to Roleplay right now and is highlighted is want i want Rp the most


    Dragon ball z


    Generic RPs

    princess/demon lord (this can be put into Arranged Marriage)
    Arranged Marriage


    This is all i can think of for the moment but ill add more later
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  2. Hi LunaWolf, I'm interested in doing a RP with you. :) The kidnapping or arranged marriage plots sound cool. :)
  3. Hello. I would be interested in the Demon/Human, Princess/Demon Lord (arranged marriage) ideas. And possibly the kidnapping idea, as well.
  4. Hi! If you're still interested, I'd be happy to try the kidnapping or sacrifice plots with you.
  5. I could give the Dragonball one a try.
  6. lol really i want to tell you what i want from that i'm looking for someone who can Play as Vegeta Or Goku
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  7. I would love to do something like Hellsing love that show
  8. Trigun? I'd love to partake. ^^
  9. I'm not really interested, but I'm curious as to why you keep saying lump?
  10. lol because im so use to Gaia you have to keep bumping to say with other forms so beside bump i say lump
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