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  1. Good day everyone! I hope this post finds you well.

    I am in search of some partners to roleplay with. I have a few ideas for plots but I'm also open to any other ideas someone might have.

    Before we get to the plots and pairings, I want to go over some small requests/rules.
    1. Please be open with me about activity. I understand that no one can be active all the time. If you're struggling, just tell me that you need a break and we can pick up the story later. I will return the favor if I'm feeling under the weather or swamped with work. We can pause the story and return to it when we're both feeling good. I'm online almost every day so it's a bit rough to be online but no one responds.
    2. If there's only one couple in the story, I prefer to play the female role but I can be convinced otherwise. I am always willing to double though. I'm also willing to make some stories FxF. I don't do MxM. Sorry.
    3. Be creative and help me develop the story. I don't want to be the only one coming up with parts of the story.
    4. I'm not terribly picky about the length of posts but my normal post is 2-3 paragraphs (4-5 if it's a double rp). I can understand writer's block but I prefer that posts are detailed and drive the story forward.
    5. If there's anything that you want to go over with me, just shoot me a message and we can figure something out.

    Alright. For my plots, I will place a * by stories that I'm really craving. I'll list the original plots/pairings first and then move on to the Fandom stuff.

    Original Stories

    The Dragon's Greatest Treasure *
    A dragon is known for gathering his treasures and guarding them from anyone who wishes to take them. A dragon has decided to gain some new wealth by kidnapping a princess for ransom. He takes a princess from her home and brings her back to his mountain castle. However, the dragon isn't just a scaly beast. He has the ability to shift into the form of a man. This surprises the princess and she is stunned to see that her fire-breathing captor is also a tall, handsome man. As time passes, feelings develop between the dragon and his most beautiful treasure.

    Howling at the Moon [Closed]
    A wolf pack has settled into a town and is starting to establish lives for themselves. One of the younger males meets a human lady from the town and instantly finds himself entranced. They start to develop a friendship and even something more. However, the Alpha of the pack is hesitant because the woman is a human. With the threat of her finding out about their pack, the Alpha tries to keep them apart but the wolf can't be away from her.

    A Knight's True Test
    A knight has been assigned to a new quest that will have him traveling across the lands to the neighboring kingdom. His mission is to escort the Princess to the next kingdom for her betrothed marriage to the prince of that kingdom. During the journey, he finds himself drawn to the princess and ends up falling in love with her. They arrive in the Prince's kingdom and the knight agrees to stay to be the personal guard of the Princess until her wedding. However as the day of the wedding gets closer, the knight only wishes to find a way to stop the wedding and keep the Princess as his lady.

    A Love Through Time [closed]
    A vampire man and human woman meet and fall in love during the Victorian Era. The vampire's family is not a fan and wants to see the human woman gone. Sensing the animosity, the lovers decide to run off and move somewhere that's more welcoming. However, before they can leave, the vampires send a mercenary to kill the human. Through the grace of magic (or simply time passed), the human woman is reincarnated and meets the vampire again. He realizes who she is but she has no clue who he is.

    Bad Boy x Quiet Girl **
    Vampire x Human
    Country Boy x City Girl
    City Boy x Country Girl
    Prince x Princess
    Prince x Commoner
    Princess x Knight
    Royal x Gypsy
    Werewolf x Human
    Fairy x Human *
    Arranged Marriage***
    Pro Dancer x Actor studying for role***

    Fandom Stories

    King of the Woodland Realm**
    It's the origin story of King Thranduil and his queen. It would have a tragic ending but the story would follow their first meeting, their relationship, falling in love, Thranduil becoming King, their marriage/life together, the birth of their child, and her passing.

    Fandom I would love to roleplay
    Harry Potter*
    Lord of the Rings
    The Hobbit***
    Sailor Moon
    Ouran High School Host Club**
    DC Comics
    Fairy Tail****
    Fruits Basket
    Pirates of the Caribbean

    I'll be adding more as I think of them but right now, these are the only ones that pop into my head. If you have any ideas, just let me know! I'm always open to creative ideas.​
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  2. I loooove "The Dragon's Greatest Treasure" plot :D I'd love to do it if you're still looking!

    (Btw if you know Fairy Tail, Gajeel and Levy immediately popped into my head when I read that plot >w<)
  3. I love Gajeel and Levy!!! That's my profile picture!
    Message me and we can set something up!
  4. Hello, I have an idea for a plot that I think you might be interested in, if your still looking =)
  5. Sure.
    Send me a message and we can set something up!
  6. Still Looking~ Feel free to message me with ideas!
  7. Hi there! I've been looking for a nice romance story to start. Anyway, I have the seeds of an idea. It isn't anything special, really. But it is basically two people who are brought together by paranormal circumstances. Truth be told, this might be coming from the fact that I've been rewatching all the Key studio animes, sooo... Yeah.
  8. Still looking for some long-term rp partners!
  9. I'm quite interested in Celebrity x commoner pairing. I have a faint plot in my mind so pm me if you are interested also. :)
  10. For celebrity/commoner would you be cool with using real life celebrities? I'm willing to double.
  11. Sure. Pm me and we can work out details!
  12. Long time no RP! I know last time I played a male, but I absolutely LOVE Howling at the Moon and was wondering if there was any way possible I could play the female?? If not then I would be happy doubling ^^
  13. Hey there, I like your writing style! It's nice to see partner requirements as well. I don't have a lot of experience writing about males, but am wanting to improve my overall characterization. In response to your first point, my posting tends to be somewhat erratic over the course of a week. However, I try my best to provide partners with a five post minimum. If that doesn't bother you, I'd love to do a MxF plot. I don't have a plot/pairing bias, so I'll help develop any story/pairing you're itching to RP.
  14. Sure thing! Send me a message and we can set something up.

    No worries. Lately with work, my posting schedule has been kinda wonky but I try to stay somewhat consistent. If you wanna message me, we can work on a pairing and plot together that we'll both enjoy.
  15. I would love to do the Celebrity x Comminer one with you if you're still looking!
  16. Updated my list and I'm still looking
  17. I'm interested int he dragons greatest treasure!! :D
  18. Wonderful! Send me a PM and we can work out the details
  19. Updated the list some~
  20. I'm pretty interested in the Arranged Marriage pairing... do you have any plot ideas for that? Also, I was wondering about your posting speed; my schedule is currently pretty full so I'd only be able to post maybe once a week. Is that okay with you? If not, everything pretty much settles down for me in a few months so I could come back to you then.
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