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  1. Hello~ I see you have stumbled across my page. Since you are here, you must be interested in fandom roleplay, and original story ideas. Lets talk about me for a moment so you get the picture of the type of person I am:

    • I do mostly anime role-plays. Occasionally I will do realistic, buyt its mostly anime.
    • I do prefer to play the male role, though if you really want it, you may have it.
    • Most fandom roleplays I will suggest if we can do an OC x OC like in Naruto and Pokemon for example.
    • I don't like giving too much information of my character away in a character sheet. I will gives name, nickname, appearance, abilities, and any other minbor detail. The rest, such as personality and biography is left for me to build off of, and develope as I go along in the roleplay.
    • I don't care where we rp, if in a private Convo, or in a thread.
    • I can do GxG and BxB, but when it comes to that, I would much rather play the submissive roles.
    • I don't do libertine, but I will if I am absolutely in love with the pairings.

    Now, what you actually came here for XD

    Tokyo Ghoul
    Seven Deadly Sins
    Zombie Powder

    Pairings: * = role I wish to play [I do have plots for most of these]
    Angel x Demon*
    Murderer* x Detective
    Popular x Nerd* [Open for GxG only]
    Roommates [Open for GxG and BxB only]
    Prince* x Princess
    Mystical Creature* x Human
    Mystical Creature x Mystical Creature*
    Brother* x Sister
    Neko* x Furry
    You can suggest more
  2. Im interested in Pokemon or Seven Deadly Sins.
  3. Up to you~
  4. Hi there. I'd love to do the Roommate x Roommate pairing with you. Preferably GxG?
    Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.